Fear 101

Yours truly, re-enacting a 2,500 year old “Tibetan tradition” šŸ˜‰

All types of fear can be classified into one of two categories; Fear of the past and fear of the future. Nobody is afraid of the now, period. The first type of fear, originates from that you have previously done something, you do not want anybody to know about. Those suffering from this type of fear, will often try to “inflict” fear of the future to others, to prevent them from revealing what they know about the other party. This prohibits free speech, and creates all sorts of real and tangible problems to the world, since it denies those who have sinned in the past, an opportunity to make things right, by allowing others to reveal their past sins. And as those fearing the past inflicts more and more fear of the future unto those who “knows”, this builds up “negative karma”, and such makes it become more and more difficult to actually admit their sins, and move into the future – Until they reach the point where they can simply no longer exist, and simply vanish all by themselves.

The paradox is that as you realise the truth of the above Gnostic teachings, you realise that if you can avoid having fear of the past, you’re literally “enslaving” those with past sins – And you can utilise this to your advantage, to create and implement a better world for all of us, free from slavery, coercion, and violence. And the way to accomplish this, is to simply shut up! Basically, do not speak about their sins, but avoid doing so not because of that you have forgiven them, or because you fear them, or don’t care about what they’ve done in the past – But rather because you care more about the future than you care about the past. And you realise that by you “knowing”, they’ll effectively change their behaviour magically, and slowly align themselves with your goals. While at the same time, you make it 100% perfectly clear, that you are not afraid to speak about their sins, if necessary – And that they have no means to inflict fear of the future unto you – But rather, that you choose to avoid doing it, because you want to give them a second chance!

This enslaves those afraid of the past, and forces them to face themselves and their past sins, and change their behaviour


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