The book your Government doesn’t want you to read

Welcome to the “best country on Earth”

I am a Norwegian citizen, although I live in Cyprus. There does not exist one single news paper or media outlet in Norway where I can comment. Regardless of which news paper, or article, I try to comment at in Norway – And regardless of what I write, my comments are always censored with some stupid excuse and never published. I have tried setting up new alternative accounts, but nothing seems to work. I have also tried to self censor my comments, to make sure they are “political correct”, without success. After a while I got so fed up at this, that I chose to write my own book about the dilemma. The book is called Mirror Magic, a practical guid to implement Anarchy in the 3rd Millennium. This book is a 130 pages long argument, proving that the Norwegian government is a fascist state – And I build up my argument with proof and logic. As I tried to sell this book behind a PayPal button, the button “mysteriously stopped working”. When I worked on the book, I got a phone call from some unknown Cypriot asking me the following; “Are you the one who ordered some industrial strength steel bars?” – I politely answered no.

Do me a favour and read my book, then explain to me if it’s “dangerous information”, and if it is not, then why is the Norwegian government desperately trying to censor it with everything at their disposal?

I wanted to sell the book for €29, but this seems to be difficult for me to accomplish for “mysterious reasons”. I therefor give it away to you, free of charge, in the hopes of that it might be beneficial to you in some way. You can download the book in its entirety below.

The Book


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