Who deserves to live in Anarchy?

Why does the Buddha laugh?

I have kind of hinted towards this in one of my previous articles, but obviously not everybody in this world have the emotional and intellectual maturity level required to be “let loose and live in Anarchy”. Hence, an obvious question becomes who deserves to live in Freedom? The answer to that question is self evident; Only the fearless. The reasons are obvious if you think about it. A human being with fear of the past, have basically proven that it is capable of doing things incompatible with society’s expectations, and “good morals” – And is also unwilling to admit it, and hence likely to repeat the evil acts it did in the past. While a human being afraid of the future, can easily be coerced into committing acts incompatible with his or her own morality system. Hence, regardless of how good morals a human being have, if you can scare it to fear the future, a vicious entity can easily coerce that human into doing its will.

In fact, this is true for both humans and dogs, but much more easily observed in dogs. A dog with fear, might easily bite in what it perceives as “self defence”. While a healthy dog, will simply wag its tail, and wait for the next treat, from any human it happens to meet. Hence, a fearless human being, is a human being, nobody have anything to fear from.

Fear is a virus, it spreads out evenly, until it meets the fearless. Hence, be the fearless to create a better world


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