The future is at the edges of society

Where are you in this body of fish?

If you imagine collective memes and psychosociological development as a 3 dimensional classification system, where the gravitational centre at any point in time is what is considered to be the “political correct position”, it is difficult to argue against the header of this blog. For instance, 2,000 years ago being a Christian would result in capital punishment. 325 years later, it was officially sanctioned as the “state religion”, and 500 years later you’d be murdered unless you officially declared yourself to believe in the Christ as your saviour. Sometimes this movement goes slow, such as with Christianity, other times it goes very fast, such as with Islam that within the course of 13 years was able to go from “an obscure tiny cult”, to becoming the predominant religious movement in the Arabian peninsula. Another example of “fast development” is how Homosexuality was for the most parts illegal in Europe in the early 1970s, while now, one generation later, Homosexuality is considered “political correct” in most parts of the civilised world.

In fact, there have been conducted countless psychosociologial studies on this phenomena, and the conclusions science have come up with, is that “political correctness” is more easily understood if you look at it as a herd of fish, or a shoal. Within a shoal, it requires only 2% of its population to change course, to make the rest of the fish change its course too. However, this process is often times dangerous to those choosing to be “first”, since it requires leaving the most “safe” place within the herd, and seek out its “edges”, in order to convince the other fish to follow. The same numbers applies for memes and psychosociological changes too, meaning it requires only 2% of populations to change course, to make the entire herd change its collective course.

This implies that what we historically have perceived as the “safe middle ground” is often in fact quite the opposite, and the exercise becomes more that of trying to “predict” where the “safe middle ground” will be 10 years down the road, for then to seek out that position instead – Realising “the herd” will have naturally gravitated towards that position later, at which point if you’re successful, you’ll be officially sanctioned as a Saint, Genius, or Brilliant Master of some sort.

Notice! You can also use more dimensions than 3 to create such a classification system, but by using 3 dimensions, it becomes more easily understood as an analogy of a herd of fish, making it more easily understood. Regardless, facts are, that the “safe middle ground” is never what it actually appears to be – In fact, quite the opposite, since the only safe ground you can find in this movement, is the position where the herd will be 10/20/30 years down the road.

There is also another lesson to be learned from this, which is if you have no idea where the herd is heading, the only safe alternative is to avoid the temptation of demonising those at the herd’s edges, to avoid persecution once the herd has moved – This ensures your survival regardless of what direction it gravitates towards

Hence, do not judge!

Which arguably in a funny way scientifically proves the validity of “As you judge, you shall be judged”


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