Turning the Web into a Holy Object

What separates this Cathedral from the World Wide Web?

For weird reasons my most popular blog ever is my blog about Terry’s TempleOS. Terry of course, has “issues”, and even though TempleOS and its “HolyC” also have “issues”, there are some interesting lessons to be learned from it. For instance, let’s ask the following question; “What would be the effect if we made the World Wide Web become a ‘holy object’?”

The observant reader might at this point object and argue the madness of such a suggestion, not realising we’ve done similar things for centuries with churches, cathedrals, and other “dead things”. For instance, the cathedral in Paris, the Notre Dame, have status as a “holy building”. This gives it more protection than other “non-holy” buildings, such as your local shopping mall. It ensures that no President can decide he or she wants to build a parking lot where it’s positioned, and such have served to protect the building from lunatic presidents and kings over the centuries. Similar ideas exists in Islam, with for instance the Kaaba, which is a “holy object” in Islam. Why not turn the World Wide Web into a “holy thing” then? What makes the World Wide Web different from these other “holy objects”? In fact, the only interesting question in these regards is; “What would be the effect of making the Web holy?”

Well for one, we know for a fact that “holy objects” have more protection than secular objects by most secular laws in most countries on the planet in fact. Hence, we could argue “to secure the World Wide Web existence in a continuity space” as an argument. Secondly, Freedom of Speech would obviously be strengthened on the Web, since you can argue that you’re simply “exercising your religious right” as you speak. In addition, maybe people would self censor themselves slightly more towards bullying their neighbours and such on the Web, if they were reminded of that they’re “in a temple, created to glorify God the Almighty”? Maybe it would become easier to combat hate speech, fake news, and such – If we reminded people of “You’re speaking in a Temple built to glorify God the Almighty.”

Hence, the questions isn’t if its madness, we all know that it’s madness – The question is what is its effect?

And if the answer to that question is “a slightly better world”, we arguably have a divine duty to make the World Wide Web become a “Cathedral”!

Feel free to fill in with what you believe the effect would be in the comments below …


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