When governments breaks its contract – An obituary over Western Civilisation

Societies and governments can only exist as long as they don’t “crucify a white lamb”

Contract? What contract is probably your question. Well, governments have “invisible contracts” with its people, that are mutually accepted responsibilities. The primary responsibility of societies and governments is to protect the assholes from the mob, to ensure that Miss Justitia stays blind. The intellectual member’s responsibility is to speak out about hypocrisy and bad ideas conducted by its government. This is the “purpose” of Free Speech.

Every now and then societies and governments breaks these contracts, such as the example with Socrates. When that occurs, the intellectual elite of that society looses all trust in its government. This results in that the society is alienating its most important resource; Intelligence – Which again results in that society slowly starts withering away, to the point where it can no longer sustain and justify its own existence. The society at this point slowly descends into corruption and greed, to a “dog eat dog” existence, because none of its “Ubermenschen” is willing to speak out about society’s suicidal behaviour.

We have seen this countless times through history, such as Socrates itself is a well known example of. After Socrates was “crucified” by his own society, the Greeks descended slowly into idiocy, and the results were that they were overrun by the Turks, Mongols and British. They were raped and pillaged over the centuries, until society itself was only a shadow of its own glorious existence. If you don’t believe me, feel free to visit Athens today, then tell me I’m wrong.

This is because the intellectual elite in that society, such as Platon for instance, went “underground”, and realised it was pointless and suicidal to raise his voice about important things, such that the “herd” was able to understand what he was talking about – So Platon started an “occult mysticism school”, with the goal of transmitting wisdom to only those who deserved it, without risking persecution himself. Platon and other philosophers never recovered from the death of Socrates, because of the injustice it revealed to them – And Greek corruption spiralled out of control, until the entirety of society descended into “the abyss”.

Ask yourself, what is the one thing I have not written about at all on my blog here? And why didn’t I write about it?

Everything that has a beginning has an end. It was a nice run though dear “western civilisation”, it was a nice run …

The cure to survive society’s descend can be found below …

The Book II


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