Since Magic seems to be a volatile word, I thought I would spend some time defining it, or at least defining what it means to me. To me Magic is the ability to make something happen, without effort. Either by convincing others to do it, or by using automation techniques, and such create solutions to problems, without having to implement them yourself.

The above is a fairly accurate description of one of my latest Open Source projects, which I have chosen to name “Magic”. The idea is that instead of having to write out all your code yourself, I have implemented a scaffolding framework, that allows you to “automagically” have your computer do most of the work on your behalf. This obviously reduces bugs, and also reduces the resources necessary to use in order to deliver your solutions. Below is a video demonstrating its use.

Magic is Open Source, but also demands of you to create Open Source and Free Software yourself, due to its choice of license terms. If this is not an option for you, you can purchase a proprietary license from me by sending me an email below. This allows me to create Open Source software, while at the same time also hopefully make money doing it. If you think Magic provides commercial value for you, I would appreciate you being honest about it, and purchase a commercial license from me. This will not only give you that warm feeling of being honest, and paying me for what you should pay me for – But it will also give you access to proprietary MS SQL adapters, to use Magic with other database vendors than MySQL.

Interested, then drop me a line. I don’t bite, at least not usually … 😉

Have a nice day,

Thomas Hansen

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