Make money creating Open Source code

For a long time it has bothered me that so many great developers are creating so much awesome software, and releasing it as Open Source, without being able to earn money on their work. If you ask most of the Open Source “titans” about how much they’re making in donations, their answer is “not anywhere near enough”. I might not have the answer to how to fix that for everyone, but I do have the answer for that question if you’re using Magic to create your Open Source things. Simply because even though most of Magic’s source code is freely available online, it’s not Open Source – In fact, 5 hours after having put a Magic solution into production, it’ll stop working without a valid license key.

This means that if you create an awesome CRM, or a magical Webmail client on top of Magic, or even a small SSO portal to serve JWT tokens to other developers and apps, and others are choosing to use your stuff – They’ll have to pay me €495 to have it work on their servers.

Realising Rome wasn’t built in neither one day, nor by one man, I’m willing to do revenue sharing for each license sold to anyone needing a license to make 3rd party components and applications work. In fact, I’ll share everything 50/50 with you. This implies that if you create an awesome app or component on top of Magic, and it becomes popular, and somebody wants to use it, and choose to purchase a license from me – Catching! You’re up €200. No needs to rely on PayPal donations. No needs to beg your users for handouts. No needs to chase companies to sponsor your app. Simply create something Free on top of Magic, let others download it, link to your own custom PayPal payment link, tell your users they’re saving €100 when using it – And whenever somebody wants to put your Open Source stuff into production – You magically get paid €200 each time! (Minus PayPal fees)

Not too bad for creating Open Source and Free Software if you ask me

Why should anybody care? Well, Magic allows you to create HTTP Web backend REST APIs in seconds, wrapping your database by simply clicking a button. This means that among other things, you could probably create your entire backend in seconds – Or at least 80% of it. Maybe you’d have to plaster on some 20% of C# code on top of it, to make your backend do everything you want it to do, but I pretty much guarantee you that if your backend requirements includes reading and writing data to and from some database, you’d be able to “magically” create it (at least) 10x as fast. Then you could simply add some frontend on top of your Magic backend, using e.g. Angular, and voila! You have a complete Web application.

It might not be free as in free beer, but it might just provide you with a beer 😀

Contact me on email if you have built something using Magic, and you want to hear more about this.

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