Cutting your software development costs in half

Let’s be honest about this. Much of the work we software developers do during our day, doesn’t require an Einstein – It’s repetetive and boring work, but still required to make the end product function – And it could arguably be done by “trained monkeys”. If you go through what you did today, I am sure you can relate to this. Making computers offload some of our burdens in these regards, isn’t exactly a new thing either. Databases are basically an alternative to old style libraries and document cabinets. Emails are basically an alternative to snail mail. So making the computer do our work, isn’t something new either. So how come we haven’t made our computers create our code then?

In the video below I am demonstrating Magic. Magic allows you to do just that, basically cut your costs in half, and only leave the fun and challenging parts of your software development job left – While your computer does all the boring and repetetive stuff.

Then imagine how your business could prosper, if you could get away with being equally productive, but only needing to spend half of your costs? If you want to talk with me about Magic, feel free to use the form below.

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