Demand to see your Software Vendor’s Unit Test suite!

A 370 million dollar accident, happening because of lack of Unit Testing of software: Ariane 5! Don’t be Ariane 5!

A car manufacturer that doesn’t test its vehicles, is a minefield waiting to explode in somebody’s face. Everybody can relate to that simple fact – Which is why the car industry every now and then make video footage publicly available, of blowing up some car, by driving it at 65 miles per hour into a brick wall, demonstrating how some sort of dummy is only suffering “minor injuries” due to the collision.

The same way the car industry is in such a regard made accountable for its testing, a software vendor should be made accountable for its product. This is in fact very simple too, and much less expensive than blowing up some car by driving it into a brick wall at 65 miles per hour. Just inform your software vendor of that you’d like to see their Unit Test suite for the product before you purchase it. Preferably (at least) demonstrated in some sort of video, illustrating how they are taking testing seriously.

Nobody would put their asses into a car without knowing for certain that the car producer have done extensive testing of the vehicle before it was let loose on the road. And neither should you allow your software vendor to sell you software that he can’t prove has been tested, with a coverage of at least some 60-80 percent. If you do, it is the equivalent of putting your ass down on an airplane seat, that “probably won’t explode in mid air”, but nobody would know for sure, because the engines haven’t been tested before allowing passengers on board.

Demand to see the Unit Test suite from your Software vendor. If he can’t show it to you, walk away. It’s really that simple …

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