Identifying your Pearls

What is the real value of your company?

If your software is legacy garbage, what is your company’s true value then? I don’t really have to say this out loud to a seasoned manager, but it’s the relationships you have with your customers, combined with your database. The experiences your clients and customers have with you, combined with the information you have about these clients, is your company’s real value. Your database is the reasons why your key account manager can call up “John Doe” and ask him how his BBQ last Saturday was, and if he’s interested in purchasing your latest product, that outperforms the previous version by 1.8 times on all metrics – Closing the sale due to his existing relationship with Mr. Doe, becomes almost as the most natural thing in this world. Any person having any kind of experience with sales can easily agree with this.

However, if your existing software systems needs 30 minutes of finding Mr. Doe’s last activities, and the last phone conversation your key account manager had with him – Then your software system becomes an anchor that drags you down, instead of lifting you up. This implies that if you are to completely change your existing software, you must change it in such a way that you can still leverage your existing asset: Your database. Hence your next generation of software, must be able to bring the lessons from the previous generation of software with it, in order to provide value to your company, while still being fresh, modern, and blistering fast – Following all the modern best practices in regards to UX, security, and scalability.

Luckily, your database contains what we software developers refers to as “meta information”. This information allows us software developers to gain knowledge about the structure of your data. This structure can then be used to automatically recreate your software, and upgrade it according to modern standards, getting rid of all the legacy garbage you’ve been dragging around for a decade or more. Basically, this meta information allows us to recreate your backend software system, literally in seconds. Watch the following video to understand how, where I take an existing CRM system, that has been maintained for more than a decade, and arguably port it to a modern platform, getting rid of all legacy garbage in the process, and I am able to do it in 40 seconds!

I want to emphasise, that the above video demonstrating literally doing some 40-60 percent of the job of recreating your entire software system, and it is doing that job in 40 seconds. This allows us to create an entirely new software system, based upon your existing data, and its structure, and simply “apply” an entirely new software backend to it. New software that is highly optimized, extremely scalable, and super secure. Software that is created for the future, and not your past.

When asked how to build a house, others will start building. I will spend 10 years thinking about how I can build a house in 10 seconds. Then when I have succeeded, I will build thousands of houses in one hour.

The above process is unique for something I refer to as “Magic”, which is a proprietary tool, I have spent more than a decade of researching and building. Paradoxically, as I created it, I had to throw away 3 “legacy versions” of it myself, which wasn’t good enough for different reasons. Hence, I do as a preach – Few can object to that simple fact. Now it’s your turn to get rid of your old garbage, and upgrade your software infrastructure, and ready yourself for your future – Getting rid of the “past ghosts from previous times” in the process. Contact me below if you’d like to hear more about this. Or check out Magic for yourself if you’re curious, and technically savvy enough to understand the process.

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