There is no shame in asking for help

I don’t cut my own hair. Neither do I build my own cars. Instead I pay for these services with money I earn doing my job, which is software architecture and development. This creates a symbiotic relationship, where I can do what I am best at, and everybody else can do what they are best at – Win win!

Unless your core value as a company is to create software, creating your own software is like having your hair dresser building his own car. Everybody can see the madness in this analogy (puuh!), but few can see the madness in having some Acme, Inc. Financial or Medical company building their own software for some weird reasons. If your core business model is insurance, chances are you’re probably not going to be able to take software development seriously – And you shouldn’t either in fact. You should hire somebody else to take it seriously on your behalf. Somebody that has already taken it seriously for decades. Doing things with your “left hand” results in “left hand results”. For a company where software development is a secondary function, software will always be created with “the left hand”. Since your business depends upon software, the same way you depend upon your car, this results in weird situations, where you are no longer able to sustain your company’s operations, because you have built your company on top of “left hand products”.

There is no shame in asking for help

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