We are an independent software vendor, dedicated to producing superior Open Source web application tools and applications. Sometimes this implies creating tools, sometimes it implies creating end user software. Our primary flagship product is called Phosphorus Five, and is at the heart of what we refer to as the “GaiaSoul Suite”. Phosphorus Five is an Open Source web operating system, allowing for rapid development of rich Ajax based web apps. You can download Phosphorus Five here.

We believe in “Quid Pro Quo”, which means that either you purchase a proprietary license of the GaiaSoul Suite, or you contribute to the world by creating Open Source software yourself. This is possible by having a Dual License for our products, which implies you can use the GaiaSoul Suite for free to create Open Source software – Or you can purchase a commercially enabling license that allows you to create closed source software. You can purchase a proprietary license for Phosphorus Five from within Phosphorus Five itself. Below you can find the most important parts of our management team.

Thomas Hansen – CTO

Thomas is the visionary behind Phosphorus Five and the GaiaSoul Suite. He started programming when he was 8 years old, and has more or less stuck with it ever since.

Thomas plays several musical instruments as a hobby, and believe that code is art. Thomas has spent several years travelling more or less the entire world, and has lived in San Francisco, Cyprus, and was born in North Norway. You can reach Thomas at thomas@gaiasoul.com. Thomas is the guy who writes the blogs, creates the code, and runs all technical aspects of the company.

Thomas is sometimes accused of being more fluently in C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Hyperlambda, than he is in his “native mother tongue”.

Lisbeth Aardal – CMO

Lisbeth has several years of marketing and sales experience, and has enjoyed great success previously in this area. She is the person you’d probably want to speak with if you have inquiries that are not of technical nature, and much less geeky than Thomas.

Lisbeth loves travelling, and used to live in a camping car for 4 months, as she was travelling around the entire of Europe.

Lisbeth is the ones who runs the sales department, contact customers, and in general terms makes sure everybody is all cozy and happy. You can contact Lisbeth here.