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When governments breaks its contract – An obituary over Western Civilisation

Societies and governments can only exist as long as they don’t “crucify a white lamb”

Contract? What contract is probably your question. Well, governments have “invisible contracts” with its people, that are mutually accepted responsibilities. The primary responsibility of societies and governments is to protect the assholes from the mob, to ensure that Miss Justitia stays blind. The intellectual member’s responsibility is to speak out about hypocrisy and bad ideas conducted by its government. This is the “purpose” of Free Speech.

Every now and then societies and governments breaks these contracts, such as the example with Socrates. When that occurs, the intellectual elite of that society looses all trust in its government. This results in that the society is alienating its most important resource; Intelligence – Which again results in that society slowly starts withering away, to the point where it can no longer sustain and justify its own existence. The society at this point slowly descends into corruption and greed, to a “dog eat dog” existence, because none of its “Ubermenschen” is willing to speak out about society’s suicidal behaviour.

We have seen this countless times through history, such as Socrates itself is a well known example of. After Socrates was “crucified” by his own society, the Greeks descended slowly into idiocy, and the results were that they were overrun by the Turks, Mongols and British. They were raped and pillaged over the centuries, until society itself was only a shadow of its own glorious existence. If you don’t believe me, feel free to visit Athens today, then tell me I’m wrong.

This is because the intellectual elite in that society, such as Platon for instance, went “underground”, and realised it was pointless and suicidal to raise his voice about important things, such that the “herd” was able to understand what he was talking about – So Platon started an “occult mysticism school”, with the goal of transmitting wisdom to only those who deserved it, without risking persecution himself. Platon and other philosophers never recovered from the death of Socrates, because of the injustice it revealed to them – And Greek corruption spiralled out of control, until the entirety of society descended into “the abyss”.

Ask yourself, what is the one thing I have not written about at all on my blog here? And why didn’t I write about it?

Everything that has a beginning has an end. It was a nice run though dear “western civilisation”, it was a nice run …

The cure to survive society’s descend can be found below …

The Book II

Socrates, the greatest asshole that ever lived

Meet the biggest asshole that ever lived

I want to emphasise that I adore Socrates, and I kind of perceive him as a personal “mentor”. However, if you were a citizen of Athens some 2,500 years ago, chances are you wouldn’t agree with me.

Socrates in fact, asked so many difficult questions, and pointed out so much hypocrisy in Athens and Ancient Greek, that his own neighbours eventually started campaigning against him, to have him put to death, for simply being “an asshole”. Socrates of course, was given a choice between being expelled from the state of Athens, or drink a cup of lethal poison. Socrates choice the latter. Of course, the verdict didn’t explicitly say “asshole”, but rather that he was “blaspheming towards the Gods”, but for all practical concerns, Socrates was put to death because he was considered an “asshole”. And the rest is history.

When confronted with an “asshole”, ask yourself the following; “Why does this person make me feel bad?” Maybe it’s because he is conveying “inconvenient truths?”

Society needs “assholes”. To use an analogy, society needs mechanisms to get rid of bad ideas and “poisonous behaviour”. Without the occasional “asshole”, this process becomes impossible. This is why the quality of societies are measured according to how they treat their assholes. Simply because, after a “good dump”, the body (society) gets rid of lots of poisonous and dangerous “shit”, that would otherwise result in a constipated digestion system. Without allowing people like Socrates to freely speak, this process becomes impossible, and the very fabric of society itself becomes “sick”.

It’s not illegal to be an asshole

The quality of a society can arguably be measured by how it treats its “assholes”. The reasons why Miss Justitia is blind, is because she is not supposed to see the person she is judging, to avoid passing judgment based upon her “feelings” of the individual she is currently judging. Sure, being an “asshole” is probably not smart, and if you choose to be one, you will probably not come far in life – But it is not illegal!

We all tend to judge people based upon what our feelings about them are. When society does this however, it is violating the foundations it was itself built upon though – Which is to treat everybody the same, regardless of skin colour, creed, or belief. Hence, the quality of a society can arguably be quantified and measured according to how it treats its “assholes”

The future is at the edges of society

Where are you in this body of fish?

If you imagine collective memes and psychosociological development as a 3 dimensional classification system, where the gravitational centre at any point in time is what is considered to be the “political correct position”, it is difficult to argue against the header of this blog. For instance, 2,000 years ago being a Christian would result in capital punishment. 325 years later, it was officially sanctioned as the “state religion”, and 500 years later you’d be murdered unless you officially declared yourself to believe in the Christ as your saviour. Sometimes this movement goes slow, such as with Christianity, other times it goes very fast, such as with Islam that within the course of 13 years was able to go from “an obscure tiny cult”, to becoming the predominant religious movement in the Arabian peninsula. Another example of “fast development” is how Homosexuality was for the most parts illegal in Europe in the early 1970s, while now, one generation later, Homosexuality is considered “political correct” in most parts of the civilised world.

In fact, there have been conducted countless psychosociologial studies on this phenomena, and the conclusions science have come up with, is that “political correctness” is more easily understood if you look at it as a herd of fish, or a shoal. Within a shoal, it requires only 2% of its population to change course, to make the rest of the fish change its course too. However, this process is often times dangerous to those choosing to be “first”, since it requires leaving the most “safe” place within the herd, and seek out its “edges”, in order to convince the other fish to follow. The same numbers applies for memes and psychosociological changes too, meaning it requires only 2% of populations to change course, to make the entire herd change its collective course.

This implies that what we historically have perceived as the “safe middle ground” is often in fact quite the opposite, and the exercise becomes more that of trying to “predict” where the “safe middle ground” will be 10 years down the road, for then to seek out that position instead – Realising “the herd” will have naturally gravitated towards that position later, at which point if you’re successful, you’ll be officially sanctioned as a Saint, Genius, or Brilliant Master of some sort.

Notice! You can also use more dimensions than 3 to create such a classification system, but by using 3 dimensions, it becomes more easily understood as an analogy of a herd of fish, making it more easily understood. Regardless, facts are, that the “safe middle ground” is never what it actually appears to be – In fact, quite the opposite, since the only safe ground you can find in this movement, is the position where the herd will be 10/20/30 years down the road.

There is also another lesson to be learned from this, which is if you have no idea where the herd is heading, the only safe alternative is to avoid the temptation of demonising those at the herd’s edges, to avoid persecution once the herd has moved – This ensures your survival regardless of what direction it gravitates towards

Hence, do not judge!

Which arguably in a funny way scientifically proves the validity of “As you judge, you shall be judged”

Turning the Web into a Holy Object

What separates this Cathedral from the World Wide Web?

For weird reasons my most popular blog ever is my blog about Terry’s TempleOS. Terry of course, has “issues”, and even though TempleOS and its “HolyC” also have “issues”, there are some interesting lessons to be learned from it. For instance, let’s ask the following question; “What would be the effect if we made the World Wide Web become a ‘holy object’?”

The observant reader might at this point object and argue the madness of such a suggestion, not realising we’ve done similar things for centuries with churches, cathedrals, and other “dead things”. For instance, the cathedral in Paris, the Notre Dame, have status as a “holy building”. This gives it more protection than other “non-holy” buildings, such as your local shopping mall. It ensures that no President can decide he or she wants to build a parking lot where it’s positioned, and such have served to protect the building from lunatic presidents and kings over the centuries. Similar ideas exists in Islam, with for instance the Kaaba, which is a “holy object” in Islam. Why not turn the World Wide Web into a “holy thing” then? What makes the World Wide Web different from these other “holy objects”? In fact, the only interesting question in these regards is; “What would be the effect of making the Web holy?”

Well for one, we know for a fact that “holy objects” have more protection than secular objects by most secular laws in most countries on the planet in fact. Hence, we could argue “to secure the World Wide Web existence in a continuity space” as an argument. Secondly, Freedom of Speech would obviously be strengthened on the Web, since you can argue that you’re simply “exercising your religious right” as you speak. In addition, maybe people would self censor themselves slightly more towards bullying their neighbours and such on the Web, if they were reminded of that they’re “in a temple, created to glorify God the Almighty”? Maybe it would become easier to combat hate speech, fake news, and such – If we reminded people of “You’re speaking in a Temple built to glorify God the Almighty.”

Hence, the questions isn’t if its madness, we all know that it’s madness – The question is what is its effect?

And if the answer to that question is “a slightly better world”, we arguably have a divine duty to make the World Wide Web become a “Cathedral”!

Feel free to fill in with what you believe the effect would be in the comments below …

Alchemy 101

HOWTO make another man hand you his soul

Alchemy is probably the by far most misunderstood word in western mysticism and occultism. Most people believes that it implies changing lead into gold. At best, this is an analogy for its actual meaning, which is in fact far more spiritual and esoteric in its nature. Alchemy is actually the process of “transforming something negative into something positive”.

Let me illustrate with an example; In 2007 I held a meeting in my startup where I informed my colleagues of that I did not want to sell software licenses to government organisations conducting in wars overseas, without a UN mandate, in an attempt at “doing my part” to create peace and justice on earth. One of my colleagues stood up and said; “That is blasphemy, since World Peace is not supposed to happen before Jesus is reborn.”

We were roughly 7-8 people hearing his words, and 4 of those listening to him, agreed with him; One was Mormon, the other was Jehovah Witness, I was an atheist, and another one died a couple of years later – I am not sure what the others were, but at least 4 of them believed in Jesus one way or another, and used this belief as an excuse to convince me of how this plan was in fact “blasphemy”.

When I originally blogged about this incident, he became so angry at me, he spent 5 years trying to destroy me, using slavery contracts as his excuse. Contracts which are no longer legal in any EU state for the record. He stole my company, worth 1.2 million EUROs using lies, corruption, deception, and (now) illegal contracts. He later testified against me, and sent me to jail, and basically tried his best to make my life as miserable as possible – Not realising he basically handed me his soul in the process. He used his entire network to basically try to bury me, and at one point literally whispered into my ear; “I will destroy the rest of your life.”

Since then of course, the world has moved onwards, and even huge IT companies such as SalesForce are now trying to get rid of customers selling assault rifles, etc – And even employees in Google are demonstrating against military contracts Google is having with the American army, threatening to quit their jobs, unless Google resigns from these contracts. Hence, history proved me right, and I won the argument, simply by being loyal to my morals and ethics, and following my heart, instead of my wallet and short term goals.

The observant reader might at this point realise that the only thing I need to do to get even with him, and basically squash his soul, and obliterate his public persona, is the only thing I haven’t done in this article; Mention his name!

Why? Well, first of all I started out wanting to prove that I was a better man than him, unwilling to descend to his level. Secondly, I realise the man has had that sentence stuck into his throat a thousand times since then. Today he’s go psoriasis, ME, migraine and OCD. Secondly, the sentence I finished my video with, the one I went to jail over, became his destiny. Today the man is literally drowning in the most dangerous and venomous industrial waste Norway has ever produced, and it’s being buried under his house. Do I care? No! Am I afraid of him? No! Can I squash his soul? Yes! Am I doing it? Nope, because …

His own lies and evil ways are basically doing that job for me

Karma is a bitch! And she’s mine, and I freakin’ luv my bitch … 😉

Besides, all of my 100+ best friends knows his name, his crimes, and helps me “keep him straight”. Thank you for your soul Mister Nobody …

Who deserves to live in Anarchy?

Why does the Buddha laugh?

I have kind of hinted towards this in one of my previous articles, but obviously not everybody in this world have the emotional and intellectual maturity level required to be “let loose and live in Anarchy”. Hence, an obvious question becomes who deserves to live in Freedom? The answer to that question is self evident; Only the fearless. The reasons are obvious if you think about it. A human being with fear of the past, have basically proven that it is capable of doing things incompatible with society’s expectations, and “good morals” – And is also unwilling to admit it, and hence likely to repeat the evil acts it did in the past. While a human being afraid of the future, can easily be coerced into committing acts incompatible with his or her own morality system. Hence, regardless of how good morals a human being have, if you can scare it to fear the future, a vicious entity can easily coerce that human into doing its will.

In fact, this is true for both humans and dogs, but much more easily observed in dogs. A dog with fear, might easily bite in what it perceives as “self defence”. While a healthy dog, will simply wag its tail, and wait for the next treat, from any human it happens to meet. Hence, a fearless human being, is a human being, nobody have anything to fear from.

Fear is a virus, it spreads out evenly, until it meets the fearless. Hence, be the fearless to create a better world

Fear 101

Yours truly, re-enacting a 2,500 year old “Tibetan tradition” 😉

All types of fear can be classified into one of two categories; Fear of the past and fear of the future. Nobody is afraid of the now, period. The first type of fear, originates from that you have previously done something, you do not want anybody to know about. Those suffering from this type of fear, will often try to “inflict” fear of the future to others, to prevent them from revealing what they know about the other party. This prohibits free speech, and creates all sorts of real and tangible problems to the world, since it denies those who have sinned in the past, an opportunity to make things right, by allowing others to reveal their past sins. And as those fearing the past inflicts more and more fear of the future unto those who “knows”, this builds up “negative karma”, and such makes it become more and more difficult to actually admit their sins, and move into the future – Until they reach the point where they can simply no longer exist, and simply vanish all by themselves.

The paradox is that as you realise the truth of the above Gnostic teachings, you realise that if you can avoid having fear of the past, you’re literally “enslaving” those with past sins – And you can utilise this to your advantage, to create and implement a better world for all of us, free from slavery, coercion, and violence. And the way to accomplish this, is to simply shut up! Basically, do not speak about their sins, but avoid doing so not because of that you have forgiven them, or because you fear them, or don’t care about what they’ve done in the past – But rather because you care more about the future than you care about the past. And you realise that by you “knowing”, they’ll effectively change their behaviour magically, and slowly align themselves with your goals. While at the same time, you make it 100% perfectly clear, that you are not afraid to speak about their sins, if necessary – And that they have no means to inflict fear of the future unto you – But rather, that you choose to avoid doing it, because you want to give them a second chance!

This enslaves those afraid of the past, and forces them to face themselves and their past sins, and change their behaviour

The book your Government doesn’t want you to read

Welcome to the “best country on Earth”

I am a Norwegian citizen, although I live in Cyprus. There does not exist one single news paper or media outlet in Norway where I can comment. Regardless of which news paper, or article, I try to comment at in Norway – And regardless of what I write, my comments are always censored with some stupid excuse and never published. I have tried setting up new alternative accounts, but nothing seems to work. I have also tried to self censor my comments, to make sure they are “political correct”, without success. After a while I got so fed up at this, that I chose to write my own book about the dilemma. The book is called Mirror Magic, a practical guid to implement Anarchy in the 3rd Millennium. This book is a 130 pages long argument, proving that the Norwegian government is a fascist state – And I build up my argument with proof and logic. As I tried to sell this book behind a PayPal button, the button “mysteriously stopped working”. When I worked on the book, I got a phone call from some unknown Cypriot asking me the following; “Are you the one who ordered some industrial strength steel bars?” – I politely answered no.

Do me a favour and read my book, then explain to me if it’s “dangerous information”, and if it is not, then why is the Norwegian government desperately trying to censor it with everything at their disposal?

I wanted to sell the book for €29, but this seems to be difficult for me to accomplish for “mysterious reasons”. I therefor give it away to you, free of charge, in the hopes of that it might be beneficial to you in some way. You can download the book in its entirety below.

The Book