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For “weird and mysterious reasons”, it seems that PayPal has a “bug”, that prevents you from purchasing my book. I have therefor decided to at least for the time being, distribute it completely free of charge. I obviously have my theories about why this “bug”ย at PayPal “all of sudden surfaced”ย – Especially considering I have never experienced this problem previously, and I made sure I very meticulously created the PayPal link correctly – But I think I’ll keep my theories in these regards to myself … ๐Ÿ˜‰

Personal comment; Trying to explain a government worker in the Norwegian government about complex psychosociological phenomenas such as the Streisand syndrome, is probably the equivalent of debating quantum mechanics with a cow. Anyways, the book is for now, completely free of charge, and you can download it below if you wish.

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The common origins of the Cosa Nostra and your Government

In Norway in these days, there is a big demonstration in Frรธya, where police officers are chasing away demonstrators that are demonstrating against the building of windmills on the island. I don’t know if this is true or not, but apparently the developer have paid 20 million NOK to the police in that area, to “help secure the building of these wind mills”. It wouldn’t surprise me to be honest with you.

If you look historically at your government, and its police force, there is no way to hide the fact that the police and the Italian mafia (Cosa Nostra) has the exact same origins. Some 300 years ago, people in Sicily had problems with thieves and robberies. As an attempt at trying to fix the problem, some farmers came together and created the “Cosa Nostra”. The idea was to arm a small fraction of men, and pay them to patrol the areas most infested with thieves, to such keep the rest of the population safe. Over the centuries, this organisation started accumulating more and more power, and such became corrupt to the bone, and arguably became the problem they were originally created to solve.

Read this blog once more, and feel free to explain to me the following …

What is the difference between the Italian Mafia and the Norwegian Police in Frรธya?

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The things we worship

Do you want to know a secret? Every single human being on the planet is “crackpot crazy”. Some people worship money as the meaning of life, others worship governments. Yet others again worships phoney belief systems, such as the belief in that Jesus will descend from the Heavens, and create paradise on Earth. I’m here to tell you “that’s OK”. First of all because I realise that there is nothing I can possibly do to make others see the truth. Secondly, because most of these things others worship, aren’t all that dangerous, with some few exceptions of course.

For instance, over the last 2,000 years or so, monks have spent their entire lives effectively pruning themselves out of the tree of life, believing in that this is the only path to the “tree of life”. If you read the Bible though, with an open mind, there is no way you can ignore the fact that Jesus had a child. Still, due to the dogmas of the Catholic Church, he has been imagined as living in celibacy by those whom are the “experts on Jesus”. Jesus more or less flat out said that you needed to have children to “come to Heaven”. Regardless of that fact, those whom have studied him the most, often seems to conclude with that the meaning of life, is to live in celibacy, reject the idea of having children, and such literally prune themselves OUT of the tree of life.

Fact are, the Bible clearly shows us, that if somebody were ever to actually find the meaning of life, he would probably be debated to death, and even those who followed him, would highly likely end up doing the exact opposite of what his teachings were.

For instance, have you ever noticed how most “militant atheists”, those who fanatically believes in evolution, and preach it at every possible occasion, for weird reasons seems to not have children …?

At the end, you can’t avoid laughing I presume. That, and of course, to buy my book ๐Ÿ˜‰

The big secret

Everybody has secrets, the correct word for having a secret when your secret implies a plan, is the word “conspiracy”. I have created a plan to create Anarchy. My plan is in its entirety published here as a series of blogs, except for one single page, which arguably ties everything together. This page is what makes my plan a “conspiracy”. However, you can actually buy into my secret for โ‚ฌ29, which I have consciously chosen to make sure only those who reads my blogs, and enjoys them, will be “let in” on my secret – Assuming only those having an interest in my writings, are willing to actually pay me to read “the end”.

Anyways, if you’re interested in reading the end of my argument, you’ll basically have to pay me โ‚ฌ29 – Which I kind of find hilarious to be honest with you ๐Ÿ˜€

So can you purchase and read my book, without giving away my little secret?

Free Will, your ONLY axiom

Normally the types of ideas I am conveying in this blog, are the type of ideas governments in general doesn’t “particularly enjoy” to say the least. However, I do not impose my world view unto others, I am not shouting it from street corners, and I am not even sharing it on Facebook. Hence, to start attacking me for these ideas, will first of all only provide me with a recruitment ground due to the Streisand syndrome. Secondly, if they tried to shut me down, it would only result in them proving me right, illustrating the validity of every single argument I have put forth here – Which I must assume neither the Norwegian government (my primary target), nor myself are particularly interested in. Besides, believe it or not, but in a weird way, I am actually also providing services to them. Instead of accepting their normal behaviour towards me as a human being, which is arguably parasitic in nature – I force unto them a symbiotic relationship. To explain this symbiotic relationship however, would arguably be “counterproductive”, so I will avoid doing it. But the “enlightened individual” can probably easily connect the dots by themselves.

However, my primary (and ONLY) axiom is actually Free Will. This implies that if you want to willingly pay 85% tax (Norwegian average), I will not spend time or energy trying to convince you why this is stupid and that you are accepting a parasitic organism, stealing most of your energy. I refuse to do it though. If you want to pay a further 20% of your remaining income on toll roads, you are of course free to do that – I will not do it however, and if I was living in Norway, and I had a car, I would probably have silently painted my registration plates with that “anti-photogenic paint”, reducing that number down to 0%, without making much fuss about it. If you want to go to war in some stupid country on the other side of the planet, to “defend Democracy” (read; Steal their oil) – I would probably not make much fuss about it, after I have told you explicitly that “You’re not going down there to defend anything I want you to defend”.

Basically, all the stuff other people care about, I simply don’t care about. This allows me to “slide under the radar”, and such effectively live my own life, completely free from slavery, without being of any particular threat to them – While at the same time, having them realise that I have teeth if they attack me first. However, my strongest trick by far, is best realised once you understand how to accomplish the following – Which unfortunately is a “realisation”, and not something I can convey to you.

Why pray for your enemies, when you can force your enemies to pray for you?

And that’s the end of the line for my argument …

Wave Theory and Group Mechanics

It doesn’t require a rocket scientist to understand that memes and ideas obeys roughly by the same scientific principles as waves in physics. For instance, when I was a kid, we were forced to see this movie called “The Wave” that was produced in the 70s or 80s, who’s purpose was to illustrate how everybody could be “taken in by the wave”, and do things while members of a group, that they normally would not be capable of doing on their own. The movie perfectly illustrated how “crowd mentality” could easily inspire fascism, genocide, and “unhealthy group mechanics”. Once you realise this simple fact, you can apply the concepts from wave theory, to both strengthen, and weaken, memes and ideas, to such apply “Magic” to the real world.

The above teaches us for instance, that you can never fight Truth with Lies, and vice versa. If somebody conveys the truth about you, smearing that person with a lie, will never work. And if somebody tells a lie about you, defending yourself with the truth, simply doesn’t work. The only thing that works, is to “let fire burn fire”. This is due to that a counter wave of equal proportion as the original wave (meme), will always neutralise the existing wave, resulting in its complete collapse. While a wave on a “different wave length”, will simply “pass through” the existing wave, creating no results at all.

Realising this simple fact, gives you an arsenal of “mind tricks”, you can apply to defend yourselves from dangerous memes and ideas. This realisation also gives you control over large groups and populations of people, once you realise how to practically apply this in society, using for instance the World Wide Web as your “wave machine”.

Applying “New Speak” to Anarchy

“I believe in the World Wide Web as the resurrected Jesus 2.0”

Unfortunately, most people are incapable of seeing things for what they truly are, without preconceived assumptions. And since most people are taught to believe Anarchy is equivalent to “chaos and crime”, it becomes almost impossible to talk about Anarchy, except to people whom are extremely emotionally and intellectually mature. Hence, “new speak” to the rescue.

“New speak” is the ability to apply new words to old meanings, and new meanings to old words. In fact, the demonisation process of the word Anarchy itself, is proof of how new speak was applied originally to the concept of Anarchy, to ensure that the masses would fear it, and shy away from all ideas containing the word “Anarchy” in them somewhere. This resulted in that the herd in general, would shy away from any ideas truly embodying the ideas of Freedom and Equality for all. And Anarchy as an idea, was basically thrown on the scrapyard of history, associated with chaos, madness, and crime. The same ideas that overthrew the ideas of Anarchy however, can also be utilised to bring it forward, and “resurrect” it for the 3rd Millennium – By simply realising we don’t need to speak about Anarchy. We can treat Anarchy simply as the point of balance in our circle, and never openly admit to that this is actually what we want, and rather invent “new words” to describe an old idea. Preferably positive words, that makes people understand we’re no harm to them, and simply “slightly delusional”. Examples here could be for instance.

  • Christos Anarcistus
  • Freedom Movement
  • Liberation Believer
  • Etc …

The first suggestion, with “Christos Anarcistus” is obviously in alignment with this idea, and also justifies the creation of a religion, which ensures the right to be an Anarchist, without ever having to actually publicly admit that’s what you in fact are. A suggestion for a declaration of faith might be something like the following.

I believe in the World Wide Web as the resurrected Jesus 2.0, that he has descended from the Heavens, and manifested his soul into the Web, to judge the living and the dead, to create Paradise on Earth

Of course, the exercise becomes as follows; “Can you actually utter the above declaration of faith with a straight face? As in, can you make those who listens to you actually believe that you believe?”

Which obviously is crucial in order to actually be able to legally sanction a religious movement, such as the Church of Scientology is a very good example of. A suggestion for you to “practice”, is to look yourself in the bathroom mirror, while saying the above sentence out loud, many times in repetition, until you’re able to do it with a straight face. Then you can film yourself using for instance your phone, and upload it to YouTube, for then to defend yourself as counter arguments starts coming (which they will). In the beginning you’ll be perceived as a “fruit cake”, “superstitious idiot”, etc. But that’s OK, since you realise that at the end of the tunnel, you’ll be free, and able to say the above declaration of Faith, having everybody who sees you doing so, believing you actually believe in it. At which point you can legally create a religion, in most western countries, and start demanding tax exemptions, etc.

Basically, can you “mind fuck” yourself …?

Notice, in order for this to actually work, you really have to believe in it, since most people have the capacity to easily reveal whether or not a person is lying or not – Hence, you’ll actually have to believe in it yourself, in order to convince others that you actually believe in it. After a while, you will acquire an arsenal of arguments you can apply, to easily defend your right to believe the above. For instance, if somebody tells you “That’s madness”, you can answer “Maybe, but not anymore madness than the belief in that he resurrected the first time”, etc – As you openly laugh …

Sorry, but at this point I can’t quite contain myself – Besides, laughing openly about it, also probably ensures my own freedom, hence I feel obliged to ending this article with the following …

For the record, laughing out a little bit about it as you utter the above declaration of faith, doesn’t do any harm, since that only proves that you are “enlightened”. This will only serve to make others curious about where you get you happiness from, and why you’re “so darn happy” all the time – Which again seems to be historically associated with Enlightenment. Something perfectly illustrated by Zen Master Jinen in the video below …

Laughing out openly about your faith, also serves as a recruitment ground, that allows you to recruit people to become Anarchists, without them even realising that’s what they have become …

In order to “mind fuck” others, you’ll first have to “mind fuck” yourself!

Notice, the word “fuck” was conspicuously used in this article, to ensure that Facebook’s and Twitter’s algorithms will suppress the article, not allowing it to spread as wild fire, since this is “our little secret” … ๐Ÿ˜‰

How to exploit the Messiah Syndrome to implement Anarchy

Is this a picture of the World Wide Web’s soul?

A qualified guess is that roughly 95% of the people on this planet suffers the Messiah Syndrome. However, everything that is “bad” also within its existence contains equal amounts of capacity for “good”. Things are things basically, something Buddhism teaches us. The question is “How do you cope with it?” My favourite Zen Buddhistic teaching in these regards is “The barn burnt down, now I can see the moon.”

Combining the teachings from my previous blog, with the fact of that humanity collectively suffers from the Messiah Syndrome, can produce some interesting results though. For instance, humans have a tendency to anthropomorphize things. A 9 year old child, will for instance often give his or her favourite teddy bear a name. By simply giving the World Wide Web a name, we would anthropomorphize it, such that people would be able to project human qualities into it. What name to give it then?

Isn’t that pretty obvious … ๐Ÿ˜‰


Lessons from ancient Egyptian religion

The all seeing eye was depicted in every street corner in Egypt

Egyptians believed in Horus-Ra. Horus-Ra was often depicted as the “all seeing eye”. The idea with this image, was to remind people of that “God is always watching”, so they painted this eye at every single street corner in every single city.

Not all humans have the emotional maturity level required to live in Anarchy by themselves. Some people are simply too “opportunistic” in nature, and would probably do things that are “incompatible” with having a safe and secure Anarchistic society, where all of its citizens can live out their lives in freedom from violence, coercion, and injustice. So for an Anarchy to function, we obviously need mechanisms to make sure these people behave.

I saw a TED video some years ago about faith systems, I can’t remember its name, but it’s not important. What is important is that the scientist who created the video had conducted research in faith systems, and found that they have immense abilities to change human behaviour. He had conducted a test with some 50 questions or something, where the participants would be given one dollar for each correct answer they had. The test was conducted such that they could check themselves how many correct answers they had after the test, and nobody would check up their answers to verify how many correct answers they had. So basically the participants could simply randomly answer all questions, claim they had all answers correct, and earn 50 dollars – And it would be impossible for them to be caught cheating. Almost everybody who participated had all 50 answers correct for weird reasons.

Then he conducted the same test once more, but this time with an edge; He would demand that all participants first should swear on the Bible and their soul before they started the test. This time the number of “correct answers” dramatically dropped, even though most of the participants were in fact secular atheists, and didn’t believe in the Bible. The scientist also tried making the participants swear on other things, such as the MIT Code of Conduct and Ethics, and it produced similar results. So the Bible per se didn’t produce any magic numbers that other faith systems weren’t capable of also producing. For the record, apparently MIT never had a Code of Conduct and Ethics, which arguably made the whole thing slightly funny.

He had conducted many similar types of experiments, and they always showed the same results; If people are being reminded of that “something is watching”, they will act better – Even though they don’t even believe in the thing they are told is watching them.

Being watched, creates better human behaviour

This can be utilised to an advantage for an Anarchist society, by simply reminding people of that they’re being watched. Something we have already seen in the secular world with video surveillance cameras all over the place, and kids running around filming atrocities and police violence. So hence, by institutionalising the right to film, and spread that video on the World Wide Web for all to see, and turning that into a religious right – We could “lock” these immature individuals into Anarchistic belief systems, where they would be forced to show themselves from their best side, and such avoid violence and coercion.

The idea is easily understood, once you realise that the criminal mind, always wants to conduct its criminal activities “in darkness”, and a camera is “the light” that lights up the dark places on earth, such that “hiding” becomes impossible for the criminal mind.

Now of course, this produces a dilemma, which is perfectly illustrated by the wife of the main character in the movie “Enemy of the state”, which is “Who will be watching the watchers”? As in, what if the biggest criminals are the guys controlling the video camera? Well, this too is easily fixed by making it a religious right to film, and to spread that film, at any venue you would want to spread it within. The reason why I say “religious right”, is because religious rights have historically had much better protection in societies than secular rights. For instance, in America, an Anarchist could claim his right to film the oppressors, by pointing at the American constitution, and claim the constitution guarantees his right to film others, due to his religious faith.

The paradox is that simply the existence of such a faith system, would by itself reduce violence, coercion, and injustice. Since in such a society once everybody knows they “might be watched”, they will behave better, in fear of that somebody is filming. So after a while, actually filming becomes superfluous, since most will behave as if they are always being filmed. This would “mold” human societies, in such a way that coercion, injustice, and violence becomes so drastically reduced, that pure anarchy becomes easily within reach.

This again, creates an architectural plan for actually implementing Anarchy, even without needing consent from those who do not believe in it – Which is described in a simple sentence “Film the oppressors, whomever they are”. This of course, results in a paradox, which is best described in the following sentence.

All those who objects to this course of action, are effectively revealing themselves as oppressors, simply due to their objections

My girlfriend used to say the following

Holding a camera in front of a police officer, is like holding a silver crucifix in front of a vampire