Jesus had one sin

Jesus is calling you, will you answer him?

I study everything, ranging from playing the saxophone, drums, guitar and singing in one end – To painting with acrylics, software development (obviously), and religions at the other end of the scale – And do you want to know a secret? The Bible proves Jesus had one sin. You see at the last supper Jesus famously said “This is my blood, and this is my flesh”. There only exists one single context where such a sentence makes sense, which is if he was pointing to Mary Magdalene’s stomach as he said it. Hence, the “Son of God” had sex outside of marriage, producing an offspring, and he loved Mary Magdalene and his unborn child so much, he was willing to allow himself to be crucified for his wife and unborn child to save them from suffering.

This part of the Bible also clearly explains why Judas was so jealous at Jesus, since he too was (obviously) in love with Mary. But when Jesus said to his disciplesĀ “I have taken unto me the sins of the world”, and announced his unborn child to them, Judas realised he could never have Mary – And in a rage Judas chose to snitch on his best friend. Which of course also explains why Jesus knew Judas would betray him, and why his betrayal using the famous “kiss” became such a big fuzz. Of course all the disciples knew about this secret, and Jesus explicitly said “You shall know me, everybody else shall live in darkness.”

In fact, as Jesus had sex outside of marriage, he also repeated the sins of his mother, who had produced Jesus under similar circumstances 33 years earlier. Yup, sorry to spoil the party here, but the Virgin Birth was a necessary lie to prevent the Pharisees from stoning Mary and her unborn child – Since having sex outside of marriage was punished by death in those days. For the record, this is not an “interpretation” of the Bible, this is what the Bible literally teaches us! You only need to read it with open eyes, and without preconceived notions of what it tells you to see this for yourselves!

Happy Easter šŸ˜‰