XML is an interpreted programming language

So, I had to admit that I was wrong once more. It seems that Hyperlambda actually is an interpreted programming language, since there’s an interpretation process occurring after the lambda object has been parsed from a Hyperlambda string, and the actual execution occurs. Hence, it purely logically is an “interpreted programming language”, implying I was wrong when I said it wasn’t.

This creates a paradox though, which is due to the fact of that if I wanted, I could describe any lambda object possible to create, also with XML. Hence, XML is in fact also a programming language, and apparently an interpreted type of programming language.

This creates some funny consequences, among other things that XML must be renamed, and its accurate name becomes that of XIPL, implying “eXtendible Interpreted Programming Language”, alternatively XIMPL, implying “eXtendible Interpreted, and possibly and occasionally a Markup, but more often a Programming Language”. I would therefor like to suggest a name change for XML, and suggest the name of XIMPL as an alternative …

Don’t ask me, your words, not mine … 😉

As a side note, completely unrelated (of course) …

Now if I could only get somebody to edit the WikiPedia article about XML …? 😉