Man fooled TripAdvisor to rank non-existent restaurant as the best restaurant in London

According to a respected IT magazine in Norway, a man created a fake restaurant on TripAdvisor, and called it “The Shed”. Using different computers, he was able to have his fake restaurant become ranked as the #1 restaurant in London on the site. He had among other things used soap and toilet products to create “fake food”, which he had used as photos of dishes.

The reason why I am writing about this, is because something similar is actually literally impossible to achieve using my Harvester product. The reason is quite simple, it is dependent upon real customers and guests rating your restaurant, and sharing it on their own Facebook profile. Of course, a restaurant could in theory rate themselves hundreds of times, using fake names and emails – But that wouldn’t lead to anything really, since it’s first when these reviews are actually being seen, that they create a positive effect for the restaurant. And even though a restaurant might in theory create fake ratings, it would be very hard for them to trick others into sharing these reviews, on their own Facebook profile.

I don’t mean to be blunt to TripAdvisor, their developers are doing a great job, and they’re obviously trying their best to be a neutral source for restaurants. However, the arguments of that they actually are neutral, simply makes no sense, since the system is too easily gamed. I propose a different solution 🙂


Designing what people say about you

Unless you’re a complete a**hole, you’ve probably got at least some friends, colleagues, or customers, that are willing to publicly endorse you, or your company. Sure, they could use LinkedIn. They could use TripAdvisor too, if you’re in the hospitality business. In fact, there are probably hundreds of tools out there, that you could have them use. However, these tools are often either too complex to use, or give you little or no control over what people write about you in public.

I have therefor created a web app, which I like to refer to as a “micro blog”, which allows others to publicly endorse you, and share their endorsement with their friends. I refer to it as “The Harvester”, because it allows you to “grow love” and “bury shit”. It gives you a simple link, which you can send to your friends, from where they can write a small endorsement about you. Tip of advice; Use it in your email signature? You can also put it on your business card, as a QR code if you wish. Below is an example.

Imagine if you could get 100 people to publicly share all of your good qualities with their friends. How much would that be worth to you?

Yesterday I sent my friends a PM, with this link, asking them if they could testify to some of my good qualities. In less than 5 hours, I had 13 public endorsements. Some of them wrote about my qualities as a human being, and used words such as …

Our experience with Thomas is of an honest, good hearthed, good intentional, very reliable and responsable man to deal with

Others focused on my skillset, and wrote things such as …

Thomas Hansen is the most genius person I have ever met when it comes to IT.

Others again, would focus on what I can help others with, such as this one …

Thomas is a programming genius, and his products are safe and efficient. I would highly recommend to consider his business tools

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise the value of the above testimonials. In fact, they’re arguably worth their weight in gold! And most of these endorsements were also publicly shared by those who wrote them. I have created this in such a way, that I can easily set it up for you, or your company, if you want to use the same tool. I would argue that its main USP, is its simplicity. It allows people to extremely rapidly write something nice about you, without having to fill out complex forms, create user accounts, or any other complex steps. If you’d like to hear more about this product, feel free to toss me an email. Below are links to some examples of what my friends wrote about me.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that these testimonials, from my close and personal friends, are worth their weight in gold for me. Thank you btw, to all of you 🙂

If you are a business owner, and you want to hear more about the Harvester, you can use the form below to contact me. I have already setup this tool for everything ranging from hair dresser salons to coffee shops. Which leaves me with a simple question to you …

Do you want more customers?

Thank you for all the love

Trust is an interesting thing from a psycho-sociological perspective. If you trust me, and I tell you that I trust another person – That other person starts out with a net positive from your perspective. This is the way human psychology work. The technical term for this, is that trust, at least to some extent, is “transitive”.

On the other side, a person whom nobody can say anything positive about, will find it difficult to be trusted by anyone. This is why it is so important for you to make sure that others are able to at least say something positive about you, and for you to have others being willing to “vouch” for you. To illustrate that fact, I’d like to tell you a story.

Two recruits met in the army, and decided that every time somebody asked them about the other guy, they would always say something positive about that other guy. After just some few years, they had both been promoted to generals, and both of them became the youngest generals in the history of the Dutch army.

This is why it is so important for companies, and people in general, to have others being able to say something positive about them. Companies will go to great lengths to make sure of that their customers and partners are able to say only positive things about them in the public space. Most company websites, puts testimonials from their customers and partners at “prime real estate”. Below you can find some testimonials about me, from people I have known for a long time, and whom I trust, and whom I find to be trustworthy and amazing people – All in their own unique ways. These are people who knows me well, and who knows me very well.

Alec Rutger Poruba

Alec is a brilliant young entrepreneur, one of those we could definitely need more of in this world. He has an amazing network of brilliant minds, all around the world, and is a close and personal friends of me. Alec is highly capable of “thinking outside of the box”. To Alec, the glass is always half full. Alec wrote about me.

Thomas Hansen is the most genius person I have ever met when it comes to IT. He is so clever that he often gets misunderstood, but if you can see his potential and use it, he will elevate your business to new heights! I highly recommend working with Thomas.

You can read his endorsement of me here.

Spiros Jaren

Spiros is a loyal and good friend. If you’re in trouble, Spiros will support you, and help you. Always ready to support those in needs, and never afraid for telling you how things really are. Spiros is originally from Kos in Greece, but lives in Norway. Spiros wrote about me. (Norwegian)

anbefales og real med sannheten pang på burdet

You can read his endorsement of me here.

Ishmahin Micella Bohn

Ishmahin is a courageous girl, never afraid of adventures, and always supportive of her friends. She’s a caring mother, and takes better care of her 4 dogs, than most others takes care of their family. Wise, compassionate, loving and caring. You can read Ishmahin’s endorsement of me here. However, you can also read her endorsement of me below.

Our experience with Thomas is of an honest, good hearthed, good intentional, very reliable and responsable man to deal with. He portrayes himself as attentive, smart and solution-oriented and with a warm and nice personality. Can very well blend a nice tone of friendship with work related bussiness – what have made him a very nice experience for us and others

How did I get these?

That’s probably the most important part. You see, I have created a software system, which allows you to “Harvest” your love. From one point of view, it’s a marketing tool. From another point of view, it’s a tool that allows for trust to surface, become visible, and hopefully create some of that transitive effect – Allowing for having great people and ideas becoming more visible.

If you want to try it out, feel free to do so here. Now of course, if I told you that I was a genius, warm hearted, loyal, etc – You’d probably think I was full of bs, and that I was bragging about myself. However, these aren’t my words. These are the words of close and personal friends of me, whom have known me for a long time, and whom I have found to be loyal and trustworthy people. And they are words from people who are willing to publicly share their belief in me, with everybody they know, on Facebook. Below are some more reviews of me. Some of these are in Norwegian, but you can probably translate them yourself if you wish.

All of the above testimonials have also been publicly shared by those who wrote them, on their own Facebook profiles. This means a lot to me, and will hopefully help me to acquire more trust, also from others, since it will hopefully attract new clients and customers of my service. The average Facebook user has 155 friends. By me sending some of my friends a simple PM, asking them to publicly endorse me, through my “Harvester”, I was able to have 10 people du just that, in some few hours, which resulted in that I was hopefully able to reach 1550 people, all of whom now probably trusts me at least a little bit more, since I could make so many of my friends publicly endorse me, and say something positive about me. The words above, are literally worth their weight in gold for me. Thank you my Friends ❤

Do you want this?

If you want a similar system for your business, I can easily setup one for you. In fact, the system that allowed for my friends to write these nice words about me, is a system which I have developed myself. All of the above testimonials about me, were created just tonight, due to me setting up the system, and sending my friends a simple PM, asking them to “rate me”. There are so many great ideas, people, and companies out there, but they’re often difficult to find unfortunately, since our public spaces seems to drown in negativity. I want great ideas, people, and companies to become more visible, and dystopian outlooks to drown in flowers and love. If you want me to setup the system for your business, feel free to toss me an email, using the form below.

Because ❤ matters!!

If you know me, you can write your endorsement of me here 🙂

How’s it going?

Most managers of medium and large companies have absolutely no idea of how their business is doing. They can’t answer a simple question such as the one above about their own business. The reason is because as you grow and get more employees, you can’t be everywhere at the same time, and you are loosing control over how your business is performing. In fact, how do you know that your salesmen aren’t in fact pushing drugs instead of selling your product? Can you honestly know for sure?

The reason why I am writing this, is because I can give you an answer to the above question. Or rather, I have created a software system, that allows you to have the above question answered. It’s quite simple in fact, put a QR code on your employees business cards, with a header such as e.g. “How did the meeting go?” – And you’ll get an answer from the ones who met your employees. At the same time, you’ll get information about who met who, when they met them, and even a small summary of the meeting. In addition, your business opportunities are possibly marketing your business in the process, and you get all email addresses of all participants. As a final touch, you get your leads to tell you, with their own words, what they think about your product, and how interesting the meeting was, and if they would be interested in moving forwards and become a customer of your business. Sounds too good to be true? Then try it out, by scanning the QR code below if you wish.

For the record, if the meeting went south, the one scanning the QR code is by default not allowed to share his opinions about your employees and your company in the public space. You as the manager of your business, still get the data. If you don’t have a QR code scanner easily available, you can try out the system yourself here. And you can see an example of how it looks like after having been shared here. So let me finish where I started.

How’s it going?

We can create hundreds of high quality blogs for your company, every single day

Blogging is arguably the “Holy Grail” of social media marketing. I happen to be a natural when it comes to blogging, and I can easily create dozens of high quality blogs, every single day. However, most companies and business owners are not like me. I have therefor created an app, that allows your business to get possibly hundreds of high quality blogs, every single day, from your most loyal existing customers, without paying them as much as a dime! The app is really simple, and allows you to put a QR code on your products, or at your retail location, such as the one that is shown below – Which is just an example.

Rate the Harvester, a Micro Blogging SMO, SMM and SEO tool for your business

Then you can place a simple one liner above it saying e.g. “Rate your experience/our products/our restaurant/etc”. When you ask humans for their opinions, many of them feel compelled to give it to you. Hence, by making a QR code such as the above one highly visible, encouraging people to “rate you” – You are highly likely to have lots of people actually giving you their opinions. As they do, the effectively write a “micro blog” about your business. You can see one example of such a micro blog here.

Every aspect of the app can be customised any ways you see fit. We can modify its design to fit whatever needs you feel for, and we can add any additional content into the “profile page”, which is the page your customers come to after they have rated. The process is very easy to follow for your customers, since they only have to fill in three fields to write their “micro blog”. There is no registration required, or any other complicated steps necessary to follow, to leave a “comment/rating/micro-blog” behind. Check the screenshot below for an example of how this might look like for you customers.

When your customers have filled out the above form, they are brought to a “profile page”, which could look like the following.

Playing on peoples’ need to be seen doing nice things, a profile such as the one above, makes it highly likely that they will click one of the “share buttons” above. At which point all their friends can see their “micro blog”. As their friends click the link, and visits the micro blog, they are brought to something looking like the following.

The parts beneath the horizontal line above, are basically your marketing pitch. It can contain images, youtube videos, a map, a link to your website, pictures from your restaurant, product information, etc, etc, etc – Basically anything you want it to contain. Here’s an example. And every aspect of the app is created to make it as likely as possible for your customers ending up sharing their experience with their friends, effectively marketing your business in the process.

Hence, from your customers’ point of view, they are sharing their experience with their friends. While from Google and Facebook’s point of view, they are creating highly valuable information about your business, making it more visible online, adding relevant information about your business. While from your point of view, they’re basically marketing your business, to their friends on Facebook and Twitter, etc …

The holy grail of advertising is having your friends suggest products – Mark Zuckerberg

The app is also created with SEO in mind, making it extremely search engine optimised, allowing for your own website, Facebook page, etc, to gain a significantly better ranking in Google and other search engines. And since we know for a fact that a recommendation from a Facebook friend is 300% more likely to create conversion for a company, than a random Facebook ad, this is arguably the Holy Grail of marketing.

For the record, I once had a website increase in traffic from 92 daily visitors, to 298,365 page views per day – And I did it in two days! I also did it without electricity, from a cabin far out in the forrest, with a solar cell panel as my only source for charging my laptop, a 3G router, no running water, and a marketing budget of ZERO dollars – And I did it because of a handful of blogs. So I should know what I am talking about … 😉

The Harvester is by default configured such that only positive reviews will be possible to share to Facebook and Twitter, etc. In addition, you get all of your customers’ email address in the process, and the explicit consent to market directly to them. And you can setup the system to send you an email with all the data, every time somebody writes such a “micro blog/review” of your restaurant. Effectively giving you 100% control over your own marketing efforts. If you’re interested in hearing more about our app, services in general, etc, feel free to toss us an email using the form below.

Have your best customers posting about your business every day in Social Media

How would you feel if I told you that you could have your happy customers becoming your advocates on Facebook, Twitter, etc – AND post new and relevant content about your awesome service and product, every single day on Facebook?

95% of all businesses in this world are not active on Facebook. Everybody who’s tried, knows why – It takes time, effort, and resources. Hence, what I am proposing, is arguably the holy grail in advertising, and Mark Zuckerberg in fact once referred to it as just that. Simply since humans are 300% more likely to believe something their friends recommends, than something a random Facebook ad recommends. So imagine if you could have your existing happy customers recommend your business to all of their friends?

But instead of me explaining you how this works, I will ask you to simply scan the following QR code, and imagine a similar code in your restaurant, hotel, bar etc. Then imagine what something like that could do for your business …

The advertisement app that’s 300% better than Facebook

Let me ask you a simple question; If an advertiser you know works for a billion dollar company tells you he knows the best restaurant in town, and your best friend tells you he knows the best restaurant in town – Who would you trust?

You don’t need to answer, because we already know the answer to that question, thanks to Miloš Novović and his talk at TEDxOslo. And the facts are that you are 300% more likely to trust your best friend’s advice, than you are to trust some random advertiser. Even Marc Zuckerberg publicly referred to this as the “Holy grail of advertising”, and he should know what he’s talking about …

This is because we trust people we know, and we don’t trust people we don’t know. Understanding this doesn’t require a rocket scientist. The Harvester is an app which allows your guests to recommend your business to their friends, not only on Facebook, but also on Twitter, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, etc, etc, etc. Below is a video demonstrating how it works. This app, according to Marc Zuckerberg’s own research is actually 300% more efficient than a Facebook ad.

If you’re interested in your own Harvester app, you can send me an email using the form below. If you sign up before the end of the year 2017, you’ll get it for €198, and a monthly fee of €19, for up to 100 ratings. We will do all the hosting and initial setup for you, and you will get an email with a QR code which you can print, and hang at for instance your exit, and you can start using it immediately.

Job description; I bury shit, to grow roses!

In a way, I am a simple farmer. I take your shit, I put it in my fields, and I grow roses out of it! Another way to describe me, is that I am a social media engineer, influencing others, to only speak positively about your business. A one man public relationships firm, allowing your company to get to be perceived as simply the best!

How would you feel if I told you that I could significantly increase your TripAdvisor score? How would you feel if I told you I could give you thousands of free Facebook ads? How would you feel if I told you I could turn every single happy customer you have, into 155 more happy customers? How would you feel if I told you I could insure your company against being destroyed on Facebook and Twitter? Or that I could make sure your company was always found on Google as the first result?

Sounds too good to be true, well the proof is in my own blog, the very website you are reading in fact. I started this blog about 20 months ago, 5 months later I had 298,365 readers on it, in ONE DAY, most of them coming in from Google and Facebook, and the website was mentioned in every single Norwegian newspaper and media publishing house that exists, as the main news! I was at the centre of attention for 5 million people, every single day, for a week! Don’t believe me, watch the screenshot from my log. In five months, I turned a website into the most popular website in Norway, having almost 300,000 readers in a single day! In fact, I arguably did it in TWO DAYS, since the 5th of August I had only 92 readers …

I also did it with a budget of ZERO dollars! In fact, I didn’t even have electricity, running water, and I was living out in the forest, in a cabin far away from civilisation! 😀

For the record, I have promised myself (and others) to never speak about how I accomplished the above world record. Some grenades are simply too powerful to ever be spoken about again. So unless you’re on my list of close personal customers, you’ll never know I guess … 😉

I can however, significantly help your business, and its marketing efforts, using similar techniques as I used myself to establish myself as the most successful website owner through the history of man! So let me ask you a simple question …

If I could give you money (almost) for free, would you accept?

If you need help to promote and market your business, feel free to shot me an email. Why settle for mediocrity, when you can hire the best …? 🙂

I can provide you with thousands of free Facebook ads

My ex-wife has a business, and she is using Facebook ads to promote it. She claims it’s extremely efficient, and provides her with tons of new business opportunities. I can give you everything she gets by paying Facebook, and I can give it to you, without you having to send Marc Zuckerberg as much as a single dime! I can even give you a significantly higher amount of conversion on your ads, than a paid ad would give you. Sounds too great to be true? Read onwards to understand how it works.

Imagine having all your happy customers sharing a Micro Blog about your business with all their friends on Facebook. Now if your best friend tells you that a specific restaurant is the best in town, would you believe him more than you’d believe a Facebook ad? Obviously!

I have created a software system that allows your happy guests to create a “Micro Blog”, about your business, and share it with their friends, on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, VK, etc, etc, etc. This results in that your happy customers ends up recommending your business in Social Media. Since the average Facebook user has 155 Facebook friends …

… you get the point … 😉

It works by you encouraging your customers to “rate their experience”. Humans are simple. Once asked about their opinions, they’re for the most parts compelled to giving it. Hence, a lot of your customers, will choose to do just that. Try it out for yourself if you don’t believe me …

Rate my idea

Then after they have voiced their opinion, they will be allowed to share their opinion with their friends – But ONLY if they give you a good rating! If they give you a bad rating, the system will apologise, and give your business a “second chance” to change their opinion about your business. I sell this system to businesses wanting to increase their social media coverage, hence it’s a system where you control every aspect of what is said about your business. Don’t like a particular rating, simply delete it! Its data is YOURS! Contrary to Facebook, where you’ll have to bribe Zuckerberg, to de-emphasise a posting, to save your business from going bankrupt.

You own the data, 100%!

Now for the record, when I said “giving you Facebook ads for free”, I was slightly exaggerating. Simply since I need to charge you for setting up this system, and hosting it for you. After all, since I am based upon serving your needs as a business owner, instead of my advertisers (I have none), I am forced to actually charge companies for using it. You see, Facebook is serving their users and their advertisers. I however, I am serving YOU! And my service is as follows …

Imagine every single happy customer you have, telling all their friends on Facebook, that your business is simply the best. How much would that be worth for you …?

Read more about the system on this blog by reading some of my previous articles about it

Your business is simply the best!!

And it’s worth it!

SEO, I can give you thousands of inbound links, without violating Google’s rules

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the art of making sure your website is found when people search for something. A good SEO score is often the difference between a billionaire merchant, and a struggling mom’n’pop shop. Google is built upon an algorithm called “PageRank”. PageRank measures your website according to how many inbound links your site has. Hence, a page with thousands of “inbound link”, will normally be preferred by Google, instead of a page with only a handful of inbound links. Google refers to this as the “democracy of hyperlinks”.

There are probably thousands of companies selling inbound links to other companies, claiming to provide SEO services, for the above reasons. And a good existing domain, with many inbounds links, and a high PageRank score, will often sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. I once was the proud owner of a page with 7/8 in PageRank. Others would offer me tens of thousands of dollars to buy my domain for that simple reason. I never sold it … 😉

In the SEO business however, there are the “black hat SEO guys”, and the “white hat SEO guys”. The “black hats” are the ones trying to “game the system”. Every time Google discovers a “black hat SEO technique”, they will invalidate all inbounds links, and often eliminate your website out of their SERP (Search Engine Result Page) – Leading to you going literally bankrupt, over night. Piece of advice, don’t buy links, it leads to suffering, period! However, according to Google’s rules, a valid link, is an “organic link”, providing additional information about the subject, being based upon “organic content”, from “real living human beings comments and information” – In contrary to bots and other black hat schemes.

I have invented a system which gives you just that. It gives you real inbounds links, to your website, with real living peoples’ comments, adding real and organic information about your links to Google crawlers. Hence, according to Google’s own rules, it’s a perfectly valid way to acquire inbound links. Simply because the links are “organic”, and they’re based upon real human beings creating them, adding personal comments about your website in the process.

This implies that if you can get thousands of such links to your website, then people searching for something relevant to your business, will find you on the first page at Google’s search index as they do their search. And I can prove it! More than a year ago, I had 298,365 readers on this very blog you are reading, in ONE DAY! Most of whom came through Facebook and Google. Still today, my website is easily found in Google’s search index. If I had applied “black hat SEO techniques”, my website would vanish from their index. In my first company, I would have more than 1,000 visitors from Google every day, and I achieved it in less than a year! Simply by providing real organic content to my website, every single day, by making sure I would blog about something relevant to my business, every single day!

Of course, not everybody has the literal capacity I have, and are able to write multiple organic blogs, every single day. Which is why I invented a system that allows you to make sure all your customers write “micro blogs” about your business. Imagine having all your happy customers, write one Micro Blog about your website, every single day, and share their Micro Blog on their own personal Facebook profile …?

The trick is to have real living human beings, write relevant content about your business, referring people back to your website – For then to have these same users share their own words on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc – Which organically grows your inbound links, leading to a steady increase of people finding you on Google.

How you may ask …?

Well, that’s the easy parts. Scan the QR code below, and imagine that the profile page you come to after having rated, contains an inbound link to your website. Then realise that the profile page you come to, after voting, can easily provide any links you want for it to provide, leading back to your website, allowing your customers to share their “micro blog” on Facebook, Twitter, etc – Facilitating for an organic and natural growth in your inbound links – Resulting in that your PageRank score slowly increases over time, without having to wear that dreaded “black hat”. The reasons being that everybody rating you, would be real living human beings, sharing that same link on Facebook, Twitter, VK, LinkedIn, etc, etc, etc.

Hence, you don’t have to game the system, if you can simply game your customers 😉

Read more about the product here, here, and here, or use the contact form below to hear more about the “Harvester”