How to significantly improve your TripAdvisor score

I have created an “app” that can significantly improve your TripAdvisor score – And I am selling this app, to small mom’n’pop shops, who wants to improve their social media status. The app is based upon a simple trick of human psychology, and prevents guests from your establishment who are having a bad experience, from rating you at TripAdvisor.

The idea of the app, is that you encourage your guests to rate your business, using a QR code at the exit of your restaurant, bar, hotel, etc. As people rate your business, only those giving you a good rating are brought onwards to a “rating profile page”. This rating profile page, gives your customer links to Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, etc – Further encouraging them to rate, and/or share their experience with their friends. If a customer is giving you a bad review, the software system will apologise on behalf of the establishment, trying to enter into a private dialogue with the guest, to prevent him from sharing his bad review. Basically, the app gives you a “second chance” to fix things, if a customer has a bad experience – BEFORE his rating is shared in public! Below is an example of how it works.

Rate your experience

The app is called the “Harvester”, because it is inspired by agriculture. A farmer arguably needs to “bury shit” in order to “grow flowers”. The “Harvester” arguably is an implementation of just that. It buries bad words, to nurture and grow nice words. It requires each rater to leave his email address, and explicitly gives you the legal right to market directly to your guests, using their email address. It allows you to control every single rating and comment, and censor it as you see fit. You can export all ratings, together with the email addresses to a CSV file, allowing you to import the emails into e.g. Vertical Response or Mail Chimp to create email blasts. And of course, it features “double opt in”, to have guests confirm their email address. Basically, it gives you 100% control of every single aspect of its data. Below is a screenshot of its dashboard interface, from where you can edit, manage, and export your ratings as you see fit.

If you want to try it out, you can scan the QR code at the top of this page. I must admit that I had to go several philosophical rounds with myself, before I could create this system. Arguably, the system is built upon censorship, which we are taught is a “bad thing”. If you’re interested in seeing my philosophical arguments for why I created the Harvester, you can read my article about it at If you’re interested in hearing more about this, feel free to contact me using the contact form below, or shoot me an email at


Turn every happy customer into 155 more happy customers

Imagine if you could turn every happy customer you have into 155 more happy customers. Actually, this is kind of easy to be honest with you. The average Facebook user has 155 friends. Most people trust their friends to give them advice. If a friend of mine tells me that he knows the best restaurant in town, I am likely to believe him, and visit the restaurant myself. Most restaurants, bars, hotels, and other businesses have dozens of happy customers each day. Imagine if you could somehow make all of these happy customers recommend your business to their 155 friends on Facebook?

The Harvester allows you to do just that. It plays on basic human psychology, to allow people to tell their stories, allowing them to tell their friends what a great time they had. This is the basic psychology behind Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, that makes us spend more and more time in front of these services. Human nature is geared towards telling everybody else what a great life we have. This is why most people on Instagram and Facebook are smiling when they share photos of themselves.

Rate the Harvester

In addition to letting your guests share their experience, you also get their email address, and consent to market directly to them yourself. They also get your email address, and can use it to make a booking, ask you questions, etc. Basically, it gives you 100% control over your marketing efforts, and also to some extent what people are saying about your business in public. For the record, this is probably needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway …

Only happy customers, giving you a good rating, are allowed to share their rating on Facebook and Twitter

You can also encourage people giving you a good rating to further rate you on Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc – Facilitating for only nice things about your business shared in the public space. You also own the data, ratings, comments, and everything – And you can administrate your data yourself as you wish. If you interested in hearing more, you can either leave me a rating by using the Harvester idea above yourself, and try out the process – Or you can shoot me an email using the form below.

I can provide you with Social Media “insurance”

Believe it or not, but I can actually to some extent make sure that nobody talks badly about your business on Social Media. I have created an app, that uses a little “trick”, which significantly reduces the possibility of somebody sharing something negative about you on Facebook or Twitter, etc.

You see, once somebody are experiencing what they subjectively feel is a bad experience, they are compelled to tell their friends about it. In fact, this urge is so great, that it is 3 times more likely that somebody will tell their friends about a bad experience, compared to how likely they are to tell their friends about a good experience.

The Harvester is a little app, which asks your customers to “rate their experience”. Since it is built upon this basic urge to give negative feedback, it allows you to capture the negative feedback, for then to enter into a dialogue with the person having the bad experience, which again in most cases results in that the bad experience is never shared publicly.

When people have voiced their opinions once, and felt that they have been heard, and taken seriously – They will purely from a statistical point of view be much less likely to share their bad experiences publicly. This is basic psychology and human nature. Hence, by creating a “firewall” between your business and social media, giving your customers the opportunity to voice their experience in private – You basically “bury shit” to “grow flowers”. Hence, my little app is named the “Harvester”.

If a customer supplies a good rating, the customer is immediately encouraged to sharing his good experience with his friends on Facebook. If he or she supplies a bad rating, the system will apologise on behalf of your company, and give you a golden opportunity to enter into a private email dialogue with the person, giving you a second chance to turn a bad experience into a good experience.

Below is a screenshot of an example installation I have done for a friend of mine.

The whole point with this app, is that you must make it as easily available as you possibly can for your customers, by for instance supplying a QR code, or a computer, laptop, etc in your retail location. You could for instance put a QR code like the one below at the door, such that all your guests can see it, as they are leaving your business. Then supply a header above the QR code saying for instance …

Rate your experience

By doing that, you are playing upon basic human nature, and significantly increase the likely hood of somebody having a bad experience, entering into a private dialogue with you, instead of sharing his or her experience with everybody else on Facebook.

And if they supply a good rating, they are highly likely to share it with their friends on Facebook, turning one happy customer into many happy customers. The system can also be setup to profile times of the day, individual employees, etc, etc, etc – Allowing you to have full control of your customer service, even from the other side of the earth, since every time somebody rates anything in your business, you’ll get an email with the rating, their private comment, and everything else related to their experience.

The system can be customised any ways you see fit, to match your existing design, profile, and so on. You can also add your own images, additional marketing material such as videos, etc, etc, etc. One of my personal favourite ideas, is to allow only people giving you a good rating to also rate you on Yelp and TripAdvisor 😉

And every time somebody gives you their email address, which all who rates your business must do – You have legal consent to sending them marketing emails in the future. I probably shouldn’t say this out loud myself, but I simply can’t help myself …

It’s actually quite brilliant 😀

In case you are interested in hearing more about the Harvester, feel free to toss me an email using the form below 🙂

Controlling what people are saying about you in social media

We’ve all been there, having somebody say something on Facebook about us, or our business, that we’d rather be without. The interesting question is how to avoid such things. How to facilitate for others saying only nice things about you and your business in public, while the bad things are never published, or at least told you in private. Imagine if you could somehow have only positive things about your business shared on Facebook?

I have developed a system that facilitates for just that. I call it the “Harvester”, because it harvests love, and buries crap. It allows people to rate your products or service, and if the rating is beneath some threshold, the comments and ratings are never published. If the rating is good, the user is encouraged to share his love for whatever he rates. It’s not entirely finished yet, but you can see a screenshot of a project I am currently installing for a local hair dresser friend of mine below.

In addition to allowing for people to brag about your service, it also collects your customers’ email addresses, and allows you to initiate direct marketing. Which implies that you can control yourself the communication you have with your customers, not having to blindfolded trust that Facebook will love you in the long run.

And when a customer has supplied his rating, if the rating is above 3, he is encouraged to share his experience.

The system can be styled according to your profile and wants, and can be designed such that it looks exactly like your existing website, if you wish. It loads super fast, and it can be launched through a QR code. The QR code parts of course, implies that you can stick a QR code on your retail location, which leads to the Harvester, and allows your guests to rate your service or product. The system can also be used through a tablet laying in your lobby or customer area, or your employees phones.

I am looking for companies willing to test this out in Cyprus at the moment. Preferably hotels, restaurants, bars, or other places which thrives on positive customer feedback somehow. When I lived in California, some researchers had done scientific research on the value of an email address. They claimed that for a winery in California, an email address was worth $35 in additional sales, since each winery could create email blasts, allowing the winery to sell wines directly to their customers. This was not even mentioning whether or not the guests shared kudos about the wineries on Facebook or Twitter. takes 30% of a hotel’s revenue, according to rumours I have heard. Imagine if your guests had direct contact with the hotel staff, and could book their own rooms consecutive years? What would that do for a hotel’s revenue and profit?

I am installing this system for companies in the trial phase for €198, with an additional cost of €49 per month, for up to 150 ratings per month. I am located myself in Cyprus, and I can visit any place in Cyprus, and help you getting started.

On average each Facebook user has 155 friends. Imagine every time you have a happy customer, that 155 of his friends will hear from your guests, with your guests own words, how great service you gave them. Imagine you could initiate direct contact with all of your guests, and even your guests friends, who wants to hear more about your service. What would that do for your revenue?

On average a satisfied customer will tell 7 of his friends, while a customer that’s not satisfied will tell 20 of his friends. The Harvester significantly skews those numbers, and turns them completely upside down. What is that worth for your business?

If you’d like to hear more about the Harvester, feel free to contact me using the contact form below.