The Unified bigger fool’s Theory of Science

My amazing Homeopathic girlfriend, and the woman of my life ❤

I’ve had a lot of sceptics in my life, and I am myself a devout believer in Homeopathy, to the extent of that I’ve actually gone so far as to name my main software project after my homeopathic constitution remedy. Partially to honour my girlfriend, who have loyally supported me, and arguably scraped me up from the floor, using Homeopathy among other things.

While the “sceptic minded” people around me, has always reminded me about how crazy I am, how insane my ideas are, and what an unbelievably empty and unsubstantiated framework I’ve been able to waste my life on. Well, I have an announcement to make, and it is as follows: I am a Homeopathic software developer.

In fact, I have created a programming language which is not per se a programming language, I have created an operating system, which is not an operating system, and I have created a framework, which is not a framework. In fact, I have even gone so far as to implement polymorphism and encapsulation in Phosphorus Five, chemically cleansed of OOP and classes. Feel free to explain that if you can … 😉

Phosphorus Five was entirely created around the axiom of Homeopathy

If you’re still a s(c)eptic, feel free to explain the following paradox! Feel free to comment below if you believe you can explain it … 😉