An Open Source Web Operating System

First things first; What the blip is a “web operating system”? Well, it’s basically just a tiny virtual operating system, installed on top of Apache, that allows you to manage a web server, through the normal web. It allows you to create an Apache website, which again is modularised, and allows for installing additional modules, on top of the core, without even having to reboot or recycle as much as a single process.

I have created such a Web Operating System, and it contains a handful of modules out of the box. Two of the more important modules are.

  • Sephia Five – An encrypted webmail client (PGP)
  • Sulphur Five – A secure file sharing system

Both of these can easily be installed, as your website is up running, without as much as a single error or recycling of your process occurring during installation. This creates a hosting opportunity, where users can manage their own applications, if they wish – In addition to that hosting providers can create pre-built packages, delivering addons for their existing customers, in the form of a pre-setup website, providing e.g. PGP webmail or secure file sharing.

Interested in checking it out …?

Here you go 🙂