Do you need a proprietary license?

“Do I need a license?”

Phosphorus Five is licensed as GPL, which means it is Open Source and Free Software. However, the GPL has a viral clause, which means that if you create software using P5, you must distribute its source code. This is the reason it is possible for us to create Open Source software, and still have a business model. This is referred to as “dual license”, since we also provide (for a fee) an alternative license, which doesn’t force you to distribute your own source code. However …

If you’re a system developer, you might not need a license. It all depends upon who’s code it is you’re creating. A lot of system developers are working as “hired guns”, creating code for others. These developers are often working as consultants for other companies. If this is the case, and the copyright for your work is not yours – You don’t actually need a license. Only the copyright holder of the code you create actually need a license. Hence …

You (might) not need a license, and you can (maybe) use the Open Source version for free

For the record, if you need support and help, beyond what I can supply here – You might have to purchase a license. Simply put, since although I create Free Software – My time is not free! However, what can I say, I love developers đŸ˜€