Did Jesus have a child with a prostitute?

Interesting things appears when you read the Bible without preconceived notions

So far we have already established using basic logic that Jesus had a child outside of marriage, probably with Mary Magdalene. This begs another question, which is as follows; “Was Mary Magdalene and Mary the prostitute the same girl?” For almost 2,000 years the Vatican believed so. Only in recent years, they have confessed that they did this to “slut shame” Mary Magdalene, and avoid making people respect her as a disciple of Jesus. Hence today, the Pope’s “official explanation” is that Mary the prostitute and Mary Magdalene were two distinctly different women. Which obviously begs the question; “Why shouldn’t a former prostitute be able to be a disciple of the Saviour?” Paradoxically, by trying to escape their previous slut shaming process of Mary Magdalene, the Catholic church arguably accomplishes the exact opposite of what its self proclaimed intentions are.

Facts are, there are a lot of reasons to believe that the prostitute Jesus saved from being stoned, is the same girl as Mary Magdalene. And facts are, that there are a lot of reasons to believe that Mary Magdalene carried Jesus child during easter some 2,000 years ago. Notice, I want to emphasise that I still adore Jesus for what he did, I still respect Mary Magdalene for what she became, and I definitely love all children, including Jesus and Mary’s child – The interesting spiritual question though is kind of; Can you?

The “Son of God” hence probably had a child, outside of marriage, with a former prostitute

If you’re the average human being, I happen to know, that you too are probably slut shaming former prostitutes. I happen to know for a fact, that most people, at least in Norway, and most parts of the world that I have seen so far, are not giving prostitutes the amount of respect they should be given. This is true for the Norwegian government, and it is true for “John Doe Norwegian.” – It is probably true for most other citizens of the world too may I add.

However, think a little bit about it. If you believe in Jesus, and that he is the Son of God, then God chose a prostitute to carry forth his grandchild. If you believe in God, and you believe in the Bible as the truth, no amount of “interpretation” will ever wash away these truths. This implies that God loved a former prostitute so much, that he chose to have a prostitute become his grandchild’s mother. And since Jesus arguably is our judge on Judgment Day, and he chose a former prostitute to carry forth his child, it is purely logically to believe that he will also probably not be too happy about you slut shaming any women out there – Including former prostitutes. In many ways, the Bible is almost like a practical joke, leading us to the following conclusion.

Can you love a prostitute? Can you love the child of a prostitute? Can you love Jesus realising he had a child outside of marriage, with a former prostitute? If you can answer yes to that question, God will probably love you …

Simply, because that is how important it is to love all “children of God”, regardless of what they at some point in time were forced to do in order to survive, and regardless of their origins and what their parents had to do at some point in order to survive.

The Bible is amazingly interesting when you read it without preconceived notions … 😉

Edit: I want to emphasise that I have never had sex with a prostitute as far as I know, and I definitely have never paid for sex. However, I do feel sorry for the amount of shame prostitutes are forced to carry, and I don’t think it is OK to believe that prostitutes are “less valuable human beings” because of their choice of profession.