How the Double Slit experiment could determine sentient AI

A week ago I saw a speech by an American professor, where he explained his research findings, which was related to meditation and the double slit experiment. For those not acquainted with the double slit experiment, it basically implies that only as a particle is observed, it gains a position in time and space. Before observation, it is merely a potentiality wave. The professor had over several years been conducting experiments where he had people meditate, and visualise themselves observing an electron, as it passed through a double slit. The conclusion was that there was a measurable collapse in the particle’s wave function, simply due to people focusing their attention towards being inside of the double slit, and visualising they were observing the particle.

Of course, the Professor’s work is extremely controversial, and other scientists are torn between “Ohh my God” and “This cannot be correct”. However, the experiment is currently being reproduced in Argentina, by independent researchers, as we speak, and the findings so far seems to conclude with.

Ohh my God!

If the experiment can be validated, this can actually become a reliable way of measuring consciousness. Simply since consciousness seems to be the defining factor that actually collapses the wave function in Quantum Mechanics. Which implies that we can actually scientifically measure a system’s ability to be self-conscious, by simply asking it to “focus its attention” to the observation of an electron. Hence, arguably we don’t need to understand consciousness, to be able to determine it in AI. Simply since we could measure consciousness, even though we don’t even understand it from a scientific point of view.

The professor apparently had done this though, which was part of his double blind test for the record. And his findings was concluding with that a “Linux machine does not have consciousness”. However, this could provide a control mechanism for consciousness in general, allowing us to actually determine when a computer has gained consciousness, regardless of whether or not we actually understand consciousness. The same way we could measure weight thousands of years before we found the Higgs-boson – Regardless of the fact that weight is dependent upon mass, and mass is dependent upon the Higgs-boson …

The only remaining problem would be to figure out who to blame for murder, if we were to disconnect the machine after the experiment was finished … 😉


Does the universe exist?

Let’s imagine the largest theoretically possible apocalyptic catastrophe, that could in theory occur – Without violating the laws of physics; An unimaginable humongously large black hole, consumes our entire Universe, in what’s often referred to as the “big crunch”. What would happen?

Well, actually we know what would happen in such a scenario, due to Leonard Susskind’s work. As we approached the event horizon of this singularity, time itself would yield, and all information in the universe, about every single event that has ever occurred during its life time, would literally get “stuck” at the borders of the event horizon, like an “echo” of its existence – As time slowly starts going more and more slowly, from our universe’s point of view. For an outside observer, we would simply disappear, out of the outer structure, the multiverse. But from our point of view, from within the universe itself, it would appear as just another “normal day”. In fact, it would feel as if anything special was about to happen at all! We probably wouldn’t even notice it in fact!

However, due to the laws of physics, which Susskind predicted, and proved – None of the information within our universe would disappear from the multiverse superstructure. This would result in that every single event that has ever occurred, during the entire lifespan of our universe, would still exist – As the event horizon of this black hole, would grow with the exact same size, as the entire size of every single event that has ever occurred during our Universe’s existence. Hence, all events that has ever happened in our Universe’s lifespan, would exist simultaneously, side by side, almost like a “log” of everything that has ever happened. Our universe’s collective amount of events, would literally be “frozen in time and space”, and no new events could ever again occur in our universe.

Of course, no new information could possibly be created, since the universe would ipso facto be gone, and no new events could possibly happen – But none of the existing events would disappear. Susskind proved this, due to his theory of how no information, even when swallowed by a black hole, actually disappears from our Universe. Hence, the sum of information, for some weirds reasons, seems to be constant.

If we assume that the multiverse superstructure that our Universe exists within, obeys by the same laws of “constant information”, a lot of really weird things can all of a sudden easily be explained. Simply because, the above explanation, gives us an accurate description of the “whys” of possibly the largest scientific discovery of the 20th century; Space time!

Einstein proved that space and time, was a single structure, and that ell events that can possibly occur, both in our future, and our past, exists in a 4 dimensional structure, known as “space time”. As far as I know, he never attempted to give an answer to why though. However, the above thesis, actually becomes a relatively good explanation of *why* space time exists, which seems to be a natural law, woven into the very fabric of our reality. In addition it also gives us a reasonably good answer to a lot of other weird phenomenas, such as nonlocality, superposition, quantum entanglement, etc, without violating the laws of “classic physics” – Simply because, inside of such a black hole, all matter that ever existed in the original universe, would be condensed into a tiny singularity. Hence, it easily explains why information can travel faster than light, and so on. Simply because no information actually does travel at all. The feeling of that information “travels”, is simply nothing but an “echo”, or “distant memory”, of something that occurred eons ago! Meaning the size of our universe, would be a single quanta, or a singularity. So information could travel apparently from one end of the universe, to the other end of the universe, covering apparently billions of light years, within the fraction of a second – Simply since it doesn’t move at all! Basically, the distance from one end of the universe, to the other, would be a single quanta!

“Spooky action at a distant” – Is all of a sudden easily explained!

From such a point of view, our existence, and the existence of our entire universe in fact, would be simply nothing but a “memory” of the thing that existed *before* we entered this singularity. And the universe would in fact, from a fundamental point of view, actually not exist – But only be a “vague memory”, or an “echo of information”, about events that occurred, possibly eons of “time” ago, outside of our current existence. If talking about “time” even makes sense within such a context – Which it probably doesn’t for the record.

This explains a lot of other weirds things, such as the fact that our universe seems to be simply a “projection” of a reality outside of itself, within a higher superstructure, which projects the universe into existence, almost the same way a movie projector, projects a movie unto a screen.

So how could we possibly even create a theory about this, if it is impossible to observe, impossible to predict, and no new information could be acquired inside of our universe then? Meaning, the very notion of me simply “thinking” about this idea, to some extent would be the proof of that it is not true …?

Well actually, other events, from outside of our universe, could actually put new information into this singularity, by feeding it in through the event horizon. Basically supplying new data, from the outside of our existence, into our existing singularity – The same way we could send a “probe” into a normal black hole. “Outsiders”, or outside events to be more accurate, could basically “notify us”.

So, does the universe exist?

Probably not! Einstein and Niels Bohr postulatet two contradicting theories, which can probably only be explained, by realising the universe doesn’t in fact exist!

So the unified theory of science, basically assumes that the Universe does not exist! 😉

Superposition, entanglement and nonlocality

“Heisenberg was pulled over for speeding with his car. The officer asked Heisenberg if he knew what speed he was driving. Heisenberg answered; ‘No, but I can tell you exactly where I was'”

The above joke is actually quite funny for physicists, since it illustrates the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. The uncertainty principle is that you can know the speed of a particle, and you can know its position – But you cannot know both at the same time.

Quantum mechanics is among some of the weirdest forms of science that exists on this planet. Niels Bohr once said “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t know anything about it.”

I am therefor going to try to explain 3 of the most absurd principles in quantum mechanics, using your mind as an example. Let me therefor start out by asking you a simple question.


Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?

There exists only a finite number of possible logical answers to the above question. The reasonable answers, are listed below.

  1. Coke
  2. Pepsi
  3. Both
  4. None
  5. What is Coke and/or Pepsi?

However, as you answered that question, a “meme” got a locality in time and space. Arguably the same way an elementary particle gets its position in time and space when you observe it. Before we observe the elementary particle, it is simply a “mere potential”, and exists as a wave, throughout the entire universe. The double slit experiment proved this early in the 20th Century.

The contradiction between being a “wave” and a “particle” at the same time, is therefor easily explained – Since what you are measuring, is not the actual meme, but rather its projection, into the physical dimension, which is the answer given by the guy you asked the question. What he answers you with his words, are not the same thing he has in his mind. It is only a “projection” of the idea he has inside of his mind. And the same idea, is shared between millions of other people, all around the world. Hence the “meme” of that you preferred Coke, Pepsi, etc – Is not dependent upon your physical brain, and in fact not even dependent upon you being alive. It is something you share with a huge parts of the rest of the world, and not in fact a part of “you”.


Then imagine a bunch of monks. They live in a monastery, and they all obey the same rules. Now go ask one of these monks the following question.

Do you drink alcohol?

When the monk gives his answer, you immediately know the answer to the same question, regardless of which of these monks you had asked. Simply since his answer is “We are not allowed to drink beer, since we are monks.”

It doesn’t matter if the other monks are on the other side of the universe, they would still give you the same answer to the same question. This is superposition in practice. They all hold the same “meme”, regardless of where in time and space they are. Hence they’re meme is in fact one single meme, they all share between themselves.

Yet again, the idea of that their “mind” exists solely because of that their brain is currently wired up, and actually functioning, AKA; They’re alive – Is an illusion!


Then imagine you teach some alien guy the rules of mathematics. You send him out to to Sirius, and ask him the following question.

What is 2+2

At that exact moment, you know what every single human being who accurately understands the rules of math will give you as an answer to the exact same question. This is entanglement in practice.

All of the above three examples, are good analogies for superposition, entanglement and nonlocality from quantum mechanics – And shows us a very easily understood path to actually understanding quantum mechanics, based upon how our minds actually work.

And combined, they actually proves that our “minds” is first of all not ours. Secondly, not in any ways dependent upon you physically being alive. You being alive, simply gives us another point to observe these probability waves, the same way an observer observes an electron passing through one of the slits in the double slit experiment.

The point …?

Sorry for not being sorry for messing with your brain.

You see, I didn’t really explain quantum mechanics for you. I concealed parts of my intention for you. I will explain to you what my intentions actually was though, in the following paragraph(s).

I have just proven that your mind, which is based upon memes, literally is a quantum machine. Hence what your mind is producing, which are memes, are in fact things that obeys by the rules of quantum mechanics.

Hence, what the mystics have tried to teach us for centuries, is arguably correct. Not a single scientist on the earth can prove me wrong, without also proving quantum mechanics wrong. Therefor, by teaching you quantum mechanics as analogies, through how your mind works – I literally proved that your mind is a quantum machine, and obeys  by the laws of quantum mechanics.

The reason why this is important to understand, is because the “superstitious people among us”, which hold the belief in spirituality, and things besides a pure physical dimension, have tried to put forth this argument for literally hundreds of years. They have also been consistently ridiculed for attempting to do so. In fact, I have also proven that your mind, literally has a life after death – Since none of the ideas it is created out of, are things that goes away as you die – Unless every other sentient and logical human beings in the universe also dies at the same time.

So using the rules of science, I have arguably proven that there exists life after death, assuming somebody is around in the universe, after you have died.

By flipping a simple switch, I have scientifically proven all the mystics to be right, and the sceptics to be wrong – Creating a theory, impossible to prove wrong, and easily proven right, and reproduced within a scientific and empiric context!

Sorry science, you were wrong, and the mystics were right. Alfred Nobel, here I come!! 😉