Who do you think can keep your secrets?

Would you trust this guy not to spill your secrets?

I used to live in San Francisco. Most of the guys living there, including the ones working for Google, are faggots and libtards, who’s greatest achievements, and most heroic acts, are playing counter strike for three hours straight, without being killed. They’ve mostly been completely shielded by reality, from within their mom’s house, never having experienced any trauma themselves. None of them have been to prison, they’ve never had a gun pointed at them, never seen a war zone – And in fact, probably none of them have even taken the bus through South Central LA for that matter …

Still you trust them with your privacy, and your innermost secrets – The irony …!! ๐Ÿ˜›

I’ve had guns pointed at me, so many times, I’ve lost count to be honest with you. I’ve been coerced and tortured into snitching, often by the same guys pointing guns at me for the record. I’ve seen war zones, in every single conflict corner of the world in fact. I know what happens to a snitch. I have seen it, with my own eyes in fact! Who do you think is best suited to make sure your secrets stay just that, yours …?

Facts are, the average Silicon Valley employee, would probably start singing, if somebody abducted his puppy, and sent some toenails in an envelope. And the average Silicon Valley employee has access to everything you have ever said online, or written in an email, or told your friends and colleagues, over “private messages” on Facebook. We on the other hand …

If you can see the problem here, feel free to shoot me an email, using the form below.


Encrypting your corporate emails in 30 minutes – Seriously!

We have just created a new release of Phosphorus Five, and its associated modules today. The most important part, is significantly easing user management, installation, and setup. Basically, you can now install it on a Linux server in 30 minutes (no exaggeration), and have your first email inbox up running 30 minutes after you’ve been given root access to your Linux server.

In the release text of Phosphorus Five, there’s a detailed description of how to get things up running on an Ubuntu Server in no more than three terminal commands, which you can simply copy and paste into your terminal, and you’ll be up running in no time.

One of the things I am particularly proud about with both Phosphorus Five and Sephia Five, is how easy it is to use. Often Linux software, especially when involving complex ideas, such as PGP cryptography, seems to be very difficult to use. Phosphorus Five have reduced the complexity, down to literally a couple of buttons, less than a handful of choices, and completely automated the rest of the process. Below is how it looks like when you compose a new email.

A really cool idea, I personally think, is that the autosuggest feature, does not necessarily display its suggestions in alphabetic order, but rather according to who sent you an email the most recently, matching your search criteria of course.

This means that it will highly likely show the person you want to send am email to as its first suggestion, simply since statistically, it is more likely that you want to send an email to a person who recently sent you an email. Most of the time, you only have to click it in fact, and then choose one of the five first matches. 90% of the rest of the times, typing in a single character will give you the email address of the person you want to send an email to. Hence, choosing a recipe will save you several keystrokes, significantly making things easier on small devices, with clumpy keyboards, etc.

Below is a screenshot of the process of creating new users.

Phosphorus Five is highly modular in design. It is truly a modular web operating system, from the grounds and up. This means that installing new applications into it, is as simple as clicking a button. In fact, the user module, which is called “Peeples”, is nothing but an additional optional “module”. This makes it easy to populate your server, with the exact apps you want to populate it with – Alternatively, easily create your own new apps, that seamlessly integrate with your existing apps.

Phosphorus Five is probably the first truly modular web operating system in the world.

Out of the box, you’re given 5 free user tickets. You’ll need one such “ticket” to create one new user. This means that you can setup 5 email inboxes, for free, without paying as much as a cent.

After you’ve spent your tickets, you can easily purchase new tickets, which will cost you โ‚ฌ10 for a “Home installation” and โ‚ฌ50 for a “Professional installation”ย – The latter includes professional grade support. There are no other fees than this, and everything is Open Source and Free Software (free as in freedom) – Below is a screenshot of just how simple it is to purchase additional user tickets.

If you click the above button, you’ll instantly receive your additional user tickets, and can setup as many user as you wish.

Responsive rendering

No web application platform with respect for itself, could possibly exist, unless it had some pretty kick-ass responsive rendering at its core today. Phosphorus Five and Sephia Five is no exception to this rule. Both systems renders perfectly on every imaginable device, and will responsively show content, according to your device’s screen resolution.

In addition, it uses only a fraction of the bandwidth that e.g. GMail uses – In fact, GMail will consume more than 25 times as much bandwidth. This makes Sephia Five and Phosphorus Five a perfect choice for those situations where you’re on a really, really slow internet connection. In fact, I am running my own personal email server out of my own home, on an old laptop, which I have converted into a Linux web server. And I have a standard home internet connection. Still it works perfectly for me. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.

Of course, you won’t gain access to Sephia Five on my server, unless I give you a user though. But you can load the desktop, and check out my “welcome app”. Below is a screenshot of how your inbox might look like.

Notice the smileys in the grid above. A happy face means that your email has been sent cryptographically secured, while a sad face means insecure. Below is an example of reading an email.

One thing we’re particularly proud of, is that you can read multiple emails at the same time. Even on your telephone, since each email will simply show up beneath the previously read email. This allows you to cross reference content from multiple emails, possibly as you reply to some completely unrelated email, significantly empowering you in your daily “information battle”.

Use Markdown while composing emails

The composition of emails have been arguably destroyed by some big corporations (coff, coff, GMail, coff Outlook) – However, with Markdown, you can add simple formatting, without learning any complex rich text editors, or WYSIWYG editors, that always for some reasons seems obsessed with messing up your design.

Markdown is the intuitive way of adding formatting, which you’d probably do anyways, if resorting to a default text editor. The following syntax will **make your words or phrases bold for instance**. The following will make your words or phrases *italics*. Creating a numbered or bulleted list, you can probably guess how to do yourself, without me even telling you how!

Having your privacy

Sephia Five will seriously give you privacy. I literally mean that BTW. Not only can you send and receive encrypted emails, automatically, without even thinking about it – You can also expect to (seriously) never again receive a “slot machine” marketing email. This might seem to be a promise impossible to deliver upon, until you realise that Sephia Five will never show you another HTML email. I literally mean **NEVER** for the record!

This will create less cognitive noise for your brain, allowing you to stay within the comfort zone of your privacy, and keep your flow. In addition, the system can be configured to only allow your employees to check their emails at specific times of the day. Which of course, seriously reduces noise, and increases your employees productivity. When we ask you if you “Got Privacy?” – We really mean it!

Curious, check out my installation script, and of course, everything is Open Source ๐Ÿ™‚

Literally, 30 minutes after starting, you’ll be sending your first email!

Got Privacy? Get Sephia Five!

Encryption is a human right

Please exercise your rights!

Did you know that it is a human right to use encryption? Article 7 and 8 of EU’s human rights declaration, protects your right to privacy. Article 17 of United Nation’s human rights declaration, further protects your privacy, and hence also to use encryption in your communication. UN’s article 17, even explicitly states “protection of personal data”, and hence arguably states directly that nobody can break into your data, without violating internationally sanctioned human rights.

In America, the 5th Amendment further protects your right to privacy, and a court ruling from USA in November of 2007, actually concluded with that an individual who was facing criminal prosecution, could not be forced to give up his PGP password phrase, since it would violate the 5th Amendment.

These are fundamental rights you have, and nobody can legally coerce you into submitting your data – Not even the police.

Cryptography and privacy is a human right!

If you want to exercise your rights, you can contact us, and ask us how we can help you. We provide among other things a military grade cryptographically secured PGP webmail system, for individuals and corporations, that allows you to have your privacy. See the video below for details about our system.

If you wonder what’s at stake, feel free to watch the next video, that clearly shows you why you should care about your privacy.

Facebook has implicitly confirmed they’re a Judas machine

Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer of Facebook Inc., listens as Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, not pictured, speaks during a town hall meeting at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California, U.S., on Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015. Prime Minister Modi plans on connecting 600,000 villages across India using fiber optic cable as part of his “dream” to expand the world’s largest democracy’s economy to $20 trillion. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Mark Zuckerberg

Over the last couple of days, I have had our marketing director share a couple of Facebook critical blog posts, especially focusing on that Facebook is a “snitch machine”, incapable of keeping secrets, and securing your online life and privacy. Normally when my friend share funny things, and/or music videos, which I create, she will get dozens of likes, and lots of comments. However, on these latest shares, she has gotten 1 or 2 likes only, and only one person commenting, which is a pretty revealing fact by itself.

Facebook is not only a snitch machine, and the Judas of the IT sector, they’re also desperately de-emphasising everything that’s critical of their services. Their means to do this, is to have algorithms and bots, that will even go as far as listening to videos, using speech recognition, and internally “flag” everything, that is not compatible with the promotion of their walled paradise. This is to avoid having the masses becoming disgruntled with their services, and/or realise the truth about their “value proposition”.

Look at the screenshot attached to this blog, and realise that I have had my friend share a handful of music videos that I have previously created, and every time she does, she will get between 30 and 100 likes. This time however, she got 1 like, besides her own of course.


By internally “flagging” my video the way they did however, they have done me a great service, by implicitly admitting to that what I am talking about in my “rap video”, is largely true – Simply by avoiding that it shows up in my friend’s friends’ news feed, by having attached an “internal flag” to her posting, making it much less likely that anyone will ever see the video.

If you wish to test my theory, this is very easy indeed. Go through your own Facebook profile, and create a statistical average on the number of likes and/or comments on your 10-20 latest updates. Write this number down, and share my video, which you can find here, then wait a couple of days, and compare the average with the number of likes and comments you got on my video. I have included the video further down on this article, such that you can see it for yourselves.

In doing this paradoxically, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg is arguably implicitly admitting that what I talk about in myย “rap video”, is basically true!

Thank you Mr. Zuckerberg! Now if I only could zucker Mr. Zucker into having my local secret police knock down my door, my marketing campaign for Sephia Five would become perfect!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

All your data belongs to – YOU!

This is what Larry Page’s and Sergey Brin’s “perfection” inevitably results in.

I am a Star Trek fan. Sorry, I can’t help it, I simply adore Captain Janeway and the rest of the crew on Voyager. My favourite bad guys in Star Trek are the Borg. They have distorted the idea of the meaning of life, into becoming a “quest for perfection”. They’re an extremely technologically advanced society, without procreation, seeking to “assimilate” all other species in the universe. When they attack another specie, it almost always ends up that the entirety of the defending specie ends up like billions of mindless robots, or “drones”.

When a society is “assimilated”, all individuality is lost, free will evaporates, and the mind of the individual enters the “hive mind”, where the individual becomes a mindless drone, seeking to continue the assimilation of other species in the galaxy. Free will is lost, and the individual ends up like a slave to the hive mind. The Borg of course, don’t perceive themselves as evil. Quite the contrary, they believe that they are doing these other species a favour, allowing them to become more perfect, and liberating them from the “slavery” of free will.

The Borg are kind of like Google

In fact, if Star Trek was created today, I betcha that the Borg’s punchline would be the following …

  1. Do no evil
  2. Do no evil
  3. Do no evil

I on the other hand, associate myself more with specie 8472. I believe in free will, individuality, magic, and pure chaos. Hence, one of my goals, is to facilitate for diversity on Earth. Therefor, I have long since made a conscious decision about that I will never “assimilate” your knowledge. By assimilate, I mean stealing it from you, and integrating it into my own hive mind, like the Borg does whenever they assimilate another specie.

Hence, I will never offer you to host your data. In fact, my company’s vision, is diametrically opposed to the idea of hosting other people’s data. First of all, I do not want the temptation of knowing everything about you, or try to change your existing ideas, into become “less evil”. Hence, I simply avoid this temptation, by having made this into an integral part of my business idea. Creating massive mountains of knowledge, centralising it at a handful of locations, is simply fundamentally incompatible with the ideas of free will, individuality, and diversity. It also puts too much power into a handful of individuals hands. Kind of like the Borg Queen, which is depicted at the top of this blog.

This doesn’t imply that I am against having you choose to have some other company hosting your data. Quite the contrary, if I interfered with your free will in these regards, I would be attempting to avoid being evil, inevitably resulting in that I would became evil. If you wish to have another company host your Phosphorus Five apps, then you are perfectly free to do this, and I will (of course) work closely with whomever you choose to host your data – As long as it’s not Google of course … ๐Ÿ˜‰

Therefor …

All your data belongs to YOU!

Kind regards,

Seven of Nine!

Seven of Nine, the first drone to break out of the “collective”, and re-establish individuality, free will, and a personality

But I do agree with the Borg in one thing, which is the following.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, I have three words for you; Resistance is futile!

Defining environmental friendly software

What can the Buddha teach software developers?

Do me a favour please; Go to your favourite local news website, or log onto Facebook, Twitter, or GMail – And try to consciously measure your stress level and your thoughts as you do. Facts are, most of the web sites you visit during a day, are artificially created to steal your attention, and suck you in, for as long as possible. The reasons are of course that these websites makes their money by selling ads. And the more ads they can show you, the more money they make. The longer they can keep you stuck in front of their websites, the more ads they can show you. Hence, their financial objectives are to “pollute your mind”, with as many thoughts as they can.

Twitter, Facebook, GMail, etc, is not environmental friendly software. Simply because you are their environment, and Facebook and other similar sites, do their best at trying to “hypnotise you”, into spending as much time as they can, in front of their websites. Hence, your mind become “polluted”, with thoughts and ideas, you did not intend for your mind to have.

Environmentally friendly software does not do that. It does not make its money on trying to deceive you into having thoughts or ideas, that you did not want to have in the first place. It contains no ads, no banners, no logos, no sale speech, no “fancy colours”, and does not intrude your mind in any ways. Environmentally friendly software, accepts your right to be left alone, and create your own thoughts, without being polluted by some random vendor, trying to push you into buying some stupid product, you don’t need, and never intended to buy in the first place.

After watching Tristan Harris on TED.com, I came to a realisation, which was that instead of trying to trick the human mind into purchasing, I should be focusing on solving people’s needs, while not trying to trick their minds in any ways. I like to refer to this as creating environmentally friendly software. Simply put, because your brain is your computer’s environment, and I do not want to pollute it, with ridiculous thoughts, that you did not intend to have in the first place, artificially created to Zucker you into, buying some stupid shit you did not want to buy in the first place.

And hopefully, with this blog, it is the last time I manage to “trick your mind” into having a new idea. Hopefully, this idea, becomes the last artificially created idea I put into your mind, for as long as you live …

Privacy defined

This is your brain on Facebook!

When people use the words “computer privacy”, they tend to think about espionage, cryptography, and malware that are spying on others. However, privacy is much broader than this. Privacy also includes the right to stay in your “zone”, without being sucked out of it, by others wanting your attention, for whatever reasons they may have.

According to this definition, Silicon Valley, and most of its companies, are fundamentally incompatible with privacy – Basically because most of these companies are making their money by stealing your attention, such that they can sell ads. Hence, their goal, is to constantly interrupt you, such that you spend as much time as possible in front of their websites. This is an intrusion to your privacy, since it “steals your mind”.

Ask yourselves the following questions …

How much of my professional time is spent in front of Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc – And how much productivity is lost as a consequence of spending my time like this?

Many employers due to the (obvious) answers to the above questions, tend to deny their employees to use Facebook and Twitter during work hours. Simply because these services are created in such a way, that they literally “suck you in”, and makes it impossible for you to do anything else but to mindlessly continue using these services. These companies also have no other options, since these mechanisms are at the foundation of how they make money. “Free” can be very expensive sometimes …

So while your employer’s goal is to make you stay focused, Facebook’s goal is to steal your focus, and completely eliminate your own rational thinking, logic, and common sense – Such that you spend as much money as you possibly can, on products and services, supplied by the companies that are advertising on Facebook.

Software that truly cares about your privacy, should in fact be built in such a way, that it distracts you from your normal and daily routines as little as possible, and allows you to perform your job, without any distractions to your ability to “stay in the zone” at all. Software that truly cares about your privacy, shouldn’t have as much as a single distraction woven into its UX at all. Not even your company’s logo is relevant for your users to be more productive.

This is a value proposition that Silicon Valley cannot deliver on. If you’re a software developer, and you’re not on the “viral Silicon Valley insanity ride”, you should attempt to build software, that your users needs to use as little as possible, yet still facilitating for helping them solve their needs.

Software is not a goal, it is the means to accomplish your goal

Unless you agree with the above quote, you’re a privacy thief. Brilliant software is created such that your users needs to use it as little as possible, with as few distractions as you can possibly create. Software that truly cares about your privacy, don’t even show its name or the name of the company that built it in such a way that it is visible for its users. Below is a screenshot of how my Mac looks like when I have started it, and I am looking at my desktop. Pay particular notice to what is missing …

What is missing in this picture?

Facts are, brilliant software is not about stealing people’s minds – It is about allowing their own minds to unfold at their maximum capacity. Compare the above screenshot of my desktop with what you see when you open up Facebook or Twitter, and ask yourself the following question;

“Who are taking best care of my privacy here” …?

The first law of privacy

A really weird experiment is unfolding unto the world today. Nobody asked for it, and nobody wanted to conduct it – Still, we are now starting to see its results, and a scientific theory of privacy can be formulated.

You will never have more privacy yourself than that which you are willing to give to everybody else

For anyone who’s got some basic knowledge about physics, it’s pretty obvious that it’s simply a rewritten sentence explaining Newton’s laws of energy; “That which you apply energy unto, applies the same amount of energy back unto you.”ย The same is obviously true for information.

How do we know?

Well, look around yourselves. Post 9/11, the CIA and the NSA initiated mass surveillance projects of epic proportions. They were basically trying to vacuum clean the entire world, for absolutely everything they could possibly know, about everyone in the world. Some few years afterwards, the CIA and the NSA became themselves, the most transparent organisations on the planet, even though they’ve tried their very best, to hide all of their operations, for as long as they’ve existed. 20 years ago, nobody knew what NSA even meant. Today, I probably know more about the NSA, together with billions of other humans on the planet – Than the director of the NSA knows about his own organisation himself.

Today, an average Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks supporter, knows more about the CIA and the NSA, than all the employees in these organisations knows about their own organisations, combined! The reasons are simple; A CIA and/or NSA operative aren’t legally allowed to read information coming from neither WikiLeaks nor Edward Snowden, simply because of the way the human mind works in regards to propaganda, and becomes easily influenced by other people’s ideas. If CIA and NSA operatives were studying WikiLeaks and Snowden, more leaks would inevitably happen.

So the end result, is that even though the CIA and the NSA tried to get to know everything, about every single human being on the planet – The result was that they got to know nothing, while everybody else got to know all of their secrets.

Anyone willing to visit WikiLeaks’ website, can today, see the entire organisational chart of the CIA, full names and addresses of most of their operatives, with pictures, etc, etc, etc. They’ll probably never publicly admit this, but facts are, and everybody knows this to be a fact.

You can never have more privacy than that which you are willing to give others

And the above law, seems to be woven into the very fabric of our Universe, as a natural force of nature, governing the way we should deal with information in the future, in order to create a stable world, where all of our dirty little secrets, can get to stay just like that; Ours!

So if you’re a government official, and unless you enjoy having your dirty laundry taken out into the public space, I encourage you to stop snooping on your people, and respect your people’s right to privacy. The end results if you do, will be that WikiLeaks simply “vanish”, as drops of water evaporates into thin air.

PGP cryptography is a perfect example of this. You can not communicate encrypted to somebody, unless you respect that person’s right to communicate encrypted with everybody else. This is the way PGP simply works, due to its public key cryptography implementation. Hence, unless our governments allows us to communicate cryptographically secured with our friends, they can never expect to be able to communicate cryptographically secured with their colleagues. It’s simply the way PGP cryptography, and its “web of trust” works!

So unless you enjoy having your dirty little secrets taken out into the public space, I suggest you, if you’re a politician, start working on legislating our rights to communicate over the internet, cryptographically secured, without feeling that “big brother” is watching us. The only viable alternative, is having your browser’s entire porn history, shared between millions of your voters, publicly on Facebook and the blogosphere …

And to be honest with you, I don’t want that to happen, and I doubt you’d want for it to happen either. I am simply tired of “social pornography” about our government officials.

This guy doesn’t care about Privacy

Unless you’re this guy, you care about Privacy!

A lot of people will say; “I don’t worry about privacy, because I have nothing to hide.” Edward Snowden told us that such an argument was like saying “I don’t care about free speech, because I have nothing to say.” I am here to tell you that you’re pathologically insane, and that you would be better of being sheltered from your own actions if you truly believe you have, quote “nothing to hide.”

Privacy is like a nice piece of underwear, it allows you to walk through town, and enjoy your peers respect. Caring about Privacy is like caring about your private parts, literally! Don’t believe me, then go share your dick picks on Facebook or Instagram! Because in the end, not caring about privacy is like waving your dick in the wind!

You have the right to remain silent! – About Privacy

Manyย “normal” people tend to become a little bit paranoid when you start informing them about their right to have privacy. Their arguments often ends up with something like the following;ย “I don’t have anything to hide, so I don’t need privacy”ย – Almost as if they’re afraid of having their government look at them, suspecting them for criminal activities.

I once visited a local computer store where I used to live in Norway and asked its owner if he could build me a web server. The guy looked at me as if I was some sort of drug smugler or pedophile. Simply asking him this question, made him uncomfortable working with me, as if he believed he was helping a criminal to hide. He was using arguments such as “Why would you need a web server, can’t you use Google or DropBox?” – As if me wanting to have my own personal web server, was a proof of me trying to hide some type of criminal activity!

Privacy is not only about hiding from governments, it’s also there to make sure Al Qaeda and ISIS doesn’t read your email. Privacy was also invented to avoid having Vladimir Putin and FSB spy on the British Prime Minster. And finally, privacy was also granted us as a right, to avoid having pedophiles steal pictures of your children. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you go shopping naked …?

The right to privacy, is a fundamental right for all Europeans, declared in the European Human Rights declaration, in addition to the American constitution. And the fact that you choose to exercise your right to privacy, is in no ways proof of that you’re a criminal, pedophile, or terrorist. Enjoying your privacy is like enjoying your clothes. Wearing clothes doesn’t mean you’re a pervert, or that you’re wearing a strapped on bomb. It simply means that you don’t want everyone to see everything, period.

Sorry dude, but I want a personal web server, where I can take care of my own privacy. This simple fact, tells you no more about me, than you’d know about me if I told you “I like clothes.” If you don’t believe me, go ask Angela Merkel or Hillary Clinton. Both of these women are pretty obsessed about their own privacy, for obvious reasons – And the last time I checked our databases, neither of them were members of Al Qaeda … ๐Ÿ˜‰