Old is the new new

If you believe in conventional archeology’s explanation of how the pyramids were built, you’ll have to believe that 5,000 years ago, people with nothing but chisel and stones, were able to put down one 20,000 kilogram heavy stone, every 2.5 minutes, for 20 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The logistical and organisational miracle of such an achievement is hard to believe in for most for obvious reasons. It wasn’t before in the late 1800s, almost 5,000 years later, that humanity was able to create a building that was taller. I am talking about the Eiffel tower of course.

The above implies that the ancient Egyptians created an “assembly line” for constructing their pyramids, impossible to fathom and explain, even for modern science.

In the 1950s Lisp was invented. Lisp is a programming language for computers. Everybody that knows anything about it, perceives it as far superior to anything humanity has ever done with their computers ever since. 60+ years of innovation, from millions of our best minds, still today nobody have been able to even come close to its brilliance.

Was the architect behind Lisp, and the creators of the pyramids supernatural beings, with miracles at their fingertips …?

I can’t answer the above. However, I can testify towards that constantly chasing the “new thing” is probably not going to bring you far, unless you’re able to bring with you the teachings of history as you dive into the future. The reasons why I can confidently say such a thing, is because I too have done things impossible to fathom for other people. I have created a software development framework, which features many of the same “impossible to fathom traits” of the pyramids. However, instead of bragging, I will simply show you, such that you can see with your own eyes.

In March of 2017 I set out to prove how “old is the new new”, and I started creating Sephia Five. Sephia Five is a webmail client, with PGP cryptography support, and tons of other goodies. Below is a screenshot of it.

During these 6 months, I have also created Sulphur Five. Sulphur Five is a web based file sharing system, that allows you to securely share your files. Below is a screenshot of it.

In addition to these projects, I have also created Peeples, the user management module for Phosphorus Five.

I have also created Camphora Five. Which is a CRUD app generator for P5.

In addition, I am currently working with (unfinished) a publishing system for books, called Pay2Play.

Below is the AppStore I built in the same period, that allows to install apps on your server, without even having to restart the web server process. It features integrated PayPal payments, and automatic updates, in addition to securely download cryptographically signed zip files, to avoid man in the middle attacks, injecting malicious code on your server.

The Harvester is also something I have been working at. In addition to Hyperbuild, which is a build system for P5 apps. On top of this, I have also created a CSS Framework called Micro, and fixed lots of bugs and features in the core called Phosphorus Five. In this same period, I have taught myself to play the saxophone (watch the video below)

And I’ve spent dozens of days on the beach where I live. And …

I did it in 6 months!!

If we move a little bit backwards in time, I have singlehandedly created a programming language, a web operating system, an entire application suite, covering most of the basic enterprise needs for most companies, a CSS framework, an Ajax library, dozens of other satellite projects, such as a PGP/MIME wrapper library, I have written hundreds, if not thousands of blogs and articles, including some of the most read articles at MSDN Magazine.

Am I a miracle worker …?

Regardless of what I say, you’ll probably believe what you want to believe. However, I’d like to say it such that I have simply learned by history, and instead of constantly chasing “the new thing”, I have dissected the teachings of our past, and made sure I was able to learn from the brilliance of our “ancient technologies”. For instance, I like to compare Phosphorus Five to FoxPro. FoxPro is one of those ancient technologies in IT which most system developers today are laughing at, and making fun of, because it’s “not new”, and arguably built with “stone-age technology”. Well …

I build a pyramid, singlehandedly, in at best a couple of years, with my own two hands, without any help at all. How do you explain that …?

Facts are, don’t be so arrogant towards the past. The past holds many lessons for us, which if we’re able to incorporate into the future, might make our future just a little bit brighter and more beautiful. Phosphorus Five is built on “ancient technology”, it features ASP.NET WebForms for instance. It has no OOP, and hence arguably is inspired by programming languages more than 60 years old. It doesn’t incorporate any of the “new and hot stuff”, etc, etc, etc. Many of our industry titans takes a look at P5, and they laugh silently, since it’s “hopelessly outdated”, or at least built on “hopelessly dated technologies”. OK, let’s agree with those doing the laughing as a thought experiment, which of course leaves us with them having to explain the following.

I built a pyramid with stones and chisels, 10,000x faster than any living or dead man on the planet has been able to produce software. How do you explain that …?

Either you’re going to have to accept that I am a miracle worker, and that I have divine powers. Or you’re going to have to accept that there “is something brilliant” with Phosphorus Five


Become 10,000 times more productive as a software developer

Good ol’ me, havin’ a cigar šŸ˜€

I just did some interesting math on this application. I created the web app in 36 seconds, from I started my “IDE”, to the app was deployed on my production server. If you don’t believe me, feel free to watch the video below where I prove it. Notice, the app is finished created, and deployed, in production, 36 seconds after I launch my “IDE”.

36 seconds multiplied by 10,000 becomes the equivalent of exactly 100 hours. If you were to create something similar in ExtJS, Infragistics, Telerik, or any other web/Ajax component library or web toolkit, I think we could all agree upon, that this process would probably require roughly ~100 hours. Feel free to prove me wrong here, if you believe my estimate here is wrong.

This implies that you become 10,000 times more productive with Phosphorus Five than you are with Telerik, Infragistics, ExtJS, etc, etc, etc. Watch the video to see how I do this with your own eyes.

If your time is worth $100 per hour, which probably your manager would agree upon, if you work for a company – This implies that every single minute you’re working as a software developer, and you’re using Phosphorus Five – You’re saving your employer 99.99% of the expenses he needs to pay you to do your job. Simply put because what you needed to spend $100 to do with Telerik, Infragistics, or ExtJS – You can now all of a sudden do for the cost of *exactly* one cent!

Hence, we’re selling not only dollars for a nickel, but in fact 100 dollars for a nickel

Another interesting fact, hence becomes that of the following.

You get your ROI (“Return On Investment”) 1 second and 980 milliseconds after you have purchased Phosphorus Five!

Talk about value proposition šŸ˜€

Why is software development hard?

Wouldn’t you rather want to be here, than in your office?

When Henry Ford invented the assembly line, he reduced the cost of creating cars by one order of magnitude, within some few years. When Gutenberg invented the printing press, he reduced the price of copying a Bible from a small fortune, to the point where you literally get them tossed after you by missionaries today. Obviously the software industry is not “entirely there”.

According to studies in the subject, 25% of all software projects completely fail, while 50% of them are “challenged”. Hence purely logically, we’re at the point where we’re “trying to build cars, with nothing but a hammer and a chisel”, right? Software developers work 80 hours a week often, trying to meet unrealistic expectations, effectively “outsourcing” their lives in the process. Obviously there must exist some tool for us as software developers, that gives us the same effect as the assembly line, or the printing press, right …?

I have invented such a tool in fact. It’s called Phosphorus Five, and allows you to become at least 10x as productive, and sometimes produce up to 220 times better results.

Don’t believe me, then check it out for yourselves!

When you’ve found my claims to be true, feel free to join me at the beach … šŸ˜‰

Breaking news; Software guy saves the world from coffee shop in Rome

Yours truly at his office for the night šŸ˜€

“After having travelled the world for 5 years, on a Harley Davidson, spending no more than an hour working every day – A software developer solved the travelling salesmen algorithm problem, from a coffee shop in Rome! He has already been proposed as a candidate for the Turing award next year!”

Imagine the above scenario. In fact, you don’t have to imagine it, I have already lived this life. For the last 5 years, I have been beep boopin’ around the entire world, working as little as possible, while still being more than 10x as productive as my software development peers.

I have slept on Venice beach in California, I have hiked through Death Valley, I have done 1300 miles on my Harley Davidson through Los Angeles, I have spent 4 months in a camping car through Europe, going through 17 countries, I have spent 3 months meditating on the beaches of Brazil, and now I have been living in Cyprus for almost a year! And still I have been at least 10x as productive that all other software developers on the planet! Possibly combined some would argue, since IĀ  am giving you the opportunity to reproduce my way of life!

Below is a picture of my office in Venice, Italy; St. Mark’s Square.

A picture of me and my girl at the St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy. My office for the day!! šŸ˜€

And here’s my office in Nice, France …

A photo of yours truly taken in Nice

My office in Berlin …

My office in Berlin

And finally, discussing Agile software methodologies with one of my local employees in Cyprus!

One of my local employees is arguing Agile software with your truly …!! šŸ˜‰

So ask yourself the following question, do you envy my life? If the answer is yes, feel free to buy it for ā‚¬57

Breaking news; Software developer spends 6 months at the beach in Cyprus

Would you want to be here, or in your office at night?

“In Cyprus, there’s a software developer who have spent the last 6 months almost exclusively living on the beaches of Cyprus, making money while swimming!”

Imagine if I could give you the tools necessary to accomplish the above. Would you dig it? Would that be groovy? What music would you be listening to on your iPhone, as you sip through your Frappe, from the beach? Who would you party with during the night? Which pubs would you go to?

I happen to have a toolkit, which I have proven will make you at least 10x as productive after a couple of weeks of learning it. This implies that if you spend 1 hour every day working with my toolkit, you will be equally efficient as 10 hours of work every day!

I will sell you this toolkit for the price of ā‚¬57. This implies that you for the cost of a couple of dinners, a movie ticket, and some few beers – Could literally have the life I describe above!

Discussing Agile software methodologies with one of my employees! šŸ˜€

Breaking news; Software developer travels Europe on Harley Davidson

Yours truly took this photo in Greece, during one of my travels

Imagine if you could bring your laptop, start your Harley Davidson, and travel all across Europe. Making your living by spending 1 hour every afternoon, working from some hotel bed in Greece, or from beneath the stars in Italy? Still earning more money than working 70 hours a week from some cheesy office building? Would that be nice? Would you want to do it?

It’s actually quite easy in fact. All you have to do, is to make sure you’re 10 times more productive than you used to be. If you can somehow improve your productivity by 10x, you can actually do this. At this point the observant reader might complain, and say.

How on Earth do you expect me to become 10x more productive?

Well actually, pay ā‚¬57 for a commercial license of Phosphorus Five, spend a couple of weeks learning P5, then go buy a Harley! It’s really that simple, and I have scientifically proven it, in a reproducible environment, that allows you to check up my claims!

The photo for this article is of the Corinth canal. It was built 2.000 years ago, and it made a journey that would normally require several days, if not weeks, be easily able to do in a couple of hours. It’s not really rocket science. Simply make sure you take the shortest path from a to b, and you can easily work 10x as fast!

Breaking news; Software developer spends most of his time on the beach

Yours truly having fun on the beach!

While the above header might not be entirely correct, it illustrates a problem. Software developers are often working 100 hours per week, expected to create miracles, jeopardising their personal lives – To deliver what’s expected out of them as coders.

How would you feel if I told you there exists a way for you to become at least 10x more productive, while delivering at least 10x the quality? What would this do to your marriage? What would this do to your personal life? Would your wife and children be more happy?

Facts are that it exists, and in some of my previous blogs, I have shown this to be true. Sometimes your quality improvement and Time2market will not increase only by 10x, but sometimes also as much as 100x, depending upon what you’re using from before.

If a carpenter with nothing but stones and sticks tries to create a house, obviously he will spend a lot of more time finishing, than the carpenter using the latest tools in carpentry. The software industry is no different in these regards. Use superior tools, deliver superior quality, much faster. This is such an obvious fact, that arguing is futile.

Phosphorus Five has been shown to outperform some of the other toolkits out there in regards to responsiveness and quality by sometimes more than 200x. It has been shown to outperform some of the other toolkits out there in regards to productivity by sometimes as much as 100x. It has been shown that you will create much more stable and secure software by using Phosphorus Five. It has been shown that you will have less bugs if you use P5. So what are you waiting for …?

If you could deliver 100x the quality, 100x faster, what would this mean to your life? When was the last time you went to the beach, without feeling bad about your software’s deadline?