Sephia Five is 450x faster than GMail on neutral parameters

I’ve created a webmail system called Sephia Five. I have measured its bandwidth consumption, and I have compared it to GMail, and it is currently 450 times smaller in footprint on bandwidth consumption than GMail. Check out the profile of both systems for yourself. First comes GMail.

Then you can see Sephia Five’s bandwidth consumption below.

GMail spent 15 seconds loading on my 50Mb internet connection, Sephia Five spent 0.28 seconds loading. Of course, these aren’t neutral parameters, since I am on localhost for Sephia. However, the difference between KB transferred from GMail and Sephia are very much neutral parameters. And that difference is 450x. Gmail us using roughly 4,000KB and Sephia is using 98KB.

This implies that if you’re on a very slow internet connection, where it would require 5 seconds to load the Sephia Five inbox – It would require 37 minutes to load GMail on the same internet connection.

Sephia 5 seconds, GMail 37 minutes – These are neutral metrics

Edit – When measuring speed and responsiveness, there are other parameters that also makes up the end result, besides only bandwidth consumption. However, the bandwidth parameters basically speaks for themselves.


Phosphorus Five, secure your emails with PGP cryptography

I have just now created a new release of Phosphorus Five. Check out the latest release over here, and follow the installation instructions if you’d like to test it out.

A crucial new feature, or rather to be specific a “module”, which I have now added, is the “Peeples” module. This module allows you to manage multiple users, create new user accounts, and edit existing user accounts. This implies that you can easily setup Phosphorus Five, install Sephia Five and Peeples, and start sending and receiving PGP encrypted emails if you’re a corporation – And such have a centralised administration of your email system, running a webmail interface, working on all devices – While still getting to utilise extremely strong cryptography, and a whole range of additional security features that Sephia comes with, out of the box.

Below is a screenshot of how my desktop looks like, when I log into my personal home cloud.

Notice, for a non-root account, there will be much fewer icons. For instance, the “Bazar” and the “Peeples” icons, will not show at all for non-root accounts.

When you start out Sephia Five for the first time, as a new user, you will be guided through a setup, which allows you to create your own PGP key pair, necessary for sending encrypted emails. It looks like the following.

Notice the “Babelizers” above, which will make sure even your email’s subject is encrypted, and replaced by a random header, from which ever news provider website you choose for your user.

Few email clients support PGP cryptography, and even fewer supports it well. Almost none will encrypt your subject line, which is a major security risk, since most people aren’t even aware of that simple fact. In Sephia Five, we insert a randomly generated subject, from some website which you can configure, while the actual subject is moved into the main body parts of your email, and such becomes equally well encrypted, as the rest of your email.

To create a PGP key pair, is as easy as clicking a button. And in fact, unless you have special needs, I would encourage you to not fiddle too much with the settings of your PGP key pair while creating it. However, you can modify every possible bell and whistle in the creation process, exactly as you see fit. Below is an example of the “advanced” way of creating a new PGP key pair.

Notice how you can even supply your own random server salt, if you don’t trust the random number generator of your server. In addition to that by default, your public PGP key will automatically be submitted to the PGP key servers, such that others can instantly start sending you encrypted emails by default.

Below you can see how simple it is to create a new user, using the “Peeples” module.

Basically, there’s a list of existing user to the right, and the option to create new users to the left. If you exceed your “tickets”, an automatic window will popup, allowing you to purchase additional “user tickets”. By default, Phosphorus Five comes with 5 user tickets for free out of the box. If you’d like to have more tickets, the automatic PayPal integration will instantly allow you to purchase additional tickets.

Sending an email, is as easy as doing the same in e.g. GMail, probably much easier in fact. However, if you attempt to send an email to a recipient that does not exist in your list of contacts, you are being thoroughly warned, and asked to confirm your action.

This reduces the likely hood of that you send an email to the wrong recipient, due to typos and spelling errors. See how this works in the screenshot below.

Sephia Five contains many additional security features, such as that it’ll warn you if you attempt to download a file that might contain virus, etc. In general, it’s a kick-ass corporate webmail client system, allowing you to centralised manage your emails.

Or for that matter also as a private person, and/or a small family, or a group of friends for that matter.

And the best parts with Sephia Five and Phosphorus Five, is that it consumes extremely small amounts of bandwidth, and renders extremely responsively, which makes it perfectly render on your phone, tablet, or any other device you want to access your emails from.

Simplicity is key!

Sephia Five – Military grade Cryptography

Sephia Five, keeping your most precious belongings where they belong

Sephia Five makes PGP cryptography ridiculously easy to use. There are almost no more complex things for you left to do, and you have your emails almost automagically secured for you. Sephia Five makes your email communication cryptographically secure, without you having to put in any effort for it to happen.

Sephia Five is paranoid software, to such an extent, that it will even encrypt your subject, to not give adversaries anything to start with, when trying to figure out what your emails contains. In fact, an adversary will only see some random subject, fetched from for instance the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, or some other customised babelizing service. This feature encrypts and hides your original subject, and also makes your emails being perceived as innocent discussions about your local news. Which babelizing service you wish to use, can easily be configure in your settings.

Virus and malware protection

In addition to super secure cryptography, Sephia Five makes it much harder for you to have your computer infected by viruses and other malware. Sephia Five will warn you if you try to download an attachment that is not considered 100% safe. This makes it harder for you to become infected by viruses, since you’ll consciously have to make a decision yourself, to download a virus or some other malware.

Almost all intrusions into organisations today happens through ‘phishing’. Sephia makes this almost impossible, since it clearly shows you who you can trust, and which attachments you can safely download, without being hacked.

Never send emails to the wrong recipient again

Sephia Five will warn you, if you try to send an email to an email address that is not on your list of contacts. Most security breaches are due to human nature. If you send an email containing confidential information to the wrong email address, this might have devastating consequences for you and your organisation.

The difference between a trusted colleague, or some random person, might be as little as a single dot. A lot of scandals have occurred due to the one sending the email wrote instead of If you try to send an email to a person that is not in your list of contacts, Sephia Five will warn you, and stop the email from being sent, until you confirm that you still want to send it. If you still choose to send the email, this recipient will be added to your list of contacts, avoiding future warnings for the same email address.

The most aggressive spam filter in the industry

Sephia Five contains what is probably the most aggressive spam filter in our industry. By default, spam filtering is turned off, but if you wish, you can setup Sephia such that it labels all emails that originates from people that you’ve never sent an email to first as spam. We refer to this is the ‘Hollywood spam filter’. You can also have a requirement that emails are cryptographically signed, and/or encrypted, before they’re accepted into your inbox.

Hollywood spam filter implies; “Don’t call us, we’ll call you”

And of course, you still have the ability to manually check emails that are caught in your spam filter, and explicitly mark them as safe. If you do, then all future emails from that sender will avoid your spam folder. You can also do the opposite, and mark an email explicitly as spam, at which point all future emails from that contact will be treated as spam.

This gives you 100% perfect control over your privacy, through a very simple ruleset, that puts you in control, while still being as automated as possibly, not adding anything to your daily routine in any ways, that could be defined as additional workload. Often email software vendors tries to create spam filters based upon artificial intelligence, which ends up creating algorithms you cannot understand, and hence you tend to loose a lot of email that you want, and receive a lot of email that you do not want. This will simply never occur with Sephia Five, since the spam filter in Sephia is created around a simple ruleset, easily understood, and predictable for you as you use Sephia Five. Even though the spam filter in Sephia is ridiculously easy to understand, it is still extremely strong, making it easy for you to never again receive spam, or ever again drop an email you actually wanted to have.

Privacy is more than just cryptography

Don’t get me wrong, cryptography is super important, for anyone taking their business seriously. But Sephia Five also contains privacy features that allows you to literally have your privacy. Sephia Five can be configured such that it only allows its users to check their emails at specific times during the day. This allows you to stay focused on your tasks, during most parts of the day, and create specific times during the day, when you want to read your email. This can be configured on a per user/role basis.

If you are experiencing problems with your employees spending too much time reading and answering emails, then we have the fix for that.

Sephia Five is not ‘slot machine’ software

A lot of software vendors are unfortunately creating what we like to refer to as ‘slot machine software’. This means that the software is full of bells and whistles, that interrupts you, or somehow steals your focus away from your tasks.

Sephia Five contains almost no message bubbles, few colours, no logos, and nothing else that distracts you from doing what you want to do – Which is to get to your information, as fast and cleanly as possible. Sephia Five allows you to read and send emails, within the comfort zone of your privacy, period. This feature if Sephia Five allows you to stay much more focused, avoiding interruptions, as you try to finish your tasks. Sephia Five does not pollute your mind with endless distractions and fancy colours. Sephia Five almost completely eliminates all ‘cognitive noise’.

Sephia Five puts the Zen into software


Sephia Five’s feature list, also contains features that are not about security. For instance, you can compose emails using Markdown, which allows you to add formatting to your emails, using the familiar Markdown syntax. This allows you to create rich text emails, without using any complex editors, simply by adding your formatting commands using Markdown.

Markdown is the intuitive way to create formatted text, to emphasise and group related information, using nothing but the text itself. To emphasise something, simply add an asterix surrounding the word you want to have emphasised. To further emphasise something, add two asterix around the text you want to have emphasised. The list goes on, but really, you don’t have to learn Markdown to take advantage of it – Simply because you already intuitively know Markdown, since Markdown is the way your brain would automatically add formatting to your text, as long as you take a little bit of care when you write.

Another feature we’re particularly proud of, is that you can have multiple emails open at the same time. This allows you to read and reference parts from multiple emails, while composing or replying to some other email(s). Try to open up all the welcome emails in your inbox, and see how this works in practice.

With Sephia Five, you can also create ‘conversations’, which keeps track of who said what, as you and your friends replies to each other emails’. This allows you to much more easily follow the flow of your communication, and see it in context. This too almost happens automagically as you reply to other people’s emails, at least as long as all recipients are using Sephia Five.

If you are tired of endless marketing emails, with tons of colours and images in your inbox – Rest assured of that Sephia Five will never show you another HTML email for as long as you live. You can still fully take advantage of Markdown if you do, since as previously said, this is the way your brain would logically interpret the context and important parts of your emails.

Sephia Five is also carefully constructed such that it does not become noisy for your brain and eyes. This is important for your brain to be able to pick up the most important parts of your communication. Imagine trying to hold a conversation at a rock concert. Obviously, it is more difficult to understand what’s being said. Sephia Five is carefully constructed in a visual and psychologically silent way, such that it becomes easier for your brain to focus on what you should focus on; Your data. Sephia Five has few buttons, and does a lot of intelligent automatic background work for you. This means that you get a more silent psychological and visual environment to communicate with your colleagues and friends, with fewer misunderstandings.

Sephia Five is environmentally friendly software, created to be friends with your mind, and not fight it for attention, for some randomly placed ad, logo, or marketing gibberish. This clean way of communicating, cannot be emphasised enough, since it allows your brain to more easily digest the important parts of your communication. The number of buttons and choices have been carefully reduced to a minimum – Such that only what is relevant for you will be displayed at any time. Colours are by default kept to a minimum, and there are no ads stealing your attention. Sephia Five is built to be friends with your mind, and never distract you, from what you want to do.

Sephia Five works on every device you already have, allowing you to access your emails on your tablet, computer or phone

Possibly the best part of Sephia Five, is that you don’t need to change your existing email address. You can setup Sephia Five to use your existing email address, including GMail if you wish – And the transition to becoming 100% secure online, becomes 100% transparently implemented, without you feeling anything, besides that warm and cozy feeling of that your communication can now be 100% perfectly trusted, and that you have reclaimed your privacy.


Sephia Five is ridiculously small in bandwidth footprint. GMail uses more than 4MB of bandwidth consumption when opened without cache turned on, and 1.5MB if cache is turned on. Sephia Five will use 0.25 MB at the max with cache turned off, and roughly 0.05 MB with cache turned on. This means that Sephia Five is perfectly fine working over very slow internet connections.

This also means that Sephia Five can open your emails faster, and you can start composing your emails faster, and in general terms wait less, than that which you’ll have to do when using most of the alternatives out there. Sephia Five responds faster than your brain and fingers. This is something you will learn to appreciate as you start getting used to it.

Time is money, if that is true, Sephia Five gives you money, since it gives you more time

Sephia is Open Source and Free Software

Sephia Five is also Open Source and Free Software. This means that you or anybody with knowledge about programming, can scrutinise its code, to make sure that there are no backdoors in the system. This is our guarantee to you about that we take your privacy important.

This also allows you to modify it and customise it as you see fit, and it makes you less dependent upon having to trust others to maintain your installation of Sephia Five. Sephia Five returns your Freedom to you, and empowers you in every way.

Reclaim your Privacy, reclaim your Time, reclaim your Freedom – Download Sephia Five