Sharing tutorial code with the world

I was searching around for tutorials about AngularJS, and watched a couple of YouTube videos, and read a couple of blogs, as it dawned upon me that Hyper IDE is actually a really great way to share code for tutorials. The reasons is that it allows you to setup a server, and allow people to directly access the code, in the exact same manner as you created it. For an example, check out my AngularJS controller JavaScript code here.

The above link to my AngularJS controller is write protected. Yet still, it allows people to edit its code – It just doesn’t allow them to save their changes. However, if you want to, you can create a folder where your readers and viewers can even edit the code. If you open up any files in the previous link, you can even save your edits. Of course, granting or denying access, is easily done by creating access objects, and creating new users in the system.

These traits allows you to easily setup a “tutoring environment”, for showcasing your code, regardless of whether or not you’re using AngularJS, ReactJS, or “whateverJS”. In fact, you can also easily showcase other types of code too. Of course the last link, might be a little bit “extreme” for most people, but it gets the point through I would think. By using Hyper IDE in your tutorials, and sharing the code as direct links into your own private Hyper IDE installation, you basically create a very smooth paths for your users, to immediately start playing around with your code, in the same environment that you created the code from within. Resulting in what a psychologist/teacher would probably refer to as “cognitive resonance”.

Hyper IDE is Open Source, and bundled as an integrated part of Phosphorus Five. It even contains a REST based ORM backend, making it easy to integrate your code also with some server side endpoints. If you’d like to give it a try, I would appreciate your feedback.

Download Phosphorus Five here.