Teach yourself 50 new languages from your home

In the video below you can see my language tutor app. It allows you to write in any sentences you want to practice in English, for then to let you choose any language you want to practice. The app will then speak the sentence in English, for then to translate it into your destination language, and expect you to repeat the sentence back to the computer. If you’re successful in repeating the sentence, you get a green box – Otherwise you get a red box.

This allows you to teach yourself any language you want to learn. The module is dependent upon Phosphorus Five, and basically allows you to setup your own “language tutor server”, where anyone can practice, any language they want to practice. Notice, the app only works with Google Chrome at the moment, and you should probably wear a headset of some sort when using it. The module uses speech recognition, speech synthesis, and Google Translate for translating between languages. You can buy the module for €49.

Click the PayPal button below to purchase and download the app. Notice, you’ll need a Phosphorus Five server to install the app. If you want to try it out before purchasing, you can try the app here. Notice, the app only works with Google Chrome unfortunately, since this is the only browser that supports Speech Recognition at the moment.

Use PayPal secure to secure your Professional Enterprise Subscription license

Edit; If anyone out there wants me to bring this idea further, I am looking for people willing to commit $ to develop it further, either Open Source or closed – You choose …

If so, feel free to contact me below …