GaiaSoul Gold Partners

“I have found these companies to be the best of the best, when it comes to helping you with Phosphorus Five, and the GaiaSoul Suite” – Thomas Hansen, CTO and main architect behind the GaiaSoul Suite

To become a GaiaSoul Gold partner, requires working together with us on all aspects of our business model, and contribute significantly back to the project, both financially, technically, and on acquiring customers and users of the system. These are experienced VIP partners, whom we fully trust, and have no objections to refer you to – If you need help with our suite of components, and/or its applications. This is where you can find the best of the best when it comes to everything related to the GaiaSoul Suite, Phosphorus Five, and all related products.

This page contains a list of our Gold Partners, that have significantly contributed to making sure the GaiaSoul Suite is the best possible solution you can find. All of these companies are experts in their fields, and can help you to have a smooth experience with Phosphorus Five. These are companies we trust 100%, and we will refer you to, if you need help on installation, hosting, customisation, etc.

Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Mauritius

Will you join Gary for his next adventure?

Gary Gray – CEO @ GLx Mobile Technologies

The Founder and Owner was born on the 27th August 1964, Durban, South Africa. Had an early introduction to the world of computers, software, electronics, and embedded systems, which turned from a hobby to a full time passion and career.

Over many years, the direction and design of systems has changed, initiating a number of companies to develop software, mobile applications, data driven applications, embedded systems, and complete systems – Offering solutions for graphics, vehicle tracking, process control, prepaid airtime scratch cards, and server backend systems. All the knowledge and understanding in technology and changes, has lead to the forming of GLx Mobile Technologies. With a huge experience in calling cards, VoIP, Mobile Applications and support software.

Gary and GLx Mobile Technologies is our primary partner for the region of Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Mauritius.