The Harvester is a social media marketing tool, that allows you to “harvest love, and suppress hate”. It’s kind of like your own little private TripAdvisor micro website, except you own the data, and it allows you to “harvest” your customers’ email addresses.

Its intention is to be coupled with QR codes, attached to for instance your products, or somewhere in your retail location, encouraging people to “Review the experience/product”. These QR codes leads to a “rater”, such as the following example.

As your customers reviews your product, you get the explicit consent to directly market to them, using a double opt-in confirmation email. In addition, after they have rated, they will be encouraged to share their review of you in social media.

This allows you to get fresh new content, every single day, mentioning your business. In addition, it allows for creating a marketing text, and associate it with each review. Resulting in that your best customers effectively markets your business. See an example here. If you’d like to have such a micro website, feel free to contact us, using the form below.