License Magic

A message from the creator of Magic

Magic is not Open Source or Free Software, even though most of its source code is freely available in the public space. To use Magic, you’ll need a license key for each production server you want to install Magic on. This license key is associated with your hostname/DNS record, and you will need one license key for each hostname you intend to run Magic within. One license key will cost you €495, and freely allows you to run one Magic installation, on one production server. You do not need a license to evaluate Magic, or to run it on a development machine.

Notice, I do not provide license keys to companies, organisations, or governments, whom are actively and willingly violating United Nation’s Universal declaration of Human Rights. To purchase a license, click the PayPal button below. If you purchase 5 licenses at the same time, I will give you a “wildcard license key”, allowing you to run Magic on as many production servers as you wish, within one company/organisation. This will cost you a total of €2475, but then you never have to worry about license keys again, within one legal entity (organisation/company).



Notice, I provide a 90 days money back guarantee that is as follows.

Unless you become at least twice as productive with Magic as without it, I’ll give you back your money if you ask me before 90 days have passed.

If you have any questions, you can send an email to