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Thomas Hansen the CTO of GaiaSoul

Quid pro quo is Latin for “something for something”, and means that you can use the Gaiasoul Suite for free, under the terms of the GPL license. If you do, you have to create Open Source Software yourself. If you wish to create Closed Source software, or remove the promotional link – You can purchase a commercial license. A license will cost you €198 per developer, and/or server.

When you have bought a commercial license using PayPal, you can just continue using the Open Source download, except that you’re allowed to use it, as you see fit, for a single developer, to create an infinite number of closed source projects. You are also allowed to use all code I publish here at my blog, under the same terms. Notice, before you place your purchase – You might want to check up if you actually need a license.

Why buy a license?

There are many reasons why you would want to buy a license. First of all, if you want to create Closed Source applications with Phosphorus Five, and/or any of the other components in the GaiaSoul Suite – You must obtain a commercial license. If you buy a license, you also get to remove the ‘Quid Pro Quo’ link that is automatically injected on every app you create and consume.

You get 8 projects, for the price of €198 – And the right to use all of them commercially in your own proprietary code, and you don’t have to distribute your source code. Below is a complete list of what the GaiaSoul Suite contains.

  • Phosphorus Five – A Web Operating System and Web Application Framework
  • Sephia Five – A webmail client with PGP cryptography
  • Sulphur Five – A secure file sharing system
  • Camphora Five – A CRUD app generator
  • Peeples – To create and maintain users in your system
  • Micro – A microscopic CSS framework and Ajax Web Widgets component suite
  • Hyperbuild – Allows you to create, build and deploy your own distributions
  • System42 – An example use-case (mostly for developers, and largely deprecated, due to Micro intended to replace it)

Notice, you can of course use the Open Source version of the GaiaSoul Suite for free, if you’re a developer, and simply have your customer(s) pay the licensing fee for each server they’re deploying your system(s) to.

An unbelievable value proposition

When you get to assemble together loosely coupled components, productivity simply soars. Imagine being 100x more productive than your competition. What would that do for your business? If you find this hard to believe, I’d encourage you to watch the video below, and verify my claims for yourself.

No royalties

The license does not require you to pay royalties, or any additional hidden costs, and is for the current “major release” of the system, at whatever point in time you place your order. Below are the technical terms of what you actually get as you purchase a license.


If you’re not happy with your purchase within 30 days, we will give you your money back – No questions asked! Basically, you get a complete web operating system, an Ajax library, a full stack framework, a bunch of pre-fabricated web apps – And you get support for it. And the price is €198. Watch the video below to understand the value proposition.

Professional Enterprise License

If you need more help, through email or Skype, you can purchase a Professional Enterprise License. A Professional Enterprise License will give you two hours of free Skype messaging/talk with the architect of Phosphorus Five and the GaiaSoul Suite per month – In addition to personal email support, where we will follow up on you, helping you getting started, and sort out any problems you might have.

During these two hours of Skype per month, you can ask us to review your code, solve specific domain problems for you in Hyperlambda, or anything you wish really. A Professional Enterprise License will cost you €300 per month, and includes all products in the GaiaSoul suite, for as long as you choose to keep your subscription open.

A Professional Enterprise License comes with 5 developer licenses included. There are no minimum expiration for this license, and you can withdraw your subscription at any point in time you wish, and still get to keep your 5 developer licenses. Professional Enterprise customers also have preferred support. To start your Professional Enterprise Subscription, click the button below.

Use PayPal secure to secure your Professional Enterprise Subscription license