Quid pro quo is Latin for “something for something”, and means that you can use the Gaiasoul Suite for free, under the terms of the GPLv3 license. If you do, you have to create Open Source Software yourself. If you wish to create Closed Source software – You can purchase a commercial license here. A license will cost you €198 per developer, and/or server. However, the easiest way to getting licensed, is to simply install Phosphorus Five, and using the integrated “Bazar” to obtain a license. Below you can find the legal license terms, of what you actually get for your money. We supply a 30 days money back guarantee.


Professional Enterprise License

If you need more help, through email or Skype, you can purchase a Professional Enterprise License. A Professional Enterprise License will give you two hours of free Skype messaging/talk with the architect of Phosphorus Five and the GaiaSoul Suite per month – In addition to personal email support, where we will follow up on you, helping you getting started, and sort out any problems you might have.

During these two hours of Skype per month, you can ask us to review your code, solve specific domain problems for you in Hyperlambda, or anything you wish really. A Professional Enterprise License will cost you €300 per month, and includes all products in the GaiaSoul suite, for as long as you choose to keep your subscription open.

A Professional Enterprise License comes with 5 developer licenses included. There are no minimum expiration for this license, and you can withdraw your subscription at any point in time you wish, and still get to keep your 5 developer licenses. Professional Enterprise customers also have preferred support. To start your Professional Enterprise Subscription, click the button below.

Use PayPal secure to secure your Professional Enterprise Subscription license