Thomas Hansen the CEO of GaiaSoul

Quid pro quo is Latin for “something for something”, and means that you can use the Gaiasoul Suite for free, under the terms of the GPL license. If you do, you have to create Open Source Software yourself. If you wish to create Closed Source software, you can purchase a commercial license below. A license will cost you €198 per developer €57 per developer. This includes all the products here.

Notice, this offer expires the 15th of August 1st of September 2017. For a limited time only, we have reduced the price from €198 per developer to only €57. This offer expires the 1st of September 2017, and is valid for the current major release, which is the 3.x Aphrodite release. In addition, we’ll throw in the next 4.0 Zeus release, if you order before the 1st of September 2017.

When you have bought a commercial license using PayPal secure, you can just continue using the Open Source download, except that you’re allowed to use it, as you see fit, for a single developer, to create an infinite number of closed source projects. You are also allowed to use all the code we publish here at my blog, under the same terms.

Why buy a license?

There are many reasons why you would want to buy a license. First of all, if you want to create Closed Source applications with Phosphorus Five, and/or any of the other components in the GaiaSoul Suite – You’ll need to obtain a commercial license.

Even though Phosphorus Five and the GaiaSoul Suite are orders of magnitudes better in all performance points possible to measure, it is still a fraction of the cost of what other vendors charge for their competing products. Below we have create some comparisons between the Ajax performance, and productivity, compared to other libraries and frameworks, such that you can understand what you actually get. Notice, these are neutral metrics, and easily reproduced by anyone wanting to measure my claims for themselves.

It doesn’t matter what Ajax library you compare P5 towards. We have done similar tests towards Telerik’s components, ComponentOne’s components, and literally every single Ajax library in mainstream usage out there. And the conclusion seems to always be the same; A slaughter! Convinced? Click the image below, place your order through PayPal, and kickstart your new life today!

3 products for the price of one

What’s in the package is not only one product, but 3 in fact. You get Phosphorus Five, System42 and Micro. Phosphorus Five is the core product, that encapsulates the PGP cryptography, core Ajax library, and so on. System42 is an example use-case, and a kick-starter, to start your own projects. Micro is a tiny CSS framework and Ajax component suite, replacing Bootstrap CSS, plus more, at a fraction of the bandwidth usage.

GaiaSoul is a better life

The above might sound weird, but hear me out a little bit, before you dismiss me as crazy. With Phosphorus Five and its related products, you can literally become at least 10x as productive. Sometimes 100x productive, and still expect to deliver 100x quality. To put this into context, it means you could work 1 hour every day, deliver 100x the quality, and still be more productive than you used to be before you purchased a license. Below we have created a couple of examples about what this might imply for you on a personal level.

  1. Software developer buys Harley Davidson and travels through Europe
  2. Software developer spends most of his time on the beaches of Cyprus
  3. Software guy saves the world from a coffee shop in Rome
  4. Buy a better life for €57
  5. I’ll do 90% of your job for €57

Even if you don’t like Harley Davidson motorcycles, or can’t swim, the ramifications of using P5 should be obvious at this point. The license is valid for the most current stable major release at the time of your purchase. This means that if you purchase during the 4.x release for instance, you can use all 4.x releases, without having to purchase any updates. If you have any questions, you can send us an email. We have also had two articles published about Phosphorus Five in Microsoft’s MSDN Magazine, written by our CTO.

Still don’t get it, feel free to check out this blog, where we demonstrate how you can reduce your effort from 388 LOC (Lines Of Code) to 1 LOC, in 5 seconds. To understand how we can make statements such as the previous one, realise that Phosphorus Five entirely changes every single parameter in regards to web app development. Below are the legal terms of what you actually purchase.


Make sure you act before the 1st of September, and buy your license now! The price of €57 is only valid until the 1st of September.

Support included

Not only do you get the product for €57, but you also get professional support, through issues at GitHub. You can make feature requests here, ask for help, or report bugs.

Professional Enterprise License

If you need more personalised support, through email or Skype, you can purchase a Professional Enterprise License, that will give you two hours of Skype messaging with the main architects behind the GaiaSoul Suite per month, in addition to personal email support, where we will personally follow up on you, helping you getting started.

During these two hours of Skype per month, you can ask us to review your code, solve specific domain problems for you in Hyperlambda, or anything you wish really. A Professional Enterprise License will cost you €300 per month, and includes all products in the GaiaSoul suite, for as long as you choose to keep your subscription open.

A Professional Enterprise License comes with 5 developer licenses included. To start your Professional Enterprise Subscription, click the button below.

Use PayPal secure to secure your Professional Enterprise Subscription license