Mirror Magic, The Book

This will work 😀

So, I finally did it; I wrote a book without focusing on me.

This book is called “Mirror Magic, a practical guide to implement Anarchy in the 3rd Millennium”. Its purpose is to teach you the Magic you need, in order to help me create anarchy. Its intention is to be a little bit funny, a little bit serious, and very philosophical.

I wanted to give the book away for free, unfortunately that would result in that those who read it would not appreciate it, and fewer would also probably read it – So to make sure you appreciate it, and spike your curiosity in it, I have decided to charge €29 for it. It’s not that I need the money, but by charging €29 for it, I will hopefully make people appreciate it slightly more.

Notice – Since PayPal apparently has a “bug”, that prohibits me from selling this book, through their systems, I have chosen to at least for the time being, probably a limited time, make the book publicly available for everyone, free of charge. You can download the entire book below. Feel free to distribute it as you see fit.

The Book II

If you still want to give me some donations, my PayPal account in general seems to work just fine, at least for the time being. My recommendation to you, is for then to visit Lizzie, which will create a Referer HTTP record in PayPal’s system, concealing the fact that you’re donating to me because of this book, making it possible for you to de-associate you entirely (more or less) from my ideas, incorporated in the book itself. Feel free to write something such as the following if you wish, as you donate to me.

  1. Thank you for creating Free Software
  2. Loved your Open Source Lizzie library
  3. Here’s to you for publishing your code for free
  4. Etc …

Donate by going through this link

At the bottom of that page, is a link to my PayPal account, where you can donate whatever you feel the book is worth to you, and you can afford.

The book is mostly a collection of my blogs, with slightly improved sentences, language, and paragraphs. But at the end, there is one page/chapter, which ties everything together. Without this page, everything becomes meaningless, and nothing makes sense. This also technically makes the thing a “conspiracy”. A conspiracy that you can opt into with €29 for free, but still a conspiracy, since it’s a secret, with a plan, and hence therefor arguably a conspiracy.

The book is 146 pages of text, and contains almost 28,000 words, so you’ll probably have a blast for at least a day or two with it – But it’s still short enough for most people to be able to come through it in less than 5-10 hours. However, if you truly want the most out of your bucks, I encourage you to read it one chapter at the time, for then to think about that chapter, and ask yourself if what I am saying actually is true or not – For then to meditate about it, to let it further sink in. Another one of its slightly more “subtle purposes”, is to show you that it’s OK to have different ideas, and publish these as you see fit.

If you’d like to purchase it, you can do so here. (The previous link does not work for “mysterious reasons”)

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