The paradox of freedom

Freedom is weird from a philosophical point of view. At its core, is the idea that any individual is free to submit their freedom, and voluntarily give it away, to anyone they please. In a way, it’s similar to free speech, where you have the right to say more or less anything you want to, but you do not have the right to demand that others listens to what you have to say. This implies that you among other things can submit your freedom, by voting, and believing in that “if we can only get the next candidate into power, everything will be better”. However, you neither have the right to have your president make decisions over other people’s lives, nor do you have the right to prevent others from speaking their mind. If you don’t like what others say, then don’t listen. Nobody are forcing you to listen to what they say. And if one of your neighbours didn’t vote for the guy currently in power, he holds no right to exercise his powers over them.

In the end, this implies that Anarchy is a personal thing. Forcing or coercing others to believe in it, is repeating the mistakes of those fighting against it, those desperately voting for the next guy, believing everything will be better if they can only submit their own freedoms to some other guy. If you don’t want to listen to what I have to say, you are free to stop listening. And if you do not want to live in Anarchy, you have the right to submit your freedom to anybody you want to submit it to – But you do not have the right to stop me from speaking my mind, and you do not have the right to have your government and your politicians decide over me, unless I chose to submit my freedom to the same candidate that you voted for …


God bless the King, but not our Prime Minister

Our amazing Norwegian King

To officially support a King, might sound like an oxymoron for a self-proclaimed anarchist. In order to understand why, you must realise something about the Norwegian King though. The Norwegian King is first of all not a Norwegian, he is a 3rd generation immigrant from Denmark, where he was “adopted” from the Danish royal family. The Norwegian king also has absolutely no power at all. In fact, he is not even legally allowed to publicly raise a political opinion according to our constitution. Hence, he is purely a symbol, nothing more.

People need such symbols of unity to gather around. We also need somebody that can travel the world, and be an ambassador of Norway. Preferably somebody who have been raised since birth and trained for that task. What we do not need though, is governments, and individuals having powers over others. Hence, I therefor absolutely adore the Norwegian King, and the entire Monarchy of Norway may I add, including Princess Martha. Our government though, I hold no blessings at all for, unless they want to be re-educated, to become teachers or bus drivers or something.

Besides, what are the alternatives to Monarchy? Well, that’s a republic, with a President. Basically some idiot with billions of dollars, able to purchase an election one way or another, or to trick more than 50% of the sheeptards to support him during Election Day by manipulating media. Afterwards he’ll be effectively a tyrant for some 4-8 years. Don’t like the idea of Russia meddling with elections? Get rid of elections then! Get a King, but give him ZERO power, and simply turn him into a symbol of unity, like the Norwegian King! Then let the rest be governed by the people themselves through the means of Anarchy!

God Bless King Harald and his entire family, including Princess Martha, but don’t bless Erna Solberg please, or anybody else in our government!

The Biblical proof of that your Government is Satan

And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free!

As an Anarchist, you will need an argument for every possible scenario. Preferably your arguments should also be constructed such that they resonate with the hearts and minds of those you speak with, and also be of “broad character”. An argument resonating with the existing belief systems of 4 billion people, are for obvious reasons a better argument than an argument that only two people can resonate with. Hence, studying religions and faiths, to construct resonating arguments related to God, and religious scriptures, becomes paramount in your preaching of Anarchy.

In my blogs here, I will hence help you, by giving you arguments that are as broad as possible, allowing you to create neuro linguistic rapport, with as many others as possible. Today I will use the Bible to prove that your government is Satan.

Do me a favour, go ask your neighbour the following; “Who are in control in this country?” – Chances are that he’ll answer “My government”. Then realise that the Bible explicitly says that “Satan controls the Earth”. In fact, Satan according to the Gospels, promised Jesus the entire world, if he would just fall down in front of him, only once. How could Satan give Jesus such a promise, if he wasn’t the one in control over the world? According to the Bible, the prime minister of Norway, possibly the most “gullible government on the planet”, is literally a demon from hell, placed there by the Devil, to rule that part of the Devil’s possessions, in the name of Satan. These are not my words, they’re the words of the Bible for the record. I am simply reciting them as they are.

Almost all religions contains similar mental “hacks”, arguably proving that “the one in control of everything is Satan”. As the recipient of your argument logically reasons around it, and accepts it, he or she will slowly stop believing in the government, assuming the argument creates cognitive resonans with his or her existing belief system. And in order to successfully implement Anarchy, you will need to break down the belief in your government, amongst all those whom for some silly reasons happens to believe in their governments, such that they can stop believing in it. Anarchy is not the belief in a “better government”, it is the complete lack of belief in ANY government. And the smaller the government is, the better it is.

The best government, is the one that doesn’t exist!

Faith removal

Resurrecting faith worldwide – ALL faiths! In the interest of Anarchy!

Almost 100 years ago, Stalin realised that if he could remove faith in God from people’s hearts and minds, they would naturally “suck in” whatever belief he provided them with as an alternative. It’s almost as if the human brain is hard wired to believe in some outer saviour. Hence, to make his citizens believe in the government as their God, he first had to remove faith in the spiritual God.

If you compare the differences between 3 of the largest empires in modern history; US, USSR and the Third Reich, anybody with an adequately equipped brain, will easily notice how the government’s power equals the exact opposite of the people’s faith in the spiritual God. Both the USSR and the Third Reich had little or no room for God, and their government’s powers spiralled completely out of control. While in the USA, God has a relatively strong presence, and hence the US Government is as a consequence much smaller, and has less control over the individual’s life.

Hence, if we are ever to be able to successfully apply Anarchy as a “political system” in the world, we are purely logically completely dependent upon also implementing absolute belief in God, some way. Exactly what God people believe in, is less important, as long as they have an absolute belief in some outer entity, larger than themselves. Simply because this belief makes the individual resilient towards abuse from evil governments, and mind control applied by their propaganda machinery.

Hence, if you’re a true Anarchist, you’re arguably required to also allow for all faiths to exists, and not only exist, but also encourage them, and help them grow, any ways you can – Assuming they’re not based upon “killing all infidels” of course. Which would be completely incompatible with the Anarchist idea. So I say to thee; “Go out in the world, and preach the Gospel of God, whatever Gospel you wish” – Since it’s the only way to ensure your government grows smaller 🙂

Jesus, an Anarchist

Have you met Jesus, our Saviour, the Christ?

When you shave away all the obvious rubbish from the Bible and Jesus, such as virgin birth, resurrection, and divinity – You’re left with a pretty awesome man. A man never willing to “pass the buck”, with a fundamentalistic belief in good, in addition to an infectious faith. At the core, you find a man completely unwilling to bend down in front of governments and other men, regardless of what titles or names they held. Politically, we refer to such people today as anarchists.

In fact, most religious organisations have started out their existence in these directions. Few people knows this, but even Mormonism in its early days were arguably a revolutionary movement, based upon the idea that we don’t need governments. Early mormons had their own schools, monetary system, and everything we normally today associate with “society’s responsibilities”. And most of these movements, at least in their early days, have some sort of “flat hierarchy” at their core. Later of course, many of these organisations are infected by dangerous individuals, resulting in that they become cults, ruled by a single individual, and/or a small body of individuals, resulting in abuse of power. The pope himself being the primary example of this I presume.

However, if you ignore 2,000 years of atrocities in Jesus name, you ignore all the obvious lies surrounding Jesus, often told for altruistic reasons may I add, and you avoid the temptation of blaming Jesus for the sins of the crusaders and the conquistadors – You’re left with a 100% pure anarchist, amazingly cool dude, whom BTW probably had a child with a former prostitute.

But try to tell that to your congregation or preacher. Or your local Mormon church for that matter … 😉

Hiding your emotions

“Him who is without sin can cast the first stone!”

We are taught to suppress our anger, publicly display our love, and openly talk about our problems. 50 years ago, this strategy might have had some logic behind it. However, in today’s connected world with social media, implying everybody can read what you communicate – This strategy simply doesn’t work. I would like to encourage you to do the exact opposite in fact – At least in public, or in social media to be explicit, if you choose to have a presence there. So let’s hear the arguments …

First of all, you cannot please everybody. Somebody will simply hate you regardless of what you do, think, or feel. It’s just a fact. 50 years ago this wasn’t much of a problem, since you’d simply avoid those who hated you. Today avoiding them is harder, because they’re reading your social profile, and as they do, they are jealous of you if you’re having a blast, and they thrive in your despair. Hence, they’ll often do whatever they can to destroy your happiness, and increase your feeling of despair. A drowning man will always drag down those above him, it’s really that simple. And even blocking them in your profile rarely helps, because others will send them screenshots of what you are saying, for whatever reasons they have for doing such a thing.

Pretending you are miserable doesn’t help much either, because it feeds the haters, and gives them a feeling of accomplishing what they want to do, which will make them increase their efforts in tearing you down. And you can forget about empathy. If another person has truly started hating you, no amount of suffering will ever make him stop hurting you. Hiding your misery and pretending to have a perfect life, doesn’t help much either, because this will only make them more jealous, and further inspire them to tear your down, such that they can achieve their perverted idea of “justice”.

Nope, the only thing that helps, is to completely hide both your positive feelings, and your sadness in public, at least in social media. And if called upon to display an emotion, exclusively illustrate anger, if anything. This will make the haters believe that you too are filled with hate, and have a miserable life, and such leave you alone, while the exact opposite is true in fact. Then behind closed doors, with no cameras on, you can show who you really are, which is just a really nice and cozy little fella, wanting nothing but happiness for yourself and your friends, while helping those stretching out their hands towards you.

Hide your ❤

What it means for me to be an Anarchist

Norwegians all over the world are celebrating freedom from the Nazis in 1945 today. Sure, our national day started earlier, but it was never really made popular before independence in 1945. The 17th of May has become a symbol for us of freedom from oppressors due to this. As I have previously written, anarchy means “without leader”. Being an anarchist for me, is to acknowledge that everybody has the right to live without a “fuhrer”. This doesn’t mean I have the right to break the law, quite the contrary, breaking the law all the time, makes life very difficult, and hence would be “impractical”.

However, it means that if I am given two choices, where one of those choices is to make somebody suffer by obeying the law, and the other choice is to break the law to prevent others from suffering, I would choose the latter. The Nazis are my favourite example of this, since the law in Norway from 1940 to 1945, was that you had a duty to snitch on jews, such that the Nazi leadership could send them to Auschwitz. Given the choice of snitching on a Jew, or breaking the law to save a Jew from the gas chambers, I like to believe that both myself, and most of my friends and readers would choose the same as I do, which would be to break the law

THAT is what it means to be an Anarchist for me 🙂

Happy 17th of May, and Independence Day, where ever you are in the world …

Do not follow your government, follow your Heart!

The higher moral ground

A human being taking the higher moral ground becomes invincible. We see this countless times throughout our common history. My favourite example of course is Jesus who they couldn’t kill regardless of how hard they tried. But there are thousands of others showing us the same thing. I once heard a Jewish Rabbi say “Him who doesn’t know the flood of sins is happening today, all over the world, is amongst those drowning”. Which is an analogy for looking at things I particularly enjoy, since it makes the “higher moral ground” become a rock you can climb unto, above the flood of sins, to save you from drowning.

So what is the “higher moral ground” then?

Well, for me it’s all about freedom of choice. Having consciously chosen to be an anarchist, freedom of choice for me personally is my guiding light in the dark waters that constitutes the flood. I don’t believe I have the right, or moral obligation either, to force my will unto others. Giving everybody else such freedoms, allows me to also demand the same thing back from the world. Having freedom of choice though, doesn’t imply that I can do everything; Quite the contrary. For me personally, it is kind of like a “test”. Given the choices of using drugs or not using drugs, buying sex from prostitutes or being faithful to your wife, driving irresponsible in traffic or trying to be a responsible citizen – What would you choose? I try to as much as possible choose whatever makes me feel that I am a responsible citizen, whom most others can count on. I don’t always succeed may I add, sometimes I make mistakes myself, that I afterwards are not particularly proud of – But at least I try. Maybe it’s my belief in divine justice that turned me out this way?

A lot of people might read my blogs and think that I’m an asshole. For instance, it’s easy to perceive my beliefs around Jesus as blasphemy. However, I adore the bugger. I simply look at him through a human’s eyes instead of trying to turn him into something nobody can reach, a being of perfection, that probably never existed in the first place any ways. That makes him more human to me, and more easily reached for others, turning him into something tangible we all can strive to become like. Is that blasphemy?

For me, that is my higher moral ground. Maybe I’m wrong, it doesn’t matter, at least I am honest about it. For me that is the truth, my higher moral ground that saves me from drowning. What’s yours? And if you have none, that’s also perfectly fine with me too, since in my book, the freedom of choice is the axiom I evolve around, that allows me to (safely) keep my higher moral grounds dry …

I’ve been to prison

Sorry, it’s the elephant in the room, and I might as well point it out, since everybody else are doing so anyway, and I happen to live in a country where “everybody knows everybody”. So yup, I’ve been to prison. Depending upon “which source” you read, I have been to prison for 6-9 months. I am not proud about it, and I am not ashamed about it, it just is what it is. Still today, I feel I didn’t do anything wrong, and I will proclaim my innocence to the day I die. But so will most other former inmates too I presume, so I’ll tell you what I was convicted for, and let you make up your own mind.

I went to prison because of my YouTube channel. Obviously, that wasn’t a crime per se, but (apparently) the things I said on my YouTube channel was a crime. So let’s look at one of my videos. Below you can see me interviewing a former prostitute, explaining her experience at a brothel with the Norwegian Minister of Fish; Svein Ludvigsen.

2 years later, the guy was arrested, charged for having raped an additional 3 (male) victims. Before he was arrested, I was (of course) arrested several times, and also had a couple failed assassination attempts conducted towards me and my girlfriend, and had to spend some additional days in prison for having sent the above video to the Minister of Justice in Norway; Anders Anundsen – Which some few weeks later chose to resign from his cabinet position in the Norwegian Government may I add.

8th of June 2019, Ludvigsen’s trial starts, and he’s probably getting somewhere between 7-12 years of prison time. Now of course, for the record, the above video wasn’t the video I was arrested for, or charged for. What I was arrested for, and did jail time for, can be seen below.

The above video was what got things started, and I spent 6 months in prison due to the above video. Of course, the way the process was conducted, was that the video was first censored by YouTube, for then to have Norwegian Media tell the public “what the video contained”. Even my district attorney, the guy who charged me, said when I was finally released the following to me.

“It didn’t matter if you were guilty or not, as long as the Norwegian people *believed* you were guilty”

Not sure how to really comment on that, so I’ll let it stay as it is. So anyway, now you know, the “short story”. I’ve been to prison for speech crimes. And also (of course), there are “several different versions” of why I went to prison. However, you can read the verdict for yourself if you don’t believe me, since it’s public information anyway, and the verdict proves that the second video above is actually what I was initially arrested for, and what I was sentenced to prison over.

No need to comment here for the record. I won’t accept your comment. I might read it, if you want to support me, and give me some nice words – But I will not “debate this issue” in any way, sorry. And I won’t talk anymore about it either. I am tired of talking about it to be honest with you.

But if you ask me if I have been to prison, I will answer; “Yes!” (exclamation mark) – “Interpret” it as you wish …

My first interview question – Do you have a GitHub account?

Herding cats!

Hiring a software developer without seeing his code, is like hiring a piano player without hearing his music. Hence, my first interview question is always; “Do you have a GitHub account?”

This allows me to see many things; First of all, is the developer genuinely interested in coding? Or is it something the person is doing simply because it brings food on the table. If the developer has a GitHub account, this implies that the person is probably creating code in his or her spare time, because the person wants to evolve and learn, and that coding is also the developer’s hobby in addition to profession. It also shows me if the developer is interested in sharing and showing his or her code to the world. Many developers are obsessed with avoiding others seeing their code. This prevents them from learning from their own mistakes. If you share your code with the world, others will critique it, and come with improvement suggestions. This again, gives me many “social clues” as to how the person is to collaborate with, and if the developer is a team player, etc. If you are a recruiter, and you are recruiting software developers, the following should be your first question.

Do you have a GitHub account?

Even though you don’t understand all the code yourself, you can still see a lot of interesting things, by simply looking at the code. First, is the developer creating tidy and neat code? Even without understanding a single line of code yourself, simply by taking a look at the code, you should be able to determine if it’s “beautiful and harmonious”, even though you don’t understand anything of what it does. I can’t read a single line of Arabic or Hebrew, still I am perfectly able to appreciate great calligraphy, in both of these languages, and recognise “bad handwriting” from good …

However, the give away arguably, is that by showing his code to you, the developer illustrates that he is not afraid of being criticised and have others scrutinise his code, and have others come with suggestions for improvements. And such developers are simply easier to work with than those clinging to their code, afraid of that others will critique it, and improve upon it. It’s really that simple!

And yes, I do have a GitHub account myself, with some roughly 100 KLOC lines of code in it … 😉