The services the New Age provides to society

I wanted to use the header “The services UFOs provides to society”, but I realised that would be counterproductive, since I would only reach the “wrong crowd” – Hence, the header became what it became.

It is easy to ridicule UFOs, Unicorns, and other “fruit cake conspiracy theories”, and point at them as insanity. However, the picture is more complex for the enlightened human. In order to understand why, I must tell you a story about my eldest son. When my son was 14 years old, I told him about a guy who was so batshit crazy, that even the Scientologists had chosen to expel him. I saw an interview with this guy on YouTube, where he explained how he was actually Jesus’ father, having jerked off in a river, upstreams from where Maria had taken a wash, some 2,000 years ago, in a previous lifetime. His seamen had followed the river down streams, where it had managed to reach Maria’s vagina, resulting in that she became pregnant. The guy told this story in an interview on YouTube, 100% convinced that this was the pure truth. As I told my son this story, I kind of laughed at the poor guy, even though I obviously pitied him too, and I told my son “This guy was even too much of a fruitcake to be allowed membership of the Church of Scientology”. My 14 year old son’s reaction was as follows;

Poor guy! It was wrong of them to expel him, they should have just kept him around, such that he wouldn’t end up being alone

At that time, I realised that my 14 year old son was wiser than me.

A man driven to complete solitude often ends up doing unimaginable things, such as the Christ Church mass murderer, or Anders Behring Breivik for that matter. Alternative societies provides in such a regard a “safety net” for catching the loonies, before they do extreme things, such as murdering hundreds of people in a rage over the injustice they experience, due to being isolated from the rest of society, never experiencing understanding or love. However, in alternative societies, “everything is OK”. Do you believe in that you are the creator of the Universe? Alright! Go for it! Do you believe in that we descend from Fairies? Cool, me too bro! 😉

In such a regard, alternative belief systems, such as the belief in that UFOs are our Messiahs, Unicorns exists, or Magic and spiritual thought systems in general, provides a service to society – Since they provides an “insurance” against that insanity manifests itself into the real world, from the deluded mind, resulting in horrific consequences. If you look at most of these insane mass murderers, of recent times, you will notice that most of them had no friends, was misunderstood, and had delusions about reality one way or another.

If you happen to be an atheist, and don’t understand what the fuss about UFOs is, and you believe that people who believe in these things are “fruitcake loonies”. Then that is perfectly fine with me. You have the right to believe that. But you also arguably have the moral obligation to keep your lack of belief to yourself. Because every time you say “I don’t believe in fairies”, a fairy somewhere dies …

So hurry up, and clap your hands … 😀


The psychosociological effects of the believe in Armageddon

Most mentally sick people aren’t born sick. More often than society likes to believe, their disease is a consequence of injustice applied by the person’s surroundings – Resulting in that he or she can no longer cope with reality, and “escapes into madness”. This results in that mentally sick people almost always holds grudges, and have a feeling of wanting “revenge”. The idea of “Karma” and “Judgment Day”, hence purely psychosociologically smoothens over the cracks in society, because of that such beliefs, makes the mentally sick person who have experienced trauma, no longer crave for revenge – Because he knows that “He will have his revenge on Judgment Day” or that “Karma will sort things out eventually”, etc.

In such a way the belief in Armageddon, results in less chaos and bloodshed, and a better society in general. Assuming the believer doesn’t believe he is the one who is supposed to facilitate for it of course … 😉

Don’t be so fast to dismiss faith. It is sometimes the only thing that holds us up, from falling into the abyss …

Demon Possession, Jesus and Psychiatri

Electric shocks, or Jesus? I think the answer is obvious …

Psychiatri didn’t exist 200 years ago. When people became mad 200 years ago, their surroundings tried their best to explain it, with whatever knowledge they had available. Hence things like schizophrenia, psychosis, and delusions, would for obvious reasons be explained as demon possessions. Not all people who are mad are dangerous. It all depends arguably upon their paranoia level. A person whom is paranoid, will normally be more dangerous than a person without paranoia.

A friend of mine did his PhD on Jesus and psychiatri, and he found that people with a positive belief in Jesus, would heal faster than a person who believed in “sulphur preachings”. When he told me, I giggled a little bit, and said “You spent your PhD proving the obvious?” – He laughed, and said “Yes, because even though it’s obvious, science requires proof”. I guess he’s right. My friend found that a mentally sick person who believes in “sulphur preaching”, would heal slower for the record. As his control group, he had a group of mentally sick atheist people, who healed somewhere in between the other groups.

Almost nobody thinks about this today, but monasteries had almost the same kind of function 200 years ago, that psychiatric hospitals do today. When a guy or a girl was so deluded that they could no longer function in society, his villagers could simply put these people into a monastery, and allow them to “live out their fantasy” in some monastery, without causing harm to others. No need for chains, no need for restrictions, because their faith would become a “prison for their minds”, preventing them from harming others in their psychosis.

This approach, of course, is also a much more human approach than locking people in, denying them basic human rights, and applying restrictive regimes to them. And the collective faith of the group as a whole, would often serve as a “social contract”, preventing any single individual within the group from causing harm to society around them. For instance, if some Christian or Buddhist monk gets the idea of that he all of a sudden wants to murder an entire village, the rest of the monks will repeat the teaching of Jesus to him, such as “turn thy other cheek, and forgive thy next of kind, such that you can come to Heaven”, etc. In such a way, Jesus became the “shrink”, that prevented evil, from manifesting itself from the “spirit realms” (mind), and into reality.

It’s easy to laugh of old traditions in a “modern society”, but facts are that this approach to psychiatry, is far superior in all regards, than the approach we in the west have taken for the last 100+ years. If you don’t believe me, read up about lobotomy and psychiatric history on WikiPedia. The next time somebody in your neighbourhood is telling you about something you find “crazy”, ask yourself the following “What is the effect of his madness?” – Because allowing the person to keep his existing faith, even though it’s obvious “rubbish”, is often times fruitful for society as a whole.

Emotional cryptography

Everybody knows that knowledge is power. The interesting question is how to distribute that power to only those who deserves it? The answer to that question is by distributing it in plain sigh, using “emotional cryptography”. I have a confession to make in these regards, which is that in my previous articles about Magic, I was actually using this technique myself. Simply by starting out with that “I will teach you Magic”, I have effectively made sure that 50% of all people reading these articles will fall off, and dismiss everything I write afterwards as “pure madness”. The part that falls off, just so happens to be those without creativity and imagination, which also (obviously) happens to be closely related to empathy. This ensures that only those 50% with the most empathy will be able to read my articles, since the rest will dismiss it before they have even finished the first sentence as “rubbish”. This allows me to share my knowledge, exclusively with those I happen to believe have deserved it. The real secret of course is that my Magic blogs weren’t about Magic – At least not Magic as you have been taught to think about it. They were simply psychosociological “trickery”, that all in some way gives you power!

The safest place to hide a pearl, is to put it in shit, for then to rub that shit into the faces of those who you don’t believe deserves it, which will make them go “yuk”, and run away from the pearl you’re trying to give to them. Something the Bible taught me, believe it or not. Since the Bible is the ultimate guide to happiness, once you’ve just scraped away all the rubbish that surrounds the truths conveyed within it.

And there I probably lost 99% of my readers, which (of course) was my intention … 😀

The Tao Te Ching says the following about it …

Some will look at the Tao and laugh. And this is a good thing, because without these people laughing of the Tao, the Tao would not be the Tao. Others will look at the Tao in disgust, and without these people the Tao would not be the Tao. Others will look at the Tao, and see its beauty, and those are the people the Tao were written for, the Sages intended to inherit the Earth …

If you haven’t fallen off by now, congratulation, you have probably deserved the truth – And the truth is that everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be, and you don’t have to do anything, to change anything, because everything will fall into its natural place eventually – It is simply the law of the universe … 😉


Lately I have categorised most types of Magic in a series of articles here, both Black Magic and White Magic. My reasons for doing so, will be apparent as you read through my articles, but basically White Magic I explain to help you learn something beneficial, while the darker types of Magic, I explain in order to make you able to recognise it, and defend yourself against it.

This article hence, serves as a starting ground to understand this often misunderstood concept, such that you can start out on your own journey, and experience it for yourself, and understand it, to such remove any superstition associated with it.

  1. Chaos Magic 101
  2. Trolling 101
  3. Sex Magic 101
  4. Charm Magic 101
  5. Mirror Magic
  6. Ganning, or Gypsy Magic
  7. An example of Black Magic
  8. Spell Casting 101
  9. Shamanism 101
  10. Occult Magic

I want to emphasise, that except for learning how to defend against it, Black Magic is not something you should take lightly on, and stay away from as much as possible. Other types of Magic are “pure White” in essence,  but most types of Magic is really neutral, and can be used for both good and evil, and hence such serves different purposes depending upon who you ask.

In the end, most types of Magic are simply tools as I explain in one of my articles, the same way your car is nothing but a tool. A car can be used to murder somebody, and it can be used to drive a person to the hospital. If you choose to use Magic, please use it responsible. It is often your intentions that defines its pureness.

Occult Magic

There is nothing evil about the word “occult”, it simply means “hidden”. However, there exists two distinctly different types of “Hidden Magic”. The one you have probably heard about, is the one hiding in the shadows, unable to sustain its existence, without secrecy and darkness. It is most commonly practiced by evil societies, by performing dark rituals, often performing unspeakable acts of evil, as all of its members are watching. This creates a “ring of power” for all those whom are “inside the ring”, where all the participants in these rituals, will know for sure that they can trust each other. Because if they snitch on a brother, they risk falling themselves, due to simply having participated in these Magic sacrificial rituals, without interfering and preventing these acts from happening. For instance, if I was a vicious psychopath, I could try to convince you to murder someone, for then to film it, at which point I would arguably “own you”. If you wish to see who these vicious demons are, then simply look to your government. They’re basically all practitioners of this type of Magic, otherwise they wouldn’t have any secular power.

The other type of hidden Magic, is secrecy because of love to your next of kind. If your next of kind has done something stupid, and asks for forgiveness, and confess to you – Then only a very evil man would tell anybody, assuming your next of kind intends to stop doing whatever he did in the first place.

The second type of Magic, leads to an interesting place though, which is the place where people will tell you things, because they know they can trust you. As they do, they will also inevitably speak about other people’s sins and crimes. These sins and crimes are often in the first category of occult Magic, which gives its practitioners a peek inside of these vicious circles of evil. This again, results in that its practitioners gains power over the demons on Earth, without having to pollute his soul by committing sins himself. These people again, fear the light of a truth sayer, more than anything else on this planet. And as the truth sayer starts speaking about these sins, they will do everything they can to protect themselves. As they do, they will have to include more and more people into their little conspiracy, until the circles becomes so big, that two rings are forged. One ring of Light, which is the one you share with your friends, by telling them about these things. And another ring of Darkness, that effectively enslaves the ones who fears the truth. The Ring of Light will effectively become the slave bringer for those in the Ring of Darkness, without that’s even the intention of the Ring Bearer of the Ring of Light.

And that is why I do not fear governments, and I effectively live in Anarchy. Simply because, none of those “in power” have any power over me, because I know about their occult and dirty little secrets, and I have no reasons not to tell, since I wasn’t participating in these vicious rituals. In addition, I have told all my friends, and all the demons around me, about that which I know – So if anything should happen to me, the Ring of Light will destroy their Ring of Darkness. In addition, since the demons knows that I know, and that all of my friends know, and that we do not mind telling the world – They cannot continue their evil acts, even though they will go to extreme lengths to prevent the truth from ever coming out.

Knowledge is Power, and only him willing to share it with the World, and not wanting it for himself, will ever be given it

Shamanism 101

The Shaman is the “revealer of the road ahead of you”. It is probably the most ungrateful position on the planet a man can have. Some people do not particularly enjoy seeing the road ahead of them, because it scares them, and it forces them to accept the consequences of their own actions, often before they do what they intend to do. Hence, the Shaman is both feared and loved.

On a daily basis, the Shaman is forced to reason with entities from the spirit realm, most people have no idea even exists. Sometimes the Shaman falls for these demons and djinns, and turns to the dark path. Unfortunately, secular societies in the west, are obsessed with focusing on these evil Shamans, in its efforts to destroy all forms of spirituality. One famous example of such a Shaman is Jim Jones. Other Shamans are of more “dubious character”, and arguably in the grey zone between darkness and light. One example of the latter is Rasputin, who obviously did some “nasty things” during his reign, but also (unsuccessfully) tried to prevent World War I. If Rasputin had succeeded, I suspect we’d never even hear of neither World War I, nor World War II, and some 100+ million people’s lives would be have been saved. Needless to say, but if Rasputin was such a pure evil Shaman as he is often portrayed as, why would he try to prevent the loss of millions of lives?

However, many Shamans are good, even though it is sometimes difficult to see the difference due to the Shaman’s practices. These Shamans are often almost invisible, and history never speaks about their victories. The Shaman is basically the “ambassador” between the spirit realm, and life in this realm as you know it. To illustrate the burden of being a Shaman, let me tell you a true story, I heard from the Spirit realm once, which you can also scientifically verify for the record.

The Shaman and the River Dolphins

2,000 years ago, a girl in the Amazon rain forest was pregnant outside of marriage. She sought help from her local Shaman, because she knew the villagers would condemn her, and kill her for her actions. The Shaman told her to not tell anybody about this, and wait for him to solve it. During the next full moon he gathered his entire village, and told them he had an announcement to make, which was that the fabric that separated the spirit realm from the real world unfortunately had torn a hole, allowing the River Dolphins to become men each full moon, walk the Earth, and seduce the women of the village. So he told all women that they would not be allowed to leave the village during full moon, and he told all the villagers to give their blessings to the young girl who was pregnant, and had warned him about this incident, and unfortunately at the same time fallen for the Magic of one of these River Dolphins. The woman carried forth her child, and it was loved by the entire village, and celebrated as special, because its father was from the spirit realm, and the child was part River Dolphin. The Shaman also adopted the child as his own flesh, and treated it as if it was his own child. When the child grew up, it became the villagers’ next Shaman, and all the villagers loved the child for its special gifts, that it had acquired due to its origins from the Spirit Realm.

Even today, 2,000 years later, no woman from this village will voluntarily go outside of their house during a full moon …

There are two ways to read the above story. Which way to read it, is not up to me to tell you – But I can pretty much guarantee you, that one of the possible interpretations of the above story will lead you into the abyss, and the other will lead you into the light. I think you know which interpretation will lead you where if you think about it … 😉

Spell Casting 101

A typical wizard in the process of casting a spell

I have written about this previously, but in the interest of gathering all my articles about Magic under the same umbrella, and also creating a catalogue of Magic, I want to revisit it again.

Spell Casting is very easy to understand. It is basically the ability to spell words and sentences, for then to distribute them for others to read. I am Spell Casting in fact as I am writing this article, and if you share my words, you are participating in the Casting process, at which point you can also associate your own thoughts with my words, by commenting on my words, and such use “my spell” to give “your spell” more lüft. This process allows you to influence the hearts and minds of your recipients, to such facilitate for change, without having to directly participate in the change process yourself. Its Black version, is when you apply it as propaganda, the way Joseph Goebbels did in Nazi Germany, and the way a lot of journalists today are facilitating for “echo chambers”, not allowing people of diverging opinions to raise their concerns, to create “taboo subjects”. This creates “occult subjects”, that are impossible to discuss, which again results in all sorts of problems, such as public lynchings, genocide and slavery – Because it prevents the public from gaining access to “seeds of doubt”, making them think twice about their actions, before publicly conducting their actions.

Its White version, is the acknowledgment of that you may not know everything, and do not have all the parameters, and hence everybody should be given equal abilities to publicly comment, and raise their concerns about issues in the public space. Black Magic always depends upon “hiding things”.

However, if you want to become a spell caster, all you need to do in fact, is to setup your own blog for instance, such as I have done – And simply start creating spells yourself. If you do, you get the opportunity to cast spells, to influence the hearts and minds of others. Just please be careful, since it’s an extremely powerful type of Magic, because it gives you an opportunity to influence the actions of millions of people at the same time, which also arguably makes you responsible for their actions. However, if you’re intentions are good, it for the most parts have positive results, and is for the most parts pure White in essence.

An example of Black Magic

How a Satanic ritual is performed

Unfortunately I cannot show you Black Magic, not even in the interest of teaching you how to defend against it – Since that would be immoral, and I would risk hurting somebody. However, I can illustrate how it is being done, by showing you ganning, in such a way that I have “painted it white” first. Realise, that the following video, is based upon faith in the psyche of the spell caster first and foremost. Then secondly faith in the receiving end, or lack thereof for that matter. Which is all I can teach you about the subject, without violating a whole range of spiritual laws, and possibly also secular laws too, in a whole range of different countries on the planet. The video also illustrates “psychic power”, which is the absolute knowledge about that something will occur, without a shred of doubt in your mind.

Then imagine you’re beep bopping’ around in North Norway some 200 years ago, and you happen to molest a Sami child or a young Sami girl while being drunk on moonshine, and the local Shaman is summoned to “deal with you”, in the interest of securing his own people. Then add some Shamanistic drums, a couple of hundreds of villagers in ecstacy, dancing around the camp fire naked under the full moon – As you are tied to a stick at the center of their attention, while they’re chanting on a foreign tongue. Either you would completely loose your sanity, or you’d literally drop dead within a week or two. I am pretty sure I can guarantee you that much.

I want to emphasise, that the following video is not dangerous to watch, but if you watch it with head phones, in a quiet room, and imagine me uttering a different configuration of words than that which I actually do – You could probably get the picture … 😉

Luckily for you, extremely few people alive today has my amount of convictions, and my amount of psychic powers. However, I am probably not the only one out there alive today with this amount of psychic powers. Hence, be careful about who you insult and treat like garbage – Because once you see a true Magician’s eyes turn black, it is often the last thing you see in this world – And not everybody of my “caliber” have the same amount of self control as I am able to exercise …

A final word of warning; STAY AWAY FROM BLACK MAGIC! It almost always back fires unto the spell caster eventually. Black Magic is to enslave demons, and few people are able to enslave demons, without turning into a demon themselves – Which also arguably illustrates your “future home”

Besides, if you meet a Mirror Magic practitioner, it’s the end of the line for you, and “bye bye” … 😉

Ganning, or Gypsy Magic

“Ganning” is the Norwegian name for a Magic traditionally performed by the Sami people of North Norway. It is also commonly referred to as “Gypsy Magic”, or “a Curse”. Ganning is the ability to say something out loud, chemically cleansed of fear, with such strong convictions of that it will occur – That it occurs as a result of your words. The Sami people used it in self defence against prejudice and racism amongst the rest of the Norwegian population for hundreds of years for these reasons. This resulted in that they would be mostly left alone, and only occasionally had to have their “Veiviser” (Sami Shaman) create an example, by cursing some individual, to have other people leave them alone. Normally they would not inflict death upon the recipient though, but simply make the recipient experience something truly bad, to scare the “living shit out of the recipient”, to prevent future acts of racism towards themselves.

Ganning was illegal in Norway for hundreds of years, and I suspect it is still technically illegal today – Even though science doesn’t acknowledge its existence, and hence the court system has no argument that could be applied to create a verdict against an individual for having performed this ancient type of Magic. Which is weird, since it’s one of few types of “esoteric Magic” that can arguably be scientifically proven, by simply pointing at Nocebo, and argue that the acceptance of that Nocebo is real in the scientific community, becomes the acceptance of that Ganning is also real. In fact, ganning has a scientific success ratio of 25%, depending upon how open the recipient is towards that what you say is the truth or not.

Explained with other words; If I managed to convince about that you would die in the near future, you would have a 25% statistical probability of literally dropping dead in the near future. This is scientifically proven for the record. For these reasons, I wasn’t sure about whether or not I should actually write about ganning, since arguably I am giving you a tool, with the potential to kill a person – And get away clean – But, since I also realise few “non worthy” practitioners are able to show such convictions necessary to plant such a seed as ganning requires, I chose to include it. Besides, by explaining its mechanisms, I also arguably “vaccinate” you towards its effects.

Ganning was in the mid 20th century popularised by “Chaos Magick”, which is not the same as Chaos Magic may I add. Which is another reasons for me wanting to teach it to you, to prevent other (vicious and evil) practitioners succeeding in making you believe in the curse they are throwing out at you.

You see, it’s really quite simple to resist, once you realise that it can only successfully be applied towards a human who believes in it! Hence, just tell the practitioner of ganning the following if he or she tries to curse you.

You have no power over my mind, my heart, or my soul

Preferably as you laugh at his attempt, and it’ll fizzle and have no effect on you. And since the Sami people of North Norway no longer needs such self defence mechanisms, I see no reasons not to explain it. You see, I have a lot of Sami blood in me, which of course is why I know such much about Magic in the first place. Hence, I shall end this blog with a positive version of Ganning, which is as follows …

Now go pay tribute to my people please, for having allowed your ancestors to walk the earth, without dropping dead. Even though your ancestors (probably) treated my ancestors like shit!

Pace out, the Sami Magician … 😉

BTW, this is not a photo of me, just some random photo I found of Sami people, doing their day to day things 🙂