The GaiaSoul suite contains a whole range of products for web application development. All of our products are Open Source, but there also exists proprietary licensing options. Our flagship product is Phosphorus Five, which is a Web Operating System, allowing you to rapidly create your own applications, in any frontend you want to use. Below is a screenshot of its “desktop”.

Hyper IDE

Hyper IDE is a web based IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which allows you to do most things you’d normally do with Visual Studio, on the web, through your browser. It supports more than 100 programming languages, and has strong AutoComplete support for most of the web languages you’d use, such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. You can try out Hyper IDE online here. Below you can see a screenshot of Hyper IDE.

Camphora Five

Camphora Five is a CRUD app generator, allowing you to create a new CRUD app, without even having to code. Since it creates a normal Phosphorus Five module, it is easily edited after you have generated it, using for instance Hyper IDE. Below is a screenshot of an application created using Camphora Five, with a custom view for creating new items, and storing these into the database.

Hyper Core

Hyper Core is an HTTP REST based backend for your web apps, with lots of security features, and fine grained access control. It allows you to use HTTP REST based web services, to fetch data from for instance your MySQL database, and data-bind to your front end code. Below you can see a video of me creating an AngularJS application, with a MySQL backend, using Hyper IDE and Hyper Core.

Additional products

In addition to our above flagship products, we also have a whole range of example apps, built in Phosphorus Five.

If you purchase a license of the GaiaSoul Suite, you get the right to use all of the above apps in your own proprietary code, and can modify them, or create any number of apps yourself, without having to worry about distributing your source.