To understand these testimonials, realise that Phosphorus Five promises to make JavaScript, C#, PHP, CSS, HTML knowledge, etc, more or less obsolete. These are testimonials from some extremely skilled system developers in that space. People with sometimes decades of experience in JavaScript, C#, etc. When that is said, let me include what these people say about Phosphorus Five.

Now of course, the fact that my tool, and its goal, is to render that knowledge useless, obviously have nothing to do with these testimonials. Hence, I present to you what the rest of the system developer community publicly says about me and my tools … 😉

The guy who said this, actually have created his own programming language. Say no more … 😉

Terry Davis is rightfully or not, considered the “protege” of a Schizofren system developer.

If you don’t “get it”, feel free to read my analysis of these testimonials here. Here’s an answer I got when I asked one of these developers if he knew about any salesmen that could be interested in working for me …

Here’s another one that just came in. Basically, there’s one every minute mentioning how crazy I am, how stupid my ideas are, etc. Basically, every minute there is somebody on the world wide web telling somebody else how crazy I am, how insecure Phosphorus Five is, and what a lousy architecture it has. Makes you wonder why … 😉

This one made me truly laugh 😀

This is my favourite so far. Notice how 8 people actually voted it up … 😉

Here’s my response to one of these guys …

I actually challenged one of these guys to prove himself. Read my challenge above.

If you know about more of these, feel free to take a screenshot, and send it to thomas@gaiasoul.com.

I don’t really feel any need to protect myself against these statements. I think the ones putting them forth are doing a much better job at that, than I can possibly do myself. However, my wife sent me this one just now, and suggested I should put it in here. Since it’s a nice quote, I agree with her, and encourage you to make up your own mind 🙂

Hint, sometimes it’s better to read between the lines, than to read only the headers … 😉