Virtual Private Desktop

A virtual private desktop is a computer that you have access to from any device in the world. It is basically your private cloud, allowing you to access your files securely, from any machine in the world – Including your iPhone, iPad, Android, or your local library’s computer for that matter. Phosphorus Five is such a Virtual Private Desktop system.

If you, or your company/organisation, need a VPD, we can help you setup such a thing. A VPD allows you to have 100% perfect privacy, and allows you to securely access your files, send and receive encrypted emails, create small CRUD apps to organise your data, and mostly everything you need to secure your privacy. You can see an example of a Virtual Private Desktop here.

A VPD moves your files, out from your local machine, and such becomes an insurance against loosing data. In addition it significantly increase the availability of your data, while still retaining your privacy. A VPD is basically an extension of your existing devices, such as your iPad, iPhone, laptop, etc – And gives you access to your data, from any place you are in this world. A VPD can also be shared among multiple users, dividing the cost on each participant, allowing the users in a single VPD, to securely share files and data with only each other. Read more about the benefits here.

Imagine loosing your phone. What happens to your pictures then? Or your emails? With a VPD that’s not a problem, because all your pictures are securely stored in your own personal cloud

A single Virtual Private Desktop can also be shared among multiple users, which allows you to spread the cost among multiple users, in addition to allowing its users to securely share files and data with each other. This allows an organisation to securely share their common resources and files, in addition to communicating using PGP encrypted emails.

If you want to have your own Virtual Private Desktop, you can setup your own trial VPD in 4 clicks. If you need help, you can also use the contact form below.