Thomas Hansen the CEO of GaiaSoul

Our vision is to help create a de-centralised World Wide Web, which allows anyone, anywhere, to have an equal opportunity to acquire power, regardless of where they are born. This means distributing what we often refer to as Silicon Valley, and allowing anyone to create their own Silicon Valley, where ever they happen to be located in this world.

We have created a “Web Operating System”, which facilitates for this, called Phosphorus Five. It allows anyone to rapidly create, any application, that built the Silicon Valley. Phosphorus Five is extremely modularised, and contains anything you need, to not only build your own rich web applications – But also to package and distribute your own sub-licensed Web Operating System, and applications as you see fit. Below is a simple sentence wrapping up our vision.

Technology is knowledge, knowledge is power, and power should be equally available to everyone, according to knowledge and competence, and not according to “birth rights” or geographic locations