What Jesus taught me

Jesus is calling you, will you answer him?

I simply adore Jesus, he’s like the coolest guy that ever lived, and he has lots of valuable lessons for others. I have tried to sum up these lessons in a single blog. Below are the things that Jesus taught me.

  1. Lie to the police and your government
  2. Shelter criminals on the run
  3. Never obey orders
  4. Don’t trust your government

If you follow the above simple rules, you should be relatively safe, and surely end up in Heaven!

How I fired the Norwegian Minister of Justice, and jailed the Minister of Fish

To fight without fighting, to win without resisting, and to kill without murdering

Svein Ludvigsen, the former Norwegian minister of Fish is now in jail, and Anders Anundsen, the former Norwegian minister of Justice has now resigned from all political life, because of one interview with a former prostitute conducted by yours truly. When you want to dig up dirt about government officials, prostitutes are worth their weight in gold! And since my government has treated me like shit, I have the divine duty to treat them like shit.

Svein Ludvigsen was a pedophile, and used to “fish” for children he could rape at orphanages and homes for children refugees. When I told the minister of Justice in Norway about this guy’s sexual perversions, he decided to protect Ludvigsen, and not believe in me. He felt it was “unfair of me” to speak so badly about Ludvigsen, which was a political colleague of him after all. The only problem was that I never spoke badly about Ludvigsen, I simply conveyed a story from a former prostitute, where she describes how Ludvigsen attempted to rape and rob her, some 20 years ago. Of course, all the professional government trolls came out to protect Ludvigsen. Which means that they are as of today, guilty in conspiracy to cover a pedophile and rapist. Watch the video, my all time classic!

What do you guys think? Should I blog about the names of all those who attacked me, to prevent me from speaking and writing what I knew …?

Throw shit at those who throw shit at you

PS, you can financially support my work here. The last time I blogged about pedophile pigs, and published their names, I had 300.000 readers in a single day …

Treat women like Angels

“Him who is without sin can cast the first stone!”

Murder a million men, and few will care. Harm a single hair on the head of a single woman, and nations of men and women will rise, and go to all out war against each other, to defend the honour of the girl that was harmed. In fact, this is simple biology. Hence, if you want to enter Paradise on Earth, thou shall treat all women as if they were Angels. Equality of the sexes is a communist and fascist illusion. There has never been equality between the sexes, and there never will be. A woman will always be worth a million times as much as a man.

Hence, if we are to successfully implement Anarchy, and overthrow our governments, it is crucial that we treat women like Angels.

Weaponised forgiveness as a recruitment strategy

Even ignoring the moral aspect of forgiveness, it’s actually extremely practical for the Anarchist movement. Simply since once the fascists realise they will not necessarily be punished for their crimes, they will choose to switch side, as they realise who are the stronger part in this conflict. This is a side effect of the Stockholmsyndrome, and allows us to recruit people on the inside of the system, and gain more access to information about others having committed crimes against humanity.

Hence, forgiving those previously loyal to the fascist system, becomes crucial for our fight against it. If you have been working for the Norwegian fascist regime, you are more than welcome to join us, as long as you confess all your sins, and tells us everything we need to know about it, to fight the system, and promise to never again support fascism. However, do not necessarily admit immediately openly that you have switched side, since we will be dependent upon spies on the inside of the system, the same way we’ll need sand in the machinery to stop a machine.

Once the other fascists realise they might have spies inside of their own system, this will further spread fear, uncertainty and doubt, and make them start doubting each other, and speed up the process of bringing down the regime. If you are working for the fascist Norwegian machine, you are more than welcome to join us, and have all your sins wiped clean. However, it will be expected of you to pull more than your weight, to cleanse you from the sins of your past.

Why I choose to actively work for Anarchy in Norway

To fight without fighting, to win without resisting, and to kill without murdering

My reasons for actively choosing to work for Anarchy in Norway might be useful for others struggling with these questions. First of all, I realise that the Norwegian government will never give me justice, and believing that it will be different with other politicians, is at best delusional. I have also met hundreds, if not thousands who are in the same position as I am, and I suspect most of these agrees with me. Winston Churchill once said “Democracy is a terrible way of governing people, but it is the least terrible of all forms of government that we have ever tried”. My response is as follows; “Well, let’s try something we have never tried before”.

There will still be locale democratic elections I assume, over issues which people want to vote actively for, which are somehow related to themselves. Such as where to build roads, and other decisions having an impact on more than one individual. But these will be small “direct democratic votes”, where only the ones touched by the decision gets to raise their opinions, and no centralised government gets to even raise its concerns. Representative government is a ridiculous ide, for God’s sake, we live in the 21st century, and we have computers! Implementing direct democracy, without representatives being elected to do all the decisions for a period of time, is ridiculously easy! Representative democracy has arguably played its role, and is of no more use to us, than the kings and emperors of the dark ages were.

However, I won’t interfere with local processes as the above. I will simply attempt to get more than 50% of my country of Norway to join my Anarchistic-Christian movement, for then to walk up to my politicians, its police, its armed forces, and all government officials, and “politely” tell them to leave their jobs, having effectively fired them, using democratic means to (arguably) eliminate democracy, and create Anarchy under Christ.

In fact, I am no leader, I refuse to lead, and I don’t know all the answers. However, I do know that people can be trusted, much more than our governments tries to tell us. I also know that the world is not anything close to as dangerous as our government officials tries to convince us about. I also think it’s time to try something we have never tried before, because quite frankly, I doubt it can be much more worse than what we have today …

Hence, my job as a politician consists of two simple acts as a “dictator” of Norway.

Fire everybody working for the government, for then to fire myself!

So I will use democracy, to implode democracy.

The advantages of joining the Christian-Anarchistic latter day saints

I went to prison such that you don’t have to!

A Mormon once told me that to be a Christian is kind of like having an insurance. The CA-LDS movement is no different. It is expected of all of those who are members, to if necessary break the law, to protect their fellow brethren and sisters against atrocities. If you’re running from the police, we will shelter you, if you’re escaping injustice from your government, we will hide you, if you are being crucified by government officials, we will dig up so much dirt about the demons trying to crucify you, that they will be forced to back down, and leave you alone. In such a way, a membership in the CA-LDS is a life insurance for you.

We only ask 3 simple things of you.

  1. Do not use violence
  2. Serve only God
  3. Never, ever, ever be a Judas!!

This implies you can have no other master than God, which implies you are ipso facto a criminal in the eyes of your government. However, you’re in good companionship. Julian Assange is a criminal, Edward Snowden is a criminal, Bradley Manning is a criminal, and so was Jesus, Gandhi, and myself too for that matter.

I have served my time in jail, 3 months in California, in a prison for illegal immigrants, and I have spent 6 months in prison in Norway. During my imprisonment, I learned all the tricks to chase demons away, such that you don’t have to be crucified the same way I was. The member fee is $100 per year, and you can join us by paying the member’s fee over PayPal here.

Now a membership also comes with responsibilities, such as spreading the names of the demons, helping others investigate atrocities and those committing atrocities, and write about atrocities, or filming them if you can. In addition to recruiting others whenever you can. To see what you need to believe in, you can read my interpretations of the Bible and Jesus’ teaching here. Besides from that, it’s an Anarchistic movement, based upon the True Teaching of Jesus!

Do to others whom have problems, what you want others to do to you if you had the same problems

I will try to create logos, membership cards, T-Shirts, and other material later. The name of this religion is “Christian Anarchists of Latter Day Saints”. And yes, it’s arguably to some extent stolen from the “Church of the latter day saints”. What can I say, I simply adore Mormons 🙂

However, we are a revolutionary organisation, with our primary goal to shatter all governments, world wide, and install Anarchy as a viable alternative. Our tool, to recruit people all over the world, and when we reach 50% of the population in any nation, we will simply declare the government to be democratically illegalised, and demand of all politicians, police officers, etc, in that country to step down, and go home. Hence, we obviously have no leadership, there is no administration, no priests, no prophets, no leaders, etc, etc, etc. Our only master is God! Beneath God, we are all equals!

I am looking for criminals to join my Christian-Anarchistic religious movement

Jesus is calling you, will you answer him?

Since no man can serve two masters, and serving God is often in contradiction with serving the law, it is unfortunately a pre-requisite to be criminal to be a devoted member of my religion.

Here on my website, I have outlined what I believe to be an accurate representation of Jesus’ teachings. If you’re a criminal, and you would want to join my Christian-Anarchistic religious movement, I would love to be hearing from you. However, I must warn you that being a true Christian is fundamentally incompatible with being a law obeying citizen. Our charter is really quite simple, get rid of all governments, politicians, police, judges, etc – And install Jesus as the emperor of the world.

Give me a bunch of criminals, thugs, liars and thieves, and I shall shatter your government!

I am looking for members to my Christian-Anarchistic religious movement

Jesus is calling you, will you answer him?

I am about to create an anti-political religious movement, based upon Necro-Anarchy, with Jesus as our sole authority, and I am looking for members. Since the Norwegian government have made it completely impossible for me to create an income for myself, I see no other options but to start a religious movement, which will give me money from the Norwegian government for every Norwegian member I can recruit. The entrance fee is $100 annually, which also will serve as an “insurance” for you against crucifixion, since it is assumed that all members will do everything they can to help each other, by harbouring people from the child protective services, police, government, etc, etc, etc. My credentials in these matters are 20/20.

The movement is based upon passive resistance, non-violence, and besides from that basically Anarchy. It is a counter society government movement, with the intention of replacing the current Norwegian government, with Anarchy.

If you would like to join, you can send me your name, which I will need to make you become a member. You can read our charter here. I’ll be the leader and will use the money I can gather to create a living and an income for myself. If there should come in huge amounts of money, I will try my best to divide it equally amongst those who are participating the most, to help shelter (Norwegian) criminals, harbour refugees, and do anything I can basically to eliminate the fascist government of Norway. I’ll setup a PayPal button on the website later to allow you to pay the entrance fee.

If this sounds interesting, feel free to send me your name using the form below.

Passive resistance, the path to Heaven

To fight without fighting, to win without resisting, and to kill without murdering

The fist shall be our greeting and symbol, because it is the only thing we will not do to create a Necro-Christian Anarchy, with Jesus as our sole authority; Violence that is of course! Hence, the fist shall be a reminder to us, every day, about where we draw the line. And as long as everybody follows this simple rule, they have no options but to leave us alone, and exercise our God given Free Will!

However, we will also participate in all forms of passive resistance we can, by harbouring criminals, especially those fleeing from the child protective services of Norway, and do everything we can to undermine the Norwegian government’s authority, in any ways we can. Basically, the same recipe that both Jesus and Gandhi followed, to overthrow the British and Roman empires.

Obeying the law is a sin against God

And Jesus said; “Do not follow the law, because it is a sin that surely sends you to hell”

If Joseph had obeyed by the law in Judea, Jesus would never have been born. Simply since Mary was not married, and the law was that she was to be stoned to death, because of being pregnant outside of marriage. However, God told Joseph in a dream that he should lie to the police and his government, and this lie saved Jesus. If Joseph hadn’t been an Anarchist and a criminal, we would never have felt the love and wisdom of Jesus.

The same way God told Joseph to lie to his government, I tell you to lie to your government. Those who follows the law, are destined for hell. Those who breaks the law whenever their hearts tells them to, shall inherit Heaven and enter paradise!

So go out amongst men, and preach the Truth, and the Truth is that only by breaking the law, thou shall enter paradise and go to Heaven!

So I say unto thee, do not follow the law, but break it everywhere it makes sense according to your hearts!

The law was made by Satan for demons, and there are no reasons you should follow him!